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The Best Running Shoes [2024]

The best running shoes rated and shortlisted, and advice to ensure you buy the most comfortable, high-performing shoes that work for YOU.

Best On Running Shoes of 2024 Ranked With Reviews: Ultimate On Clouds Buying Guide

Welcome to the ULTIMATE On Running shoes buyer's guide, complete with reviews + rankings of the best On running shoes available | YES, I've reviewed them all!

Asics Gel Nimbus 26 Review: Plush Daily Trainer For The Long Haul

Our Asics Gel Nimbus 26 review evaluates how the latest iteration of Asics' famously plush, and very popular road running shoes stack up.

Best HOKA Running Shoes of 2024 Ranked With Reviews: Ultimate HOKA Shoes Buying Guide

ULTIMATE HOKA Running shoes buyer's guide, complete with reviews + rankings of the best HOKA running shoes. YES, I've reviewed them all!

Best Brooks Running Shoes of 2024 Ranked With Reviews: The Ultimate Brooks Shoes Buying Guide

Welcome to the ULTIMATE Brooks Running shoes buyer's guide, complete with reviews + rankings of the best Brooks shoes | YES, I've reviewed them all!

The Best Running Headphones & Wireless Earbuds

The best running headphones, including wireless earbuds, over-ear, and outside-ear bone conduction headphones for running and gym workouts.

The 5 Best Treadmill Workouts That Will Make You faster & Improve Your Endurance

These are the best treadmill workouts that produce results, and the best part... any runner can do them!

Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 Review: All This For $170, Really?!

Alastair shares how this versatile, stylish running shoe excels in both races and training without breaking the bank.

7 Tips On How To Run Longer Without Getting Tired And Stopping

Learn how to build stamina, properly fuel your body, and develop mental resilience to crush your long-distance running goals!

Nike Alphafly 3 Review: Holy Lightning, I Wasn’t Ready For This!

Alastair shares his expert take on the Nike Alphafly 3, focusing on their innovative features, PLUS his performance review of these super shoes.

Tips for Running Postpartum: A New Mom’s Guide to Hitting the Road Again

Our 'tips for running postpartum' guide offers practical advice, mindset hacks, and gear recommendations to help you enjoy your post-baby runs.

Para’Kito Review: These Mosquito Repellent Wearables Are Year-Round Must-Haves

Here's how these clip on and bracelet mosquito repellents offer a natural and effective way to protect against mosquitoes.

How to Run Faster: Tips and Techniques for Improving Your Running Speed

Want to know how to run faster? Our expert guide shares the best tips & techniques to help you increase your speed and hit your running goals.

Asics Superblast Review: A 3x Shoe Slayer

Can the Asics Superblast really replace 3 pairs of training shoes? It's a super trainer with a stack that brings more cushioning & response to your runs.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel V4 Review: Speedy & Stylish

The FuelCell Rebel V4 strikes the perfect balance between comfort and speed, perfect for daily mileage and tempo runs in style.
Road Running for Trail Runners: Advice, Gear & Nutrition 1 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure

The Best Running Watches For Trail And Ultra Running

Discover the best running watches for marathon training, trail running & ultras, including top GPS watches from Garmin, Suunto, Apple, Polar, Coros, and more.

Asics Superblast VIDEO Review

The Asics Superblast offers something for every type of runner with its potential to replace up to three specialized running shoes, but can they really?

The Best Running Shorts For Men [Road & Trail-worthy]

Our buyer's guide to the best running shorts for men - Including the finest modular short + liner combos, 2 in 1 running shorts, compression, & more!

How To Prevent Nipple Chafing from Running

How to prevent and treat nipple chafing, as well as thigh, butt and armpit rub. Follow these simple steps to avoid stop chafing from ruining your runs.

The Benefits Of Elevation Training PLUS How To get Started

What elevation training is, the benefits of high altitude training for endurance athletes, and how to effectively train for high altitude races.

Asics Gel Cumulus 26 Review: A Cushioned, Comfortable Daily Trainer That New Runners Will Love

Helen's Asics Gel Cumulus 26 review covers key features, what type of runner they're best suited to, and the type of running they excel at.

New Balance FuelCell SC Elite V4 Review: Race Day Shoes That Compete With The Best

The New Balance FuelCell SC Elite V4 is something else; guess where it landed in our 'Best Carbon Fiber Plate Race Day Shoes' roundup...

The Best Running Watches under $450

Whether you're looking for your first running watch or researching for an upgrade, these are the best GPS watches for runners right now, under $450.

Ultra Running For Beginners – What Is It, Why Do it, Famous Ultrarunners, And How To Start

This quick guide to ultra running explains what it is, why people fall in love with it, who some of the best ultrarunners in the world are, and how to start doing it yourself.

The Ultimate Couch To 5k Plan For Beginner Runners

Our couch to 5k plan is the ultimate free beginners running program. Within a few weeks, you'll go from non-runner to running a 5k non-stop!

On Cloudmonster Hyper Review: The MONSTER IS BACK In My Good Books!

Breaking down the On Cloudmonster Hyper; the good, the bad, and the comfortable. An in-depth review by Trail & Kale's On expert.

Stio Second Light Windshell Review: A Versatile Running Jacket That’s Tiny When Packed

Helen's review of the Stio Second Light windshell; a jacket well suited to runners needing to keep wind and rain at bay, and packs down super small when not being worn.

The Best Plant Based Protein Powders For Runners & Endurance Athletes

Ultimate guide to the best plant-based protein powders for runners, endurance athletes, and weight lifters + How to choose a clean vegan protein!

Altra Torin 7 Review: A Cushioned Foot Hugger With Natural Toe Splay

Helen shares her thoughts on the Altra Torin 7, a zero drop daily trainer offering a spacious toe box, secure fit for running easy miles.

Now At SCHEELS: Garmin Fenix 7X Pro, AKA The Ultimate Running Companion

How the Garmin Fenix 7X Pro GPS watch, now available at SCHEELS, will transform how you track, analyze, and enhance your running and fitness.

Best Sunscreen For Runners: Sport Sunscreens That Protect For Miles

These are the best mineral sunscreens for runners, designed to resist the sweatiest of runs while protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Garmin Fenix 7X Pro Review: The Ultimate Multisport GPS Smartwatch

Our Garmin Fenix 7X Pro review explains why it's essentially the ultimate GPS smartwatch for runners and fitness enthusiasts, but not for everyone.

The Polar Grit X2 Pro Is Here, And It Could Just Be The Running Watch To Take On The Garmin Fenix Series

The Polar Grit X2 Pro is a running watch blending durability, advanced navigation, and health insights for an epic outdoor adventure experience.

The Best Electrolyte Drinks For Runners: Tried & Tested in 2024

The best electrolyte drink mixes, powders and tablets out there right now, and why electrolyte supplements are essential for endurance runners.

Hylo Athletics IMPACT Review: The World Needs More Sustainability Driven Brands Like This

Sharing my take on the Hylo Athletics IMPACT running shoes; from a sustainably driven brand encouraging us to "run like the world depends on it".

The Best Running Watches For Trail And Ultra Running

Discover the best running watches for marathon training, trail running & ultras, including top GPS watches from Garmin, Suunto, Apple, Polar, Coros, and more.

How To Start Running In 2024 | The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How to start running from scratch! All you need to know, including tips to get started, and how to run 5k non-stop with our beginner's training plan.

Vinco Sola Sunglasses Review: Editor’s Choice Award Winner

Helen shares her experience with the customizable, renewable and impact-resistant Vinco Sola sunglasses that are specifically designed with runners and cyclists in mind.

CORE: Introduction To This New Running Tech Brand, And My CORE Body Temperature Sensor Review

This new running wearable delivers continuous, accurate core temperature monitoring for fine tuning your peak athletic performance.

HOKA VS On Cloud Running Shoes: How To Choose Between These Two Great Brands in 2024

Hoka VS On Cloud running shoes compared, from a HOKA and On Cloud shoes expert; Yes, I've reviewed them all...

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet, Ranked With Reviews

Our expertly curated list of the best running shoes for wide feet, featuring in-depth reviews and rankings to help you stride in comfort & style.

Best On Running Shoes of 2024 Ranked With Reviews: Ultimate On Clouds Buying Guide

Welcome to the ULTIMATE On Running shoes buyer's guide, complete with reviews + rankings of the best On running shoes available | YES, I've reviewed them all!

Best Energy Gels and Chews For Running

The best energy gels and chews for running and cycling, including ultramarathons, endurance cycling events, triathlons, and Ironman racing.

HOKA Mach 6 Review: Still The Greatest Tempo Running Shoes For $140

Alastair shares his take on the 'still' greatest of all time tempo running shoes for $140; they're responsive, featherlight, affordable!

Salomon Aero Glide 2 Review: A Plush Companion For Easy Miles

Salomon's latest plush cushioned road running shoe, the Aero Glide 2, is great for bagging easy miles on long training runs, but not for every runner.

The Next-Level ARRIS Carbon Fiber Plate Behind Brooks’ HE4 Super Shoe

The innovative Brooks x ARRIS plate, as used in the Brooks Hyperion Elite 4, moves running performance shoes beyond the traditional carbon fiber running shoe plate - here's how.

The Best Running Belts to Carry Your Phone, Water And Essentials While Running

Our best running belts buyer's guide features the best running hydration belts for carrying a phone, water & even hiking poles while running.

Arc’teryx Norvan Shell Jacket Review: When Less Really Is MORE

The $400, ultralight, waterproof marvel with RECCO technology that's designed for runners who want the best technical running gear.

Best Running Sunglasses of 2024: Expert Reviews on Style & Protection

Our shortlist of the best running sunglasses will help you decide which sunglasses to buy. All glasses are protective, lightweight, comfortable, stylish!

Brooks Ghost VS Adrenaline: How To Choose Between These Two Best Selling Running Shoes

The key differences of these two popular running shoes, including fit, performance, and how to choose between the two latest versions.

BOB Wayfinder Review: An All-Terrain Jogging Stroller You Can Use For Everyday

Helen explains the key features, pros and cons of this all-terrain jogging stroller, plus her take on who it is best suited to.

The Best Running Hats: Top Rated Technical Caps For Runners

The best running hats/technical caps that: wick sweat away from your face/eyes, keep your head/face/neck protected from the sun, look awesome!

Rudy Project Spinshield Sunglasses review: Full Coverage and a Wide Field of View

Spinshield Air running sunglasses offer full coverage, a wide field of view and plenty of style, but they won't be for every runner.

How To Run With Proper Running Form and Help Prevent Injuries

How to run with proper running form and reduce running overuse injuries, including ITB pain, low back pain, shin splints and blisters.

Nathan Pinnacle Featherlite Review: An Everyday Running Hydration Vest

A lightweight, breathable running hydration vest for carrying the bare essentials on road and trail runs.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 Review: The Goldilocks of Super Shoes

Alastair explains the features that make the Brook Hyperion Elite 4 Super Shoe 'just right' as a go-to shoe for fast race days and speed sessions.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 4 Video Review 🎥

It's a race day revolution with unparalleled comfort BUT is it the ultimate super shoe? Watch my video to find out!

HOKA Cielo Road Review: An Affordable Racing Shoe For 10K Racing

With a low drop, low profile, light weight and great price, the HOKA Cielo Road running shoe is one to consider if you like to run fast 5k and 10ks.

The Best Running Shoes [2024]

The best running shoes rated and shortlisted, and advice to ensure you buy the most comfortable, high-performing shoes that work for YOU.

HOKA Cielo Road Video Review: Ideal 10K Race Day Shoes

This race day shoe delivers epic speed over 5K & 10K distances BUT how does it stack up in terms of comfort? Watch our video to find out!

On Cloudmonster 2 Review – What Happened? The Monster Got Tamed, That’s What

In this review, you'll learn how this tempo running shoe compares to the original, and whether it's is worth the hefty $180 price.

HOKA Cielo X1 Review: OMG, These Are Next Level FAST

Find out why this race day shoe is probably the best super shoe you can buy right now, even at $275!

HOKA Arahi 7 Video Review

The Arahi 7 promises support & comfort, aiming to be your go-to for running & walking. Does it deliver on its promise? Watch our video review to find out.

HOKA Cielo X1 Video Review

Cielo X1 promises to elevate your race day result with its speed, comfort, and efficiency. But does it live up to the hype? Watch the video to find out.

HOKA Mach 5 vs Clifton 9: How To Choose Between These Very Different Running Shoes

Mach 5 for speed training and racing or Clifton 9 for comfort, cushioning, and recovery. Compare features, comfort, style to choose the best HOKA for your run.

Saucony Ride 17 VS Triumph 21: How To Choose Between These Two Great Run Shoes

Ride 17 for affordable daily miles or Triumph 21 for plush performance. Compare features, comfort, style to choose the best Saucony for your run.

Saucony Ride 17 Review: An Easy Cruiser, Mile Bagger

In this review, you'll learn how this daily trainer compares to the Ride 16, the good, the bad, and if it's worth the attractive $140 price tag.

Alleviate Therapy Review: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment For A Long-Term Fix

The arch brace, massaging tool and exercise program for runners with Plantar Fasciitis heel pain. It really works!

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis At Home, Quickly And Safely

These tips for treating that annoying plantar fasciitis foot pain at home will get you recovered and back up and running in no time!

HOKA Arahi 7 Review: Another Winner, Well Mostly…

Learn how the Arahi 7 strikes a balance between support, comfort and versatility - I'm looking at you daily runners and walkers!

Tifosi Sanctum Sunglasses Review: Affordable, Stylish, Eco-Conscious And Under $35

Learn why these super affordable, oversized shield-style sports sunglasses may just be your favorite new running companion.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 Review: A Go-To Support Running Shoe

In this review I take a closer look at the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23, exploring the comfort and support aspects of this go-to daily trainer.

Craft Adv Subz Running Jacket Review: Layer Up, The Swedish Way

This running jacket brings Swedish design, style and premium performance to the running apparel scene. Learn more in this review.

Chirp RPM Review: This Rolling Percussive Massager Actually Works But It Isn’t ‘Cheep’ (Pun Intended)

Your feet deserve love too, and the Chirp RPM rolling percussive massager promises to provide. Find out what we thought, after a month using it.

Thule Urban Glide 2 Review: Is Thule’s Most Popular Jogging Stroller The Right One For You?

Sharing my honest experience running with this stroller, what I love about it, what could be improved, and who it's best for.

22 Fun Facts About Running That Will Blow Your Mind

These fun running facts will blow your mind, and possibly even inspire you to set new running challenges for yourself. Enjoy!

12 Week Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan To Run A Faster Half

Our FREE 12 week intermediate half marathon training plan will help you run a faster half; includes tips to help you race strong and recover fast.

Craft Nordlite Speed Review: Superb Performance That Comes At A Price

Is this the ultimate race day shoe under $250, or does it fall short of the finish line? My honest take on these Craft Tailored Motion running shoes.

This Run A Faster 5K Training Plan Helps You Get A New 5K PR

If you can run 5k but want to do it faster, this 6-week 5k training plan is for you.

Start Running After 40: How The Couch to 5k Plan Made Me A Runner!

Wondering how to start running in your 40s? Get inspired by one 40+ mom's diary as she starts running after 40, from couch to 5k and beyond.

Shoe Anatomy 101: All Parts Of A Shoe, Named And Explained

This is the runner's guide to shoe anatomy where I explain all the key terminology relating to the different parts of a shoe.

8 Tips To Make Running In Cold Weather More Enjoyable

Follow these tips to make running in cold weather more enjoyable and reap the mental and physical benefits of getting out for a run in the cold.

10 Tips To Recover Quicker Post-Run, And Why A Good Recovery Routine Matters

Follow these simple post-run recovery tips to help reduce muscle soreness and recover faster after tough runs.

SCHEELS, A Go-To Destination for Running and Outdoor Gear

Here's what you need to know about the SCHEELS shopping experience when you're looking for the latest and greatest running gear.

lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt Review

This lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt review covers the key features, pros and cons of lululemon's women's Swiftly running shirts.

Marathon Training Plans: How To Run A Marathon, For New To Experienced Runners

Free downloadable marathon training plans for runners of every level, from beginner to Boston Qualifier.

The Best Reflective Running Vests For Running At Night

Wearing reflective running gear such as a reflective running vest or belt over your running clothes can help you stay safe running or walking at night.

The Best Harnesses and Leashes For Running With Your Dog

Our top recommendations for the best dog leash for running, plus dog running harness options for running with your dog hands free (plus bungee dog leashes).

Nutrition for Running Moms: Eat These Healthy Foods To Power Your Postpartum Runs

What you eat to fuel your runs, whether you're a new mom runner or marathoner getting back to running after having a baby.

Gifts For Outdoorsy People: Cool Gifts For Outdoors Lovers

Unique gifts for outdoors-loving men, women and couples. These adventure-ready gifts for outdoorsy people are great for all occasions!

Lululemon Gifts for Runners: Our Top Picks For 2024

Delight the runner in your life with a gift from lululemon! We've picked the best lululemon gifts for runners - for both men and women.

7 Tips for Running with a Baby: A Practical Guide For New Parents

Practical tips for running with a baby for new moms and dads who want to bring their little one (or ones) along on your run in a jogging stroller.

The Best Recovery Shoes For Runners

These are the best recovery shoes, sandals, slides and flip flops to ease tired feet and lower legs after running.

Scheels Holiday Sale 2023: The Best Deals On Running Gear

Scheels' huge deals on running gear in their 2023 Holiday / Black Friday sales. Here's some of the best deals on running gear with up to 50% off

Brooks Hyperion Max Review: A Runner’s Perspective on Speed and Signature Comfort

These could be your next go-to running shoes for speedwork and racing, they're surprisingly lightweight, and unsurprisingly have that Brooks comfort I've come to expect.

The 5 Best Jogging Strollers For Moms & Dads That Run

Our guide to the best jogging strollers explains the key features to look out for and compares the best models to help you choose which is right for you.

Brooks Ghost Max Review: Spook-tacular Comfort and Support! 👻

Learn everything there is to know about the upgraded Ghost, now with maximum cushioning, a stable platform, lower drop, rocker geometry and more!

On Cloudeclipse Review: A Monstrously Cushioned Cloud Hybrid for Long Runs

Learn everything there is to know about On's most cushioned running shoes for long runs and everyday training.

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Review: Meet My Favorite Brooks Tempo Training Shoes!

Brooks' lightest training shoes for speed. Learn about the features I love (and dislike), pros, cons, who they're best for, and comparisons to similar models.

LEDLenser Headlamp Review: Deep Diving Into The NEO Running Performance Range

This running-specific, NEO range LEDLenser headlamp review explains everything you need to know before buying your next headtorch.

Brooks Launch 10 Review: How Are These Running Shoes ONLY $110?!

In this review I cover the key features, how they benefit performance, who they're best for, and if they're worth your money.

On Cloudflow 4 Review: Radical Upgrades; The Cloudflow IS BACK!

I have a new favorite tempo training shoe, and it's not a HOKA! Learn how On has managed to bring the Cloudflow back on top!

The Best Insoles for Running Shoes | How To Choose The Right Ones For You

Our guide to the best insoles for running shoes includes insoles for flat feet, high arch support and pain relief from issues like plantar faciitis.

Best Merino Wool Base Layers For Runners

The best Merino wool base layers are insulating yet also breathable, making them ideal for skiing, hiking and other cold weather outdoor activities.

The Best Running Gloves For Winter and Cold Weather Running

Here are the best running gloves for men and women, to keep your hands warm on those cold winter runs - Find your next pair of running gloves here!

Cold Weather Running Gear Checklist ✔️

Our complete winter running gear checklist, crafted to ensure you don't forget the essentials.

The Best Stretches For Runners To Do Before And After Every Run

Simple-yet-essential stretches for runners to help prevent injuries, speed up recovery, encourage mobility, and improve flexibility.

7 Tips For Running At Night: Learn To Love Nighttime Runs

These practical tips for running at night will help you stay safe and enjoy those nighttime runs.

HOKA Stinson 7 review: The All-Terrain Hybrid Running Shoes With Incredible Stability

This review shares what I learned by pushing these hybrid road/trail running shoes to the limit PLUS learn who they're best for!

The Best Winter Running Hats, Beanies, Headbands and Ear Warmers

Our winter running hats buyer's guide features the best running beanies, headbands and ear warmers to wear on cold weather runs.

On Cloudboom Echo 3 review: Confirmed, On’s Super Shoe Is Finally SUPER!

Everything you need to know about these insanely lightweight, responsive, and cushioned racing shoes before investing in them.

The Best Winter Running Jackets for Men and Women

This concise list of the best winter running jackets will help you decide which jacket to buy for your rainy and cold weather runs.

Half Marathon Training Plans | For Beginners To Experienced Runners

Free downloadable half marathon training plans for runners of every level, plus everything you need to know about running a half marathon.

Lululemon Chargefeel 2 Review: The Do-It-All (In Style) Workout Shoes

This review explains what these women's workout shoes are great for, pros & cons, sizing tips, cost and where to get a pair.

Lululemon Fast and Free Running Tights Review

This lululemon running leggings review covers the key features, pros and cons of lululemon's updated Fast and Free High-Rise Tight.

Nike InfinityRN 4 Review: The Comforting Hug Your Feet Deserve While Training

My thoughts on these popular supportive half and full marathon training shoes, including the features I love and the only one that fell short.

Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 review: Lighter Than Air, Faster Than Lightning

My thoughts on these popular carbon plate racing shoes, including the features I absolutely love and a couple that fell short.

Saucony Ride 16 Review: Did Saucony Just Impress Me Again?

My experience and thoughts on these well priced daily runners for beginners requiring a reliability and comfort as they progress.

Saucony Triumph 21 Review: Saucony, You Now Have My Attention!

This review shares my thoughts on these highly cushioned running shoes for those who need a reliable workhorse to rack up easy miles.

The Best Running Socks for Men & Women

Our expert guide to the best running socks for men and women will help you find the right pair for running blister-free, all distances and all seasons.

Brooks Ghost 15 review – Brooks Have Done It Again; I’m Noticing a Trend Here, BRAVO!

This review shares my thoughts on these cushioned everyday running shoes for those who want to rack up easy miles in comfort.

COROS Heart Rate Monitor review PLUS the PROS & CONS of a dedicated Heart Rate Monitor

This HR Monitor might be the game-changer you've been waiting for. It's accurate, comfortable, and will outlast most ultramarathons. Read this review to learn more!

Ice Barrel Review: I Took The Plunge Into Cold Water Therapy

In this review I share my experience taking ice baths for cold water therapy at home, in order to speed up my post-run recovery process.

Best Running Shorts For Women – Trail and Road Tested

Find your new favorite pair of running shorts on our shortlist of the best running shorts for women - all rate highly for comfort, looks, value and performance.

Kilometers vs Miles: What’s Best To Track Running Distance?

Miles vs kilometers, meters vs feet... learn the pros and cons of each method, and the best way to track your running distance and pace.

What is Overtraining? The Tell-Tale Signs To Look Out For, And How To Recover From It

The overtraining signs and symptoms every runner should look out for, plus how to recover from overtraining and get back on track.

The Best Toe Spacers To Help Align Your Toes And Relieve Foot Pain

The best toe spacers to encourage natural toe spacing, realign toes and help prevent foot injuries and pain, for minimal cost.

HOKA Mach X Review: My New Favorite Tempo Shoe!

This review shares my favorite features of these, my new go-to daily tempo training & racing shoes; includes my full performance review.

What Is Heart Rate Variability And How To Improve It

Everything we runners and athletes need to know to understand HRV, including what it is, why it's important, how to monitor it and how to improve it.

Arc’teryx Norvan Belt Review: A Way To Run Comfortably With All Your Essentials

In this review I share the standout features of this lightweight, non-chafe running belt for carrying essentials while on a run.

Best Sports Bras For Running: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The ultimate guide to the best sports bras for running, including how to find one that will provide the most comfortable support, regardless of chest size.

Naked Running Band Review: A Minimal Way To Store All Your Essentials While Running

In this review I share the standout features and why this ultra-light, non-chafing running belt is a must-have for any runner.

The Best Men’s Lululemon Shorts For Running

I've run everything from 5ks to ultra marathons in lululemon running apparel - here are the best men's lululemon shorts for running any distance in.

Beat The Heat With These 16 Tips For Running in Humidity

Why running in humidity is more challenging than running in heat alone, and discover our tried-and-tested tips to conquer humid runs.

KOO Sunglasses Review: These NOVA Frames Are A Staple For Runners

In this review I explore the lightweight design, vision clarity, and stylish aesthetics of these versatile running sunglasses.

The Best Women’s lululemon Running Shorts

I've been running in lululemon shorts for 10+ years. My guide to the best women's lululemon running shorts will help you choose which are best for you.

Roka Sunglasses Review: The Rory 2 Are Next-Level Lightweight And Comfortable for Running

This in-depth Roka sunglasses review details how Roka Eyewear differs from the competition, and shares my experiences running with the Rory 2.

HOKA Bondi X Review: Ultra Plush Running Shoes with a Carbon Twist

This in-depth review shares my experiences running with them, who I believe these maximum cushioned running shoes are for, and whether they're worth the money.

66 Inspirational Running Quotes That Motivate You To RUN

The best collection of inspirational running quotes to fuel your motivation for training. Every runner should know these motivational running quotes!

Skratch Labs Review: Sports Nutrition To Fuel Performance and Recovery

You've probably heard of Skratch Labs from other athletes. Here's why their sports hydration mixes are so popular for cyclists and runners.

HOKA Carbon X 3 Review: An Affordable Carbon-Plated Running Shoe That Over Delivers!

Learn how the Carbon X3 racing shoe delivers performance, and comfort for marathoners with a new knit upper & carbon fiber plate.

On Cloudsurfer 7 Review – Running Shoes For Long Distance Comfort AND Speed

In this On Cloudsurfer Review, you'll learn everything there is to know about the latest lightweight, cushioned, AND fast Cloudsurfer 7 running shoes.

Cross Training For Runners | Non-Running Workouts That’ll Make You A Better Runner

Cross training for runners: these are the best non-running workouts for runners to make you a better runner, improve strength and prevent injuries.

NOBULL Knit Runner Review: Running Sneakers Or Better As A Workout Shoe For Cross-Training?

Everything you need to know about these incredibly popular CrossFit, weightlifting, running shoes with an epic knit upper that feels ohhhh so good on your feet.

What To Eat Before A Run: Pre-Run Foods For 5K to Marathons (& Ultras!)

What to eat before a run, in the morning, before a long run, or marathon race to ensure you stay energized. PLUS, what NOT to eat before running.

6-Week 10k Training Plan For Beginners

Get race-day ready in 6 weeks with our most popular downloadable, free PDF 10k training plan for beginners.

4-Week 10k Training Plan: Run 10k in One Month

If you can already run 5k and want to get ready for 10k in just a few weeks, this 4 week 10k training plan is for you - and it's free to download!

10k Training Plans For Beginners And Experienced Runners

Free downloadable 10k training plans for beginners to experienced runners, plus everything you need to know about training for, and running a 10k race.

HOKA Rocket X 2 Review: Insanely Fast Shoes, But Not Quite Perfect

HOKA Rocket X 2 review - These carbon plate running shoes are the fastest I've ever reviewed, but that speed does come with a couple of gripes...

6 Benefits Of Running Uphill PLUS How To Do It Properly

The benefits of running uphill, proper uphill running technique, and effective hill training workouts to run up hills stronger and faster.

8 Week Marathon Training Plan: For your Fastest Marathon Yet!

If you already have a great running base and not many weeks before race day then this marathon training plan is the one for you!

6 Week Half Marathon Training Plan For Your Fastest Race Yet

If you're an experienced runner who's short on time and has a PR goal in mind, then our 6-week half marathon training plan is what you need!

12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan For Beginners

Our popular 12-week half marathon training plan for beginners is perfect for newer runners or regular runners looking to step up your distance.

What is Runners Toe? 4 Simple Ways To Prevent Black And Bruised Toenails From Running

4 simple ways to prevent runners toe, a common running issue that can cause black, brused toenails, or your toenail to actually fall off.

The Power of Pickle Juice for Cramps: Can It Really Help with Muscle Cramps? 

Why pro runners and other athletes drink pickle juice for leg cramps during exercise, the science behind it, and potential benefits.

Why You Get Tight Calves From Running And Simple Ways To Stop It Happening

Tight calves from running is a common problem for runners. Here's why it happens, plus simple yet effective ways to fix that annoying calf tightness.

How To Dry Shoes Without Damaging Them (Or Your Dryer)

Wondering how to dry your shoes fast? Here's explains how to do it, without damaging them in the dryer.

12 Week Marathon Training Plan: For Intermediate & Experienced Runners

If you can comfortably run 6 miles (a 10k), this intermediate 12 week marathon training plan will get you race-ready in just 3 months!

16 Week Marathon Training Plan For Beginners

Run a marathon in 16 weeks with our exclusive free-to-download, printable training plan for beginners and intermediate runners!

20 Week Marathon Training Plan: From Couch To Marathon

Our exclusive, free-to-download 20 week marathon training plan will get you running your first marathon in 20 weeks with a huge smile on your face!

Lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review – The Popular Women’s Running Shoe Gets Upgrades

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Our list of the 5 best women's waterproof running jackets will help you decide which jacket to buy for wet winter trail runs and ultras.

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Is trail running harder than road running? Is trail running better for you than road running? In this post we explain the pros and cons.

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Meet Seadon, the brand that's manufacturing technical tees from recycled plastic bottles. It's a sustainable approach to making performance running apparel.

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Our curated list of inspiring women's adventure books by the most badass female adventurers. These all make great gifts or as a motivating read for yourself!

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On Cloudsurfer vs Cloud X: We've reviewed them both in detail, now here's our side by side comparison with PROS and CONS. Find out which are best!

On Cloud Waterproof Review [On’s Weatherproof Lifestyle Shoes]

The On Cloud Waterproof is a really versatile running shoe for active people in urban environments, crafted to keep your feet dry on rainy days.

On Cloud Edge Moonlight (Limited Edition) Review

I'm in love with everything about The On Cloud Edge Moonlight running shoe, from the design and color scheme right through to how comfortable it is.

On Cloudflyer Waterproof Review [Long Distance Running Shoe]

Tried & Tested by our in-house On expert! In this On Cloudflyer Waterproof review, find out how they perform and how they compare to other On running shoes.

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Janji Bolivia Men’s Running Apparel Review

This review is going to focus on two new items from the Janji Bolivia men's collection, which draws inspiration from, you guessed it, Bolivia!

Brooks Ghost 11 Men’s Review: A Responsive Shoe with a Soft, Secure Fit

The Brooks Ghost 11 are an absolute delight to run in. The are very comfortable, offer plenty of support and cushioning, are breathable and stretch to my feet as I run. This shoe is a real winner for me!

On Cloud Waterproof Women’s Review

The women's On Cloud Waterproof is a stylish lightweight trainer for running or casual wear, which is waterproof and keeps your feet dry in wet conditions.

Best Places To Run In San Francisco: Running The Golden Gate Bridge

We love trails, but when you live in San Francisco, it would be rude not to run over the Golden Gate Bridge for a blast of fresh sea air and great views

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Tried & Tested by our in-house On running expert! In this On Cloudace review, find out how these marathon shoes perform and how they compare to other On shoes.

Sunski Sunglasses Review

This Sunski sunglasses review covers a selection of their frames we have been using for everyday, as well as running in. Sunski is a sunglasses company...

On Cloudrush vs Cloudflow 2019: Which On shoes are best?

On Cloudrush vs Cloudflow running shoe comparison: Since posting my On Cloudrush review a couple of weeks ago, a couple of people have asked me what the difference is between the two running shoes...

How to Become a Morning Runner: 4 Tips for Early Morning Workouts

Maybe you’re one of those people who loves to get up early in the morning and exercise. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those who want to become a morning runner have great difficulty making the routine stick. You’ve been there: You work out early for a few days, and you love the way you feel...

Darn Tough Running Socks Review: Vertex Ultra-Light Cushion

I wanted to test these particular Darn Tough running socks out on a challenging run to find out just how tough, the 'Darn Tough' namesake is and my word did I pick the right race to test them to the max...

Brooks Ghost 10 Women’s Road Running Shoes Review

Brooks Ghost 10 Review - While I love innovative minimal trail shoes for softer trails, I do not have the excellent form and biomechanics of a runner who can get away with...

On Cloudrush Review: Lightweight shoes for running FAST

On Cloudrush Review: Lightweight road shoes for running FAST

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Review

I’m not going to get too nerdy in this review, instead, I’ll share some key features of the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro that I love. I'll also talk about some background fundamentals surrounding the device, including Movescount for storing activities, and some in-watch settings that I like to use while out running.

Running with the Apple Watch Series 3 and Strava

What's it like Running with the Apple Watch Series 3 and Strava - We share some of our thoughts on when and how to use this GPS watch for running.

On Cloudflow Review: On Shoes For Running Fast (1st Gen)

For me, It's all about feeling as minimal as possible while running. Fast and Light! Whether on the trails or off them. The On Cloudflow does both!

Inov-8 Parkclaw 275 Review: for road to trail transitions

Read our review of the Inov-8 Parkclaw 275 shoes. The shoe for road to trail transitions.

On Running Lightweight Cap 2019 Review

On Running Lightweight Cap Review - "I love to see how new technologies and innovative thinking can make something as simple as a hat, better."

Zelus Olympus Insoles Review

Review of Zelus Olympus insoles for runners - I was intrigued to see whether switching out the insoles on my running shoes would make a difference.

Why Does My Nose Run, When I Run?

Why does my nose run, when I run? Good question! Here's the answer and 5 tips to help you deal with your runny nose whilst you run.

How to get rid of shin splints from running

Pain in the front of your shin is a common runner's problem. Here's how to get rid of shin splints for good, so you can get back to pain-free running.

Benefits of a Running Streak: Accelerated Fitness Gains

Benefits of a running streak to improve your running and not just end up over-trained. I've interpreted the run streak principle differently to the masses.

Salomon S-Lab Sonic 2 – Road Running Shoe Review

Review of Salomon's S-Lab Sonic 2 Road Running Shoe. A precise and compliant running shoe, S-LAB SONIC 2 is our athlete’s choice for competing on the road.

Still Not Bionic by Ira Rainey: A Great Read on Ultrarunning

Ira shows that there are some immense challenges out there, but these can be achieved with hard work, the right training and preparation, and, most importantly, the right mindset.

Join the Trail & Kale Strava Running Club

Join the Trail & Kale Strava Running Club: for all runners and adventure lovers. On this page, you can find out more about the club and a link to join.

Bristol to Bath Marathon

The highlight of the race was undoubtedly the crowd support, particularly in South Gloucestershire on the way out of Bristol

Running Bath Two Tunnels 10k

The Bath two tunnels races are run by Relish Running, whose races I have been enjoying throughout the summer (The Cheddar Gorge half and Bath hilly half marathon being two of them), so I knew this would be a fun event.