Lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review – The Popular Women’s Running Shoe Gets Upgrades

I've reviewed all of lululemon's running shoes to date; here's how the Blissfeel 2 compares to the rest, and what they're like to run in.


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As regular visitors to Trail & Kale will be aware, we review a lot of running shoes, which we run in for everything from 5ks to half marathons, marathons, and ultra marathons.

Having reviewed every lululemon women’s running shoe since the original blissfeel running shoe was launched, I was excited to be sent a version of the latest version, the blissfeel 2, to try out.

In this blissfeel 2 review I explain how this lululemon shoe differs from the original women’s blissfeel, what type of runner the blissfeel 2 is designed for, my experience running in the shoe as well as the pros and cons.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, lululemon likes to refer to their brand name and products starting with a lower case rather than capital letter – it’s not a typo 😉

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review by Trail and Kale - lululemon running shoe review 2023
Ready to run in the lululemon blissfeel 2 running shoes | blissfeel 2 review

blissfeel 2 sizing and fit

Like the original version, the blissfeel 2 is designed to be an everyday, neutral running shoe. This means it has a moderate amount of support for your feet and is not built to over-compensate for under or over-pronation – just the way I like it.

This shoe fits true to size and is comparable to other popular running shoe brands in that regard, so I would recommend sticking with your usual shoe size that you’d normally wear for athletic or running shoes.

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review by Trail and Kale for web 24
The blissfeel 2 fits true to size and is comfortable out of the box | lululemon blissfeel 2 review

Interestingly, one of my first impressions of the original blissfeel was that it felt fairly narrow compared to other shoe brands. The blissfeel 2 has a similar snug fit around the center and heel areas, making it feel secure even before tightening the laces.

However, the toe box area has noticeably more volume, providing more room for your toes as well as improved breathability, helping ensure most people will be comfortable wearing these shoes in their regular size rather than sizing up.

Need to know specifications

  • Weight: 276g (9.7oz) in a US Women’s Size 8
  • Drop: 9.5mm
  • Toe box width: Medium
  • Stability: Neutral
  • Cushioning: Plush in the heel in particular

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How is the blissfeel 2 different from the original blissfeel women’s running shoe?

As noted above, I definitely noticed a difference in the toe box volume compared to the blissfeel 1. This is related to the redesign of the upper, which I explain further in the next section of this review.

With the exception of the laces, the midsole and outsole are the same as the blissfeel 1, so you can expect a similar level of cushioning and traction on the sole. The laces are wider and flatter than blissfeel 1, which I like as the flat laces tend to stay done up better.

Weight – 9.1oz in my size (US 7.5) – stated as 9.7oz for a US 8 on lululemon’s website. This is similar to the original blissfeel.

The blissfeel 2 colorways are different, and similar to other lululemon gear such as their running apparel, if you see a color you like, it’s best to buy it before it sells out, as color runs can be limited edition!

Other features, such as the 9.5mm heel drop, are the same as its predecessor.

Did you know, lululemon also has trail running shoes? If you want to run a mixture of roads and trails, or from ‘door to trail’, learn more about their trail shoes in my lululemon Blissfeel Trail review.

The key features worth knowing about

Engineered mesh upper

I’m loving the new seamless engineered mesh upper. This is going to make these shoes a great choice for wearing for running in hot weather, as the mesh is very breathable and this helps keep your feet cool and allows a way for sweat to evaporate and leave the shoe.

I expect this mesh to offer increased durability over time. It’s well-constructed and features contours that help the shoe shape to your foot.

The taped seams at key points all over the shoe add to the feeling of durability, and provide an edge over more basic running shoes that may only have these sections glued together.

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review by Trail and Kale for web 23
The new breathable mesh upper on the blissfeel 2

When I refer to the upper, I’m also talking about features like the tongue, lacing system, lace holes, heel, as well as the materials used and how they are all connected together.

The blissfeel 2 has nice, wide laces that stay done up, with a loop to hold the tongue in place.

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review by Trail and Kale for web 13
blissfeel version 2 shoe review

Speaking of the tongue, it’s soft and padded enough that you can’t feel the laces once they’re tightened – this can be a problem with other running shoes that have more minimal tongues.

The heel collar has a soft yet supportive feel and locks your heel in place.

The familiar midsole

The midsole and outsole materials are the same as blissfeel 1.

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review by Trail and Kale for web 55
Plush midsole cushioning on the blissfeel 2 running shoes

As with the blissfeel 1, the cushioning in the midsole is noticeably most plush towards the heel of the shoes. As these shoes were designed by scanning the feet of 1 million women and studying women’s running styles, this reflects the area where most people tend to land as they run.

As mentioned above, these lululemon shoes have a 9.5mm heel to toe drop. This is on the higher end of the range of heel-to-toe drops, with most shoes we review falling between the zero-drop through to 10mm drop range.

The grippy outsole

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review by Trail and Kale for web 11
The blissfeel 2’s outsole is unchanged from the original lululemon blissfeel running shoe

The tread on the outsole provides great grip in the wet and dry. I am a big fan of how the tread wraps around the front of the toe, which provides toe protection and also traction to aid running uphill where your toe may make contact with the ground on push-off.

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review - color options
Close-up of the blissfeel 2’s wrap-around toe section of the outsole

Blissfeel 2 performance review

lululemon Blissfeel 2 Review by Trail and Kale for web 49
Running in the new lululemon blissfeel 2 running shoes

My first impressions of these lululemon running shoes (especially given my familiarity with other shoe styles) were the noticeably more spacious toe box (while the center and heel areas still provide a snug fit to hold your foot in place), the durability of the mesh upper, and just how comfortable they are out of the box.

As noted above, the plush midfoot cushioning in the heel area, combined with the 9.5mm heel to toe drop, means that if you have a tendency to run or jog and land on your heels more than your mid or forefoot, you’ll be very happy with the cushioning in these shoes, for runs of any distance up to say the half marathon distance.

Although there’s a good amount of cushioning, the balance with stability is spot on and you don’t get any noticeable roll or squishiness as you run (yes, that’s a technical term!).

As someone who lands generally further forward on my feet on my faster runs I find that I modify my running style when wearing these shoes so I can land in the more cushioned area. As I’m more likely to do this naturally if I do a slower training run or run on tired legs, I’ve found the blissfeel 2 to be great companions on those casual jogs!

Are they worth the money?

Yes! For the majority of female runners that either run casually, or tend to land towards the heel area and will benefit from the blissfeel 2’s cushioning, these are a great choice.

The blissfeel 2 running shoes cost $148, which is a competitive price for running shoes. At this price you’re getting a top-of-market level of durability, attractive design, great cushioning and stability and good traction underfoot, making them great value for money.

Check the currently available color options and shop directly from lululemon at their website using the button below:

Blissfeel 2 review summary


Blissfeel 2 lululemon shoe gallery

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One of Trail & Kale's co-founders, a mom, and guardian of our resident trail dog, Kepler, Helen can be found trail running with Kepler and enjoying road runs with her mini in a jogging stroller, all while testing out the latest running gear for our readers.


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