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born out of a love of the outdoors, nature and creativity

Like us, our readers want the best of the best in innovative, premium outdoor and lifestyle gear.

We understand that our readers’ time is a precious and scarce resource – so is ours! We don’t spend our time writing about gear that doesn’t inspire us or meet our high standards. At Trail & Kale we provide expert, authoritative reviews and buyer’s guides focused on only the latest and greatest gear and apparel for adventuring outdoors and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Audience

Our readers are a diverse range of individuals who have in common with one another a love of being outdoors, seeking headspace, time in nature and mindfulness and away from the everyday distractions of modern society.

Our Focus

Outdoor adventures

Gear reviews and advice that is relevant to our active core audience of runners, hikers & outdoor enthusiasts, located in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Europe


Memorable experiences that we and our active, professional community can enjoy while balancing other home, work and family commitments


Helping environmentally-conscious readers live more mindfully. We seek out quality, ethical, low environmental impact experiences and plant-based nutrition

Balanced male and female perspectives

We aim to inspire and encourage increased female participation in trail running and outdoor pursuits

The Team Behind Trail & Kale

Founded by husband and wife team Alastair and Helen Dixon
Partner With Us 1 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure
Hey, I'm Alastair and I'm totally obsessed with discovering the latest, greatest & coolest gear for outdoor pursuits. Learn more about Trail & Kale, and everything we stand for as an outdoor gear & healthy foods publication.
Partner With Us 2 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure
One of Trail & Kale's co-founders, Mom to Seb and guardian of our resident adventure dog, Kepler, Helen can be found trail running with Kepler and enjoying road runs with a jogging stroller, all while testing out the latest running gear for our readers.
Partner With Us 3 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure
Hi, I'm Kepler, the official adventure dog of Trail & Kale! I'm a frisky pup with a love of life, frisbees, and dirt. I write about dog gear and the essence of being an adventure dog 🙂 Learn more about me and my hoomans, and all the things that Trail & Kale stands for.

After years exploring in the UK and Europe, we have been based in the USA since 2017. We write articulate content with a personal voice, from our own experience and offer both a male and female perspective. The reason for our beautiful visual content? Our Creative Director Alastair has worked in the advertising industry for 13+ years and is a professional visual effects artist and photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we send you product in exchange for promotion?

We do not work for free product – after all, we have bills to pay and pets to feed! Through a partnership, we are providing a skilled service, our time, and access to our specialized and loyal community. However, if you send us relevant product that we use and enjoy, we may create content at our discretion.

What are your rates?

Trail & Kale offers a variety of campaign packages, and rates depend on the type and amount of content you are looking for. To discuss your specific needs and campaign goals, please get in touch via Add some details about your project and an idea of your budget, and we will follow-up with a proposal.

Do you allow guest posts?

No, we do not accept guest posts on

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