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Welcome to our Best On Running shoes review guide, in ranked order with summarized reviews, based on our extensive testing and in-depth review articles. Below each shoe summary, you can find a link to a full review and where you can find the men’s and women’s versions if you want to buy a pair. Interested in getting up to 40% OFF On running shoes? Visit On’s Classic range page to see their latest deals.

Having tested and reviewed so many On Running shoes over the years, and being somewhat of an On Running shoe expert and aficionado, I have a unique understanding of how each shoe compares to another.

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There are many great On shoes for running but which are the best?

  • MY TOP PICK for the best On Running shoe for road running is the On Cloudmonster for its excellent performance over short and long-distance running, plush comfort underfoot, beautiful design, and impressive pricepoint – the On Cloudmonster has earned itself the crown and a Trail & Kale Editor’s Choice Award.
  • MY TOP PICK for the best On running shoes for trail running right now are the On Cloudultra due to their high-performance ‘fast and light’ mountain racing features but because they’re so minimal, I’d recommend these only for summer trail running – if you want solid On trail running shoes for winter running then I’d recommend the On Cloudventure instead.
  • MY TOP PICK for the best On Cloud shoes for everyday lifestyle – my top pick has always been, and still is to this day, the On Cloud (now at version 5). This includes the On Cloud 70/30 which essentially has the same geometry and design but with more radical colorway options, for those who like to stand out a bit.

On running shoes generally have medium arch insoles in them – this makes them suitable for most people with average feet but if you do feel you need extra arch support then I would recommend getting yourself a pair of good running insoles to help improve comfort and running form.

Scroll down to read each On shoes review to work out which On Cloud is the best choice for you.

Best On Running Shoes [with Reviews] – Table of Contents

Best On Running Shoes for Road Running

On Cloudmonster 512px

1. On Cloudmonster

To learn more, read my in-depth On Cloudmonster review.

Every year On manages to release a new model of running shoe that shuffles up this ‘Best On Shoes leaderboard’, and sees a new King/Queen hit the top spot.

The On Cloudmonster is that shoe for me – so far this year, anyway! The Cloudmonster is also one of my top picks on my best running shoes buyer’s guide. 😉

The Cloudmonster is in my opinion, one of the best On brand shoes for road runners – these sneakers right here, are something very special (and monstery! – Muwahahaha!)

ARE YOU WONDERING where the famous On Cloud shoe is?? The ‘On Cloud’ is certainly an awesome all-round shoe that’s best suited to everyday lifestyle usage and AS SUCH it’s sitting in the number 1 spot in the Lifestyle category below! rather than this running-focused category.

The On Cloudmonster provides a crazy amount of cushioning underfoot, without sacrificing energy return and responsiveness which makes it a great marathon training shoe, and race day.

On Cloud shoes do this by including a springy speed board underfoot, which when combined with On’s famous CloudTec midsole, and intelligent rocker design, provides a wonderful feeling of running On Clouds with almost effortless forward propulsion.

For its excellent performance over short and long-distance running, plush comfort underfoot, beautiful design, and impressive pricepoint – the On Cloudmonster has earned itself a Trail & Kale Editor’s Choice Award.

The Cloudmonster weighs 9.7oz (275g), has a drop of 6mm from heel to toe, a medium-width toe box, and runs true to size.

It’s worth noting that On never holds sales for their newest items, that’s right, there’s not even an On Running Black Friday event, BUT you can get the last season’s styles heavily discounted on the On Classics discount page.

On Cloudsurfer 7

2. On Cloudsurfer

View Men’s   View Women’s

For more detail about the Cloudsurfer, read my detailed review.

My first pair of On Running shoes back in 2012 was the original On Cloudsurfer – and these were the shoes that best demonstrated how it feels to run on clouds. The Cloudsurfer was so innovative that the On Running brand immediately caught my attention.

I’m pleased to say that after a few generations of not-so-great innovation, the On Cloudsurfer 7 has regained that bouncy, fun feeling that I fell in love with all those years ago – but now there’s even more cushioning, comfort, and improved durability – and I’m even more in love!

They’ll have you running faster than your current cardio may be used to, because of the new CloudTec Phase midsole and comfortable fit that makes you feel like going much faster.

The On Cloudsurfer’s engineered mesh delivers the perfect balance of breathability and hold. The upper supports the forefoot nicely as you transition from soft landing into explosive take-off.

When you push the pace, the re-engineered Cloudsurfer shoe definitely keeps up. Prepare to spend more time on the road because you’re going to have a lot of fun running in these On brand shoes, there’s no doubt about it, they are a classic On shoe for good reason! SO MUCH LOVE for the Cloudsurfer 7!

If you’re looking for a good alternative supportive, cushioned shoe to the On Cloudsurfer but in a different brand, try the HOKA Clifton 9, it’s one of my favorite HOKA running shoes.

On Cloudgo

3. On Cloudgo

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For more of my thoughts on this shoe, read my On Cloudgo review next.

The On Cloudgo is a surprisingly high-performing On Cloud running shoe and one I believe all sorts of runners from beginner to advanced, will enjoy.

It’s a very unassuming running shoe when you look at it, but the stats on paper, and performance while actually running, tell a very different story.

The Cloudgo is one of those reliable running shoes that I find myself gravitating towards when choosing a shoe to run with right now.

They do the job of helping me achieve the goal of ‘getting miles in’ so well, that I find myself not even thinking about the shoes when I’m running.

Apart from thinking “hey, these On Cloud shoes are performing really well, I’m not even thinking about how they feel”, haha! This allows me to think about other things like focusing on my breathing and good running form.

The Cloudgo is for anyone who can relate to the above 5 paragraphs – you know who you are!

More specifically they are for fast-paced 5km training runs (or races), and also for anyone looking to increase their mileage when training for a marathon and feel comfortable doing so.

On CLoudboom Echo

4. On Cloudboom Echo

For an in-depth look at the Cloudboom Echo, read my full review.

The On Cloudboom Echo takes the original Cloudboom to a whole new level in performance.

The Cloudboom Echo running shoes have a hefty price tag that’s for sure, but they are certainly one of the best On running shoes for road runners who are on the racing scene.

When you take these out of their box, you won’t believe how lightweight they feel – I mean there’s really no comparison to any other running shoes that I can think of. At 6.7 ounces you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.

The upper is made with 100% recycled polyester and it’s extremely thin and lightweight which brings with it breathability.

There’s a 9mm drop from heel to toe which gives you an aggressive forward leaning position to encourage relentless forward motion.

There’s a carbon fiber plate sitting above the Helion midsole, which helps propel you forwards, and a rocker design in the mid/outsole which smooths out your foot transition, from landing to take off.

Lastly, the Helion midsole is very responsive yet provides an impressive amount of cushioning for long distance running, like marathon distances. It’s actually quite remarkable how light the shoe is considering the amount of cushioning in the midsole.

The On Cloudboom Echo earned itself a Trail & Kale Editor’s Choice Award for its innovation for racing.

This shoe is very much for racers and does sacrifice a little bit of comfort over long distances due to its slimline/narrow outsole which is designed to keep you running fast – most runners will probably prefer a wider outsole which will provide more comfort over longer distances.

If you’re looking to run your fastest 10k or marathon race in the lightest On running shoes (6.70oz / 190g) then the Cloudboom Echo are for you.

They are also very breathable, and highly cushioned running shoes with a rocker and carbon infused plate which will keep you moving forward, faster than you’ve probably gone before – and that’s no lie!

As with all On Running shoes reviewed in this post, they are available for purchase in the US, UK, and Globally at

On Cloudrunner

5. On Cloudrunner

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For more detail about the Cloudrunner, read my detailed review.

The On Cloudrunner really surprised me by surpassing my expectations in an area of running that I so need to improve.

That area is ‘recovery runs’, or long, easy runs’ where I need to put necessary miles into my legs while training for a marathon or trail ultramarathon.

The Cloudrunner has excellent stability due to the wide outsole under the forefoot. This solid platform reduces the likelihood of lateral roll in your ankles and allows you to comfortably power on through your long runs.

Speaking of comfort, the Cloudrunner has tons of padding around the ankle, and heel areas. The cushioned CloudTech outsole with Helion foam makes for a really cushioned ride underfoot.

I wasn’t expecting to bring this shoe into my marathon training shoe arsenal because it’s marketed as a beginner’s shoe.

Once I got to try it out for myself, however, I quickly realized that this shoe is not just for beginner/intermediate runners – and that seasoned runners can benefit from them too by including a couple of runs a week in them.

On Cloudboom 512px

6. On Cloudboom

To learn more, read my in-depth On Cloudboom review.

The On Cloudboom are, are one of the greatest On running shoes for seasoned road runners, who know how to handle a direct cushioned feel.

The Cloudboom is for those who take racing seriously and want to squeeze out as much speed as possible. In fact, it’s really for anyone who wants to get their best times possible.

I like to test all running shoes before reading the technical details as to not bias my initial thoughts about how the shoes perform, and also why they perform that way.

As I was nearing the end of my first run in the On Cloudboom, I knew there had to be some sort of carbon fiber plate in the midsole as I was moving so much faster than usual with less perceived effort.

I also noticed a higher drop (9mm) than any other On running shoes due to the more aggressive forward-leaning stance I was taking on.

The On Cloudboom feels similar to the On Cloudrush but with just the right amount of cushioning to allow you to run fast for anything up to a marathon distance while keeping a good amount of comfort.

On Running has absolutely hit it out of the park with the Cloudboom and it’s one of my favorite road running shoes, and as such has earned itself a Trail & Kale Editor’s Choice Award when I reviewed it.

If you’re looking for super-lightweight (7.94oz / 225g), breathable, and cushioned shoes to run some of your fastest times on the roads, the On Cloudboom is most definitely for you but if you want to run EVEN faster with more cushioning (but less comfort) – go for the Cloudboom Echo.

On Clouflow

7. On Cloudflow

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To learn more, read my full Cloudflow review.

The On Cloudflow is back with a new design that gives these popular running shoes a very different feel to the two Cloudflow running shoes that came before it.

The new On Cloudflow feels very responsive, flexible and cushioned (thanks to the new Helion outsole) while still maintaining a direct medium cushioned feel that offers high-performance.

The On Cloudflow 3 is a 5k, 10k and half-marathon running shoe for fast training sessions and races, but those who enjoy running marathons in a more minimal running shoe will also love these.

The On Cloudflow shoes also look great as an everyday lifestyle shoe.

On Cloudswift best on running shoes

8. On Cloudswift

View Men’s   View Women’s

For more about the Cloudswift, read my detailed review.

The On Cloudswift is an excellent road running shoe and the first of these On Swiss shoes to use the Helion midsole.

It’s hard to explain how this shoe feels while running, but let me try. The extra breathable upper has a 1 piece construction, with no traditional ‘tongue’ so to speak.

This allows the shoe to wrap around your feet really comfortably. Helen describes the fit as being almost slipper-like – in a good way, it’s like a hug for your feet while you are running on roads.

The On Cloudswift has a flexible ‘rocker’ outsole made from On Running’s new Helion superfoam, which is very lightweight and has excellent energy return, which makes running on asphalt a real pleasure.

The mid-foot cage support also has a cleverly hidden pocket to hide your laces once tied.

On Cloud X

9. On Cloud X

View Men’s   View Women’s

To learn more, read my detailed Cloud X review here and this post includes a comparison to the On Clouds.

The On Cloud X running shoe is extremely lightweight, flexible, has the right amount of cushioning, feels responsive and has a breathable upper to keep your feet cool.

It’s so good that it was sitting at the top of this list, until the On Cloudswift came along.

I’m a big fan of the heel cage too, it holds my feet in place but doesn’t put any unnecessary pressure in the achilles area.

Here’s how I fix Achilles heel pain by the way if you’re suffering from it now.

Maybe you enjoy mixing up your trail running (on buffed trails) with some road running, training at the gym or playing other sports.

The On Cloud X will hold its own for all of them, I’ve proved it by running an amazing 50k trail race in them! On Cloud running shoes really are innovative!

I bet you see a flurry of PRs when you first start running in the On Cloud X. I notice this with most new On brand shoes I review, come to think of it!

On Cloudstratus

10. On Cloudstratus

View Men’s   View Women’s

For more about the Cloudstratus, read my detailed review.

The On Cloudstratus is a marathon and half-marathon cloud running shoe designed for runners who want to soften the impact while running long distances on the roads, so these will be the best on running shoes for you if you need cushioning for running on pavements for long periods of time without sacrificing responsiveness.

The toe box is also nice and wide with good ventilation for temperature regulation. It’s also a very supportive shoe that has a nice heel cage that will lock your foot into the shoe.

The On Cloudstratus is On’s long-distance performance shoe featuring a dual layer CloudTec midsole made from Helion foam.

This striking cushioned midsole will be your friend for many many miles.

On Cloudace

11. On Cloudace

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For more about this shoe, read my detailed On Cloudace review.

The On Cloudace shoes are so comfortable for running on the roads. They’re designed for maximum support yet with a ‘responsive ride’.

I find myself really letting loose especially downhill, which is where the extra cushioning really stands out.

They are also good for running on buffed and dry trails due to the generous amount of support and durability.

While running longer distances on the roads in the On Cloudace shoes I’ve noticed an improvement in speed as my feet don’t tire as quickly as when I’m running in a more minimal shoe.

This has been a real motivator for me to run more weekly miles so that I can improve endurance and speed ready for future ultra trail races.

While your feet remain strong, the On Cloudace’s speed-board and CloudTec pods will just keep pushing you forward, mile after mile.

The On Cloudace is also On’s most expensive running shoe with a pretty high price tag of $199.99; is it really worth that?

Well I’d personally say yes and this is why: If you consider that the On Cloudace will more than likely last you double the mileage of your average running sneakers because of their durability and high-quality build then it makes sense that they should cost twice as much.

They probably actually only cost 50% more than your last pair of running shoes so if you look at it like that, then the On Cloudace is a good deal.

On Cloudflash

12. On Cloudflash

View Men’s   View Women’s

The On Cloudflash has been given a radical revamp that improves the performance of these racing shoes no end! As such, the Cloudflash has climbed the ranks of this best On Running shoes reviews guide by 4 places.

This shoe is designed with one thing in mind – run as fast as possible for a distance of 10km or less.

So, with that said, if you’re looking for the fastest On running shoes for 5k races or even 10K races, then these are the shoes to get you to the finish VERY quickly.

If you run more 10k’s than 5k’s though, then I’d recommend the Cloudboom over these for their additional cushioning underfoot.

The reason that the Cloudflash is so fast, lies in how light they are (210g / 7.4oz), paired with a carbon-infused plate that is sandwiched between two cushioned and responsive Helion foam layers.

The carbon plate intensifies forward-propulsion as and when it snaps back to its original state during each stride.

If you haven’t tried running shoes with a carbon plate in them before, you should, it’s remarkable how much they improve overall speed and help prolong endurance.

The only reason these shoes don’t rank higher is that they are for a very specialized use, and as such don’t lend themselves to being versatile enough for enjoying long runs too, like half marathons, or marathons.

On Cloudflyer waterproof 512px

13. On Cloudflyer Waterproof

View Men’s   View Women’s

For more about the Cloudflyer Waterproof read my detailed review.

The On Cloudflyer Waterproof is a very comfortable shoe for running in cold and wet conditions.

It has the added benefit of being covered in reflective detailing for when you have no choice but to run during the early morning hours or after work at night.

I noticed that running long distances in the On Cloudflyer feels easy because of the support provided by the addition of the heel cage to the rear, and the cushioning in these running shoes helps too.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of On waterproof sneakers to take away ALL your excuses not to run in the cold and wet weather, then this is the one for you.

on Cloudflyer 512px

14. On Cloudflyer

View Men’s   View Women’s

The On Cloudflyer’s unique dual-density sock liner provides next-level foot comfort for running.

Whether you’re running in a marathon or for 1 mile, your inner-shoe comfort will be the same as when you first put the shoe on. 

The latest On Cloudflyer shoe now has extra features such as the adaptive V-molded heel cap and smart memory foam all to provide a snug and stable heel feel with every step.

The On Cloudflyers are for runners looking for a supremely cushioned and stable shoe that retains a light and agile running feel. A very nice ride!

Best On Running Shoes for Trail Running

On Cloudultra 512px

1. ON Cloudultra

Learn more in my detailed On Cloudultra review.

The On Cloudultra is one of On Running‘s latest trail running shoes and it’s their excellent contribution to the ultra marathon and endurance trail running arena.

Long overdue I’d say, as I’m a big fan of On Running shoes due to their constant ability to innovate on their running shoes for both road and trail running.

The On Cloudultra has answered my calls for an On trail running shoe that can handle technical terrain very well and remain comfortable mile after mile on trails and even the roads due to their comfortable helion midsole foam.

They are great trail running shoes for any distances up to and over the marathon.

As with all On running shoes reviewed in this post, they are also available for purchase in the US, UK, and Globally at

New to trail running? You’ll find our beginner’s guide to trail running helpful reading!

On Cloudvista

2. ON Cloudvista

Learn more in my detailed On Cloudvista review.

The On Cloudvista is a great addition to On’s trail running shoe range. This running shoe sits between the Cloudventure Peak and Cloudultra, in terms of weight.

I’ve put it in at number 2 because of how well it performs over a wide range of terrain and trails.

It does so much at such a reasonable price point that it makes mixed terrain running much more accessible for beginner to intermediate runners.

This trail shoe is for anyone who enjoys flat or undulating loops or out-and-back routes that span a distance of up to around 21km.

If you’re looking to get into trail running or step up from the beginner level, you can’t go wrong with the Cloudvista.

On Cloudventure Peak 3 review

3. ON Cloudventure Peak 3

View Men’s   View Women’s

To learn more about this On shoe, read my detailed On Cloudventure Peak review.

The On Cloudventure Peak 3 is a good choice for trail runners seeking a lightweight, minimal trail racing shoe with a minimalistic ‘barefoot’ feel. The Missiongrip outsole has been significantly improved compared to previous versions, with the pods now retired, resulting in better traction and performance on the trails.

Weighing in at just 8.6oz (244g), the Cloudventure Peak 3 offers an impressively lightweight design that excels in climbing gradients of 5-20% with ease. This makes it an ideal companion for challenging trail races.

The shoe’s upper is not only comfortable but also highly breathable, ensuring a pleasant experience during long runs. Its minimalistic design offers a nice ground feel for those who prefer a more natural running experience.

In summary, the On Cloudventure Peak 3 is a top choice for trail runners seeking a lightweight, comfortable, and breathable shoe with a minimalistic design. Its improved Missiongrip outsole and excellent climbing performance make it a strong contender for trail racing enthusiasts.

Read my in-depth review, to learn more about them including the things I didn’t like too much about them.

On Cloudventure

4. On Cloudventure

View Men’s   View Women’s

Read my more detailed On Cloudventure review here.

The On Cloudventure is for runners looking for a versatile trail shoe with full cushioning and protection.

The outsole of the new On Cloudventure combines multiple grip patterns so you can stay in control as conditions around you change and the improved shallow gully along the bottom of the shoe makes for a much more controllable shoe on technical terrain.

The most fun part of all On running shoes is the cloud pods that give you that feeling of a cushioned landing, as they compress under your weight and then provide a barefoot take-off as your foot leaves the ground and the pods spring back.

It’s a really innovative and effective system!

This NEW On Cloudventure takes that system one step further by combining On Running’s Zero Gravity cloud elements with a grip overlay that adds trail-level toughness to the unmistakable sensation of running on clouds.

This means you can truly own the downhill, again and again.

On Cloudventure Waterproof

5. On Cloudventure Waterproof

View Men’s   View Women’s

For more about these shoes, read my detailed review.

The new On Cloudventure Waterproof trail shoes look so badass and offer excellent cushioning while running trails.

When wearing the Cloudventure Waterproof I have been able to storm down the hills much faster than usual on harder terrain, which is just the best fun, even in wet weather conditions!

Don’t let winter stop you from running with these, which are undoubtedly the best all-terrain/all-weather On waterproof running shoes.

Best On Running Shoes for Everyday Use

1. On Cloud 5

On Cloud 5 Best On Shoes for everyday

View Men’s   View Women’s

To learn more, read my in-depth On Cloud review.

The On Cloud is a very comfortable shoe that I choose to wear all day long.

When I’m wearing my On Clouds (which is almost daily) I feel free knowing I can break into a run whenever I happen to feel like it or if I’m running late for something.

The stylish design keeps me looking fashionable, and on that note, It’s incredible how many people comment on them when I’m out.

Some even come up to me asking what brand they are and where they can buy them from.

The On Cloud running shoes are my ‘go-to’ lifestyle shoe. Many other training shoes just don’t look cool enough for me to want to wear them all day long, while I’m at work or heading to the city.

I love being able to break into a run and have the comfort of a running shoe without sacrificing style when I’m wearing these On shoes.

The On Cloud is also a very good shoe for running and triathlons due to their easy slip-on design which makes cycle-to-run transitions fast, and because they’re also comfortable to run in without socks.

They are a bit more minimal than say the On Cloud X for running, but if you enjoy running in a minimal shoe and want to look great while doing so, then these sneakers are for you!

Read my more detailed comparison between the On Cloud and Cloud X.

If this list was for Lifestyle shoes, the On Cloud running shoes would certainly be number 1.

It’s worth noting that On never holds sales for their newest items, in including these On Cloud shoes (On’s Bestseller), that’s right, there’s not even an On Running Black Friday sale BUT you can get last season’s styles heavily discounted on the On Classics discount page.

The On Cloud is also great because it’s available in 10 color variations for both men and women at, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to color-ways.

On Cloudeasy

2. On Cloudeasy

To learn more, read my in-depth On Cloudeasy review.

The On Cloudeasy, is a very easy shoe to love. I love the Allbirds style all-knitted upper with a dash of Swiss flair thrown in.

The Upper is made with 100% recycled materials and the entire shoe is made with only 15 pieces. That’s not many by the way, and 50% less than the On Cloud.

These shoes can also be worn without socks due to the super soft, and breathable knitted upper that conforms to your feet really well.

Although the shoes come with laces, you don’t actually need to use them for the shoes to stay on your feet which is nice. That makes the Cloudeasy with its sock-like design a true slip-on sneaker.

It’s also a lightweight shoe weighing in at a cool 8.7oz, whereas the On Cloud weighs 8.5oz – so there’s really nothing in it there.

On Cloud 5 waterproof

3. On Cloud 5 Waterproof

View Men’s   View Women’s

For more about this shoe, read my detailed Cloud Waterproof review.

The On Cloud Waterproof is the first pair of shoes I reach for when I’m faced with a wet and cold day ahead.

It is a versatile shoe that can be worn throughout the day for running, cross-training or even lifting.

The Cloud Waterproof 5 has brought even more comfort and cushioning in the midsole to make this lifestyle Cloud shoe the best choice for water protection throughout your day.

The On Cloud Waterproof shoes will keep your feet warm and dry during the winter months without sacrificing on style and although they’re all black.

You won’t be missed at night because of all the reflective detailing that’s elegantly placed around the shoe.

For me, it’s important to be able to feel comfortable while on my feet all day at work and then break into a run whenever I feel the urge.

This is why I repeatedly choose the On Cloud running shoes as my everyday lifestyle shoe – whether it’s the On Cloud Waterproof for wet days or one of the other On Cloud shoe styles.

on cloud 5 ready

4. On Cloud 5 Ready

View Men’s   View Women’s

To learn more, read my in-depth Cloud 5 Ready review.

The Cloud 5 Ready is designed to be tough and ready for all-day adventures and brings a new canvas upper, a stylish wraparound TPU splash guard, and some new aesthetic tweaks to the much-loved On Cloud.

The On Cloud Ready weighs 309g (10.9ox) which makes it a tiny bit heavier than the On Cloud running shoes but the On Cloud 5 Ready, on the other hand, offers more protection from the elements due to the thicker canvas upper and splash guard.

This lightweight, super durable daily-wear lifestyle shoe is in my opinion On’s most durable On Cloud shoe ever built to date.

On Cloudaway

5. On Cloudaway

To learn more, read my in-depth On Cloudaway review.

The On Cloudaway is the answer to those situations where you really don’t know what sort of adventures you may find yourself getting into.

These are On’s best travel shoes for that very reason. The Cloudaway’s versatility means you don’t have to worry about having the wrong shoes with you.

Because they pack down so well, you can shove them in your travel bag without them wasting much-needed space, and weight when traveling.

The sock-like design on the Cloudaway means that you can have fun on the beach without getting too much sand in your shoes (via the spaces either side of a traditional tongue).

You can still get sand inside your shoes around your heel/ankle area, as that’s unavoidable without wearing gaiters – but it’s a darn sight better than traditional shoes.

So in summary, if you like to travel light, need versatile shoes for all sorts of adventures, and you’re looking for travel shoes that are super lightweight, and pack down small – the On Cloudaway is for you!

6. On THE ROGER Centre Court [On Tennis Shoes]

On THE ROGER Centre Court

The On THE ROGER Centre Court Edition fast became an iconic shoe for the Swiss running brand because of how well it conforms to the old classic tennis shoe style.

These On tennis shoes can also be worn as everyday lifestyle sneakers – and that’s exactly how the majority of buyers are choosing to wear them.

With that said, these tennis shoes have been designed in partnership with the tennis legend himself, Roger Federer – so make no mistake,THE ROGER tennis shoes also provide high performance on the court.

The ROGER has been built with On’s Speedboard and CloudTec midsole so you know it’s going to be responsive out there, whether you choose to wear them around the city, or on centre court.

On Cloudnova

7. On Cloudnova

The On Cloudnova is such a unique casual shoe and has earned its place as the second-best On Running shoe for everyday wear.

Now, I understand that Cloudnova’s retro design may not be to everyone’s taste but I personally love it, especially because not only does the form look great but there’s function there too, with On’s latest performance tech materials and design.

The cushioning is great and there’s also a Speedboard in the midsole that helps propel you forward.

And you’ll notice that there is a subtle ‘rocker’ side silhouette to the Cloudnova, with rubber reinforcements to help support the natural rolling motion of the foot which makes walking feel more efficient – because it is.

Adding to the efficiency of walking in these shoes is their relatively wide outsole, this spreads your weight across a larger surface area, hence reducing the pressure of all-day walking impact on your feet.

Having this wider outsole also provides additional balance and support.

The On Cloudnova is a great shoe for people who are always on the move, and looking to add some fashion flair to their wardrobe.

The materials used are breathable and sweat-wicking but will also help keep your feet warm in the colder months.

On Cloud Hi Edge

8. On Cloud Hi Edge

For more about the Cloud Hi Edge, read my detailed review.

The On Cloud Hi Edge is really comfortable, especially considering these could almost be classed as a lightweight boot.

Everything about them feels plushy and supportive and I love the retro design that’s inspired by the street movement in the ’80s.

The low drop gives your feet and legs a more natural stance and footfall position which makes them really comfortable when worn all day long, while the breathable upper materials ensure a well-regulated internal temperature as well as keeping your feet fresh and free from overheating.

I also love the curved Achilles heel support in the On Cloud Hi Edge, it really adds to the comfort while you’re blasting through your daily step count.

On Cloud Terry 512px

9. On Cloud Terry

View Men’s   View Women’s

For more about this vegan On shoe, read my full review.

For an active lifestyle shoe, the On Cloud Terry is everything I could ask for – stylish, super-comfortable, lightweight and easy to get on and take off.

I love the mixed-use of textures and fabric, and that it doesn’t use leather in its construction, which will appeal to people wanting to avoid leather and suede products.

The On Cloud Terry is more of an everyday shoe than for performance running, but you can effortlessly break into a run when required to in the city.

The On Cloud Terry is a very versatile active lifestyle shoe, so whatever you decide to do in them during your day, you should be covered.

On Cloud Nexus

10. On Cloud Nexus

The Cloud Nexus is essentially the On Cloud with some spicy exterior modifications added.

The base shoe is 100% Cloud, with the same upper materials, midsole, speedboard, and outsole but you’ll notice the addition of faux velcro adjustment straps which will probably give you that 80’s throwback feel.

On is really good at replicating fashion ‘feels’ from various generations, and this is just another great example of that.

The velcro straps don’t actually do anything and exist purely for style but that’s ok because this shoe is based on the On Cloud, which means a comfortable fit out the box with stretch lace adjustments.

Speaking of laces, On has gone with an all-new lacing system for the Cloud nexus, which is definitely an ‘out there’ look but I welcome the uniqueness and fresh design work.

The faux Velcro straps do add a touch of extra weight to this very lightweight shoe but you’ll still feel like you’re running, walking, or living on clouds while wearing the Cloud Nexus.

On Cloud Beam 512px

11. On Cloud Beam

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For more about this shoe, read my detailed review.

The On Cloud Beam may be marketed as a lifestyle shoe for active everyday explorers but it’s also an excellent running shoe.

You can think of the On Cloud Beam as a lifestyle shoe that’s comfortable enough to be worn all day long while exploring a city, but also with the performance of a running shoe ready for an impromptu post-work run.

You can even hit the gym with these lightweight breathable training shoes, which makes them a versatile choice if you’re trying to choose between different styles of On Clouds.

Best On Running Shoes for Hiking

On Cloudtrax

1. On Cloudtrax

On’s latest hiking boot, the Cloudtrax is designed to be ultralight for everyday use, as well as longer, fast and light hikes, weighing in at 15.1oz (430g).

So On has purposefully designed the style of this shoe to look great for use in the city but also to function in the mountains on much more challenging hikes.

Whereas the Cloudridge hiking boot listed below is more targeted to those who want a hiking boot dedicated to hiking only.

The Cloudtrax has a speedboard running along the top of the midsole which is designed to help propel you forward as you hike. the speedboard’s effectiveness is more noticeable when moving at a pace.

This is the same tech used in On’s running shoes, and you’ll notice how effective it is after putting down many miles because your legs won’t feel as tired.

It is also a great shoe for travel due to its lightweight, supportive design – it’s also lightweight, breathable, water-repellent, and made with more than 85% recycled polyester.

Another great feature of the Cloudtrax hiking boot is the one-pull speed lacing system that allows you to slip the boots on, lock in and go.

These are my go-to hiking boots right now!

On Cloudridge

2. On Cloudridge

The Cloudridge, is designed to be ultralight for everyday as well as fast and light hikes, weighing in at 14.5oz (410g).

The Cloudridge is also available in Black and like other On shoes, there are different color options for the men’s and women’s versions.

This boot is more like a trail running shoe in feel than a boot, and fits more like a sock, snugly wrapping around your feet once on The Cloudridge boot is designed to be perfect for summer hikes, with breathable mesh construction in the lining and the tongue to help keep your feet comfortable in the heat.

It would also be a great shoe for travel due to its lightweight, supportive design.

The Cloudridge is a go-to summer hiking boot, although if you’re looking for some On Cloud boots that are going to perform in wet weather and help keep your feet warmer then check out the On Cloudrock Waterproof below.

On Cloudrock Waterproof

3. On Cloudrock Waterproof

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For more detail about these On Cloud boots, read my full review.

If you’re looking for a pair of waterproof On Cloud boots for hiking, these are the ones! The Cloudrock Waterproof is On’s first hiking boot and they have created something very special.

Designed for speed-hiking and fastpacking, this lightweight hiking boot weighs in at 445g. Not light for a trail running shoe but 35% lighter than most of its hiking boot competitors.

The On Cloudrock Waterproof will provide excellent sticky grip with its rugged outsole all the while keeping your feet dry during long, fast-paced trail hikes.

We also love the latest color range – available in more than just the black version shown above!

For more On shoe reviews and On clothing reviews head over to our On Running Gear page. And if you’re still not sure which On Cloud or other On Running shoes are best for you, leave a comment below and I’ll let you know my thoughts based on my experience wearing all of these On shoes.


  1. The ones I’m wearing all the time right now are the On Cloud Edge Moonlight and the Cloud Beam. I love them both but the Edge Moonlight is more breathable whih makes it better in the heat, coming into fall though, the Cloud Beam is probably a better choice.

  2. I’ve read a few reviews that are quite critical of the Cloudboom – mainly that it’s too firm and batters the feet above 10k. I have 5 pairs of Ons (both models of the Cloudflow, 2x Clouds and the Cloudrush) and am pretty well used to the firm ride. Do you think the On ‘old hands’ among us would get on well with the Cloudboom?

    • Hey Sam, I’m assuming those reviewers don’t have much experience running in On Running shoes because the Cloudboom to me feels more cushioned than the Cloudflow and Cloudrush for sure 🙂

      If you run in the Cloudrush, Cloudflow, and Clouds – and you enjoy them, as I do, then you’re really going to love running in the Cloudboom! They’re a very fast shoe due to the carbon plate running through the midsole and the cushioning feels really good. Let me know how you get on! 🙂


    • Hey Sam – I usually run in the Cloud Flow and Cloud X. The Cloud Flow being my go-to training shoe. I recently bought the Cloud Boom to replace my Nike Zoom Fly’s for my longer runs. I have run a few half marathons in them and find them more cushioned than a lot of reviews would have you believe. After 13 miles, my feet felt fine, and they were a worthwhile upgrade on my old Nikes. I think ON have done a great job on these.

  3. Do you have a recommendation for an On crossfit shoe? More gym time – treadmill sprints, uphill and endurance, plus burpees, power jumping jacks, etc. I need a good all around show that provides support and cushion!!

  4. Hi! I train at a gym where we do rowing, treadmills, and weight floor (mostly a power walker than a runner but do a lot of hills; planks, lunges, TRX, jumps etc). I have read that the Cloud X is probably the best bet for this, but I have a lot of knee issues (torn ACL and meniscus now leading to cartilage loss and arthritis)….so I was wondering if the CloudStratus might be a better fit. I’m also a physician so I’m on my feet most of the day as well. What are your thoughts? Thanks so much!!

    • Hey Irina,

      You’re absolutely right with your first assumption about the Cloud X. It has a better weight to cushion ratio than the Cloudstratus for gym/HIT workouts. It’s also a more nimble and versatile training shoe, so the On Cloud X is the one I would recommend for how you want to use them.


  5. Hi, I love the On Cloudace but have a really thick and wide custom orthotic. Which On style has no arch support and has the widest toe box? I need them for all day wearing, not allowed to do any running.

    • Hey Mary! If you’re using custom insoles, please be sure to remove the ones that come with the On Cloudace beforehand. You’ll notice that when you take out insoles, there will be no arch support underneath. You should then be able to fit your new one in better withe more space for your feet. This may help with the width too but if not then check out the Cloudstratus, which is for similar running to the Cloudace, it will only be a touch wider as On’s have a fairly consistent width across all their running shoes.

  6. Awesome list thank you! Love how you have differentiated between when to use each of On Running shoe. Also it’s nice knowing you have actually used every shoe on this list so you can compare them like no one else I guess!! Awesome!!!

  7. Hello, great site and thanks for the reviews. I am still not sure which running shoes to get. I am not the best runner but I’m trying to train more. I like the cloudboom but afraid I can only use it to run? I do not spend the majority of my training running (rather bike and little weight train). Do you still recommend cloudboom’s or cloud x or swift?


    • Hey Fernando! You’re totally right with the Cloudboom – it’s very much a dedicated running shoe that I wouldn’t recommend for lifestyle, gym, or cycle usage. I recommend the Cloud X for how you plan to use them. They are an excellent all-round On shoe!


  8. Hi, I am a nurse, walking on concrete floors 10 hours a day. I have very high arches, and my feet and legs ache after a day at work. Which shoes would you recommend?

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I’ve actually spoken to a few other nurses regarding which On’s to wear as you’re on your feet all day long.

      The most popular choice is the On Cloud because it’s so lightweight and is very easily slipped on and off. Regarding the arch height, On’s come with insoles that have an average height, so if you have high arches, I would recommend buying some insoles that will help support your arches.

      A brand we really like for insoles is called Sidas. We wrote a review on them here: SIDAS Review

      Have a read, they should help support your high arches nicely, while the On Clouds will be really comfortable and breathable for all day use. It’s the shoe I wear all day too.


  9. It’s good to read an article that so clearly has been written by an intelligent person. You are a very good writer. Thank you for providing this valuable information.

  10. Hey, great article! Very informative – but I’m just missing one information.
    As I run around 20k per week on road, and I want to run some trails too, which On shoes would you recommend? Is the Cloudflow good for my purpose or should I go more for the Cloudventure (I’m just afraid to damage the grip on asphalt)?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Jim,

      How much trail are you planning to run? The Cloudultra is a more comfortable trail shoe for running on the roads than the Cloudventure for sure, so this would probably be the best On running shoe for you if you want to ensure you have good grip on the trails and comfort on the roads. On doesn’t really have a hybrid road/trail running shoe but the Cloudultra is you best bet if you’re looking to do more trail running.



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