The Best Running Gloves For Winter and Cold Weather Running

Need to keep your hands warm while running or being active outdoors? Read on to find your next pair of running gloves!

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Welcome to our list of the best running gloves for cold-weather/winter exercise. The main questions to consider when buying running gloves are:

  • Do they fit well and are they comfortable?
  • Will they keep your hands warm in the extreme cold? Do you even run in those temperatures?
  • Are they windproof gloves or breathable gloves?
  • Are they reflective gloves for night running?
  • Can you operate your phone/GPS running watch with them on?
  • Are they good value for money?

While researching the best winter gloves for cold weather running, I have been asking all these questions to put together this list of men’s and women’s running gloves.

The best running gloves Trail and Kale buyers guide 1
The North Face E-Tip gloves in all their ‘reaching for the sky’ glory – maybe I should give hand modeling a go…

Read on for our list of the best winter running gloves.

The North Face ETip Running gloves best running gloves

1. The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves [BEST OVERALL]

The North Face Etip Recycled Gloves have four-way stretch knit fabric for ease of movement when running or for other outdoor activities in the cold.

These gloves provide good warmth when winds blow a breeze, and they’re made from recycled polyester for an eco-friendlier design. They had us at recycled…

Being such a lightweight glove makes them a great option for wearing every day in the city, day hikes, or on cold morning runs.

If the temperatures rise and you no longer need to wear them, they’re so lightweight that you’ll hardly notice them stashed in your running vest.

There’s also an array of raised silicone grip ‘dots’ for a solid hold on running/hiking poles or your smart phone when you need to make a call or take a photo.

The Etip touchscreen compatibility eliminates the need to remove gloves when doing such things out on a run. Slim design slides easily under a jacket or shell

La Sportiva Winter Running Evo Glove best running gloves

2. La Sportiva Winter Running Gloves EVO [BEST FOR EXTREME COLD WEATHER]

La Sportiva’s Winter Running Gloves EVO are technical gloves designed for running all through the winter, and yes that includes snowy conditions.

They have a polyester construction which is both lightweight and breathable but what really puts these gloves in a class of their own for runners who endure extreme weather, is their built-in over-mitten.

The over-glove/mitten is stashed away in the cuff when the temps are mild and then very quickly pulled over the main gloves to form a lightweight mitten outer shell, that offers wind protection and provides extra warmth.

The La Sportiva EVO Gloves also have touchscreen compatibility so you can easily use your smartphone on the go, and there’s a silicone grip on the palm to give you grip when you need it.

By the way, if you often run in the wet and would like tips on how to dry out your shoes quickly, read how to dry running shoes the right way.

Simari Winter Running Gloves AMazon Best Seller


The SIMARI Winter Gloves are best sellers on Amazon for a reason – they offer excellent protection, comfort and practicality for a super low price tag.

These gloves use high-sensitivity conductive yarn embedded in the thumb, and index fingertips which makes them compatible with all touch screen technology products on the market.

We also like that Simari Winter Gloves have a soft and warm fleece lining design to help keep your hands and fingers warm and comfortable.

Reflective decals on the top of the gloves is designed to make it easier to be seen in the dark, whether you’re running or cycling.

These winter running gloves are also covered with anti-slip silicone detailing on the palm, so you can easily grip things like your smartphone, running poles, your car steering wheel, or the handlebars of your bike.

NOTE: These gloves are not intended for stand-alone use in extremely cold weather. If you intend to run in very cold conditions, then look at the La Sportiva EVO Gloves instead. $16.98
1 new from $16.98
1 used from $14.87
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:30 pm

lululemon cold terrain running gloves

4. lululemon Cold Terrain Running Gloves

These lightweight, fleece-lined running gloves are perfect for cold weather runs, as well as everyday winter wear.

The fabric on the back of the hand is water-repellent and breathable, while the fabric on the palm is water-repellent stretchy fleece, with a grippy silicone pad.

We love that the Cold Terrain Gloves are available in grey and blue colorways in addition to the classic black option.

Best running gloves TrailHeads Power Stretch Running Gloves trail and kale trail running

5. TrailHeads Power Stretch Lightweight Running Gloves

The TrailHeads Power Stretch gloves are your ideal cool weather workout gloves because they combine a windproof exterior with a moisture-wicking inner layer in order to maximize warmth.

The stretch fabric moves with you for a comfortable fit that never loses its shape.

During the fall and winter running seasons, they serve as excellent racing gloves given they’re lightweight and flexible.

Palm grips make it easy to hold your smartphone device while touch screen technology makes texting possible!

This means you can adjust your music, monitor workout apps, and take photos, all without having to remove your gloves in the cold weather.

NOTE: These gloves are not intended for stand-alone use in extremely cold weather. If you intend to run in very cold conditions, then look at the La Sportiva EVO Gloves instead.

Best running gloves Smartwool Liner Gloves trail and kale trail running

6. Smartwool Liner Gloves

I like how the Smartwool Liner Gloves‘ touch screen-friendly thumb and forefingers fly under the radar due to a special fabric that has been subtly woven.

This makes them the best wool running gloves in our list and a very versatile glove that can be worn for every day as well as jogging gloves.

They are also thin enough to be worn as a liner inside a much hardier glove if you plan to be in extremely cold weather for very long periods of time, like ski-touring for example.

NOTE: These gloves are not intended for stand-alone use in extremely cold weather. If you intend to run in very cold conditions, then look at the La Sportiva EVO Gloves instead.


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