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Trail & Kale is a leading blog and social media community founded by husband and wife Alastair and Helen Dixon, dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to get outdoors for running and adventure.

We help people explore new places, discover new experiences and inform them about gear, events, nutrition and hospitality & travel businesses that makes these adventures possible.

We travel for trail races and adventures, exploring new parts of the world and sharing experiences, advice and information with our community through our blog and social media using high quality written, photographic and video content.

The Trail & Kale Community

Is a really special one

Our readers are a diverse range of individuals who have in common with one another a love trail running for the joy of being outdoors, seeking headspace, time in nature and mindfulness and away from the everyday distractions of modern society.

Our Focus

All things trail running

Adventures, products and services that are relevant to our active core audience located in UK, Europe and USA


Experiences that we and our active, professional community can enjoy while balancing other home, work and family commitments

‘Live Clean’ lifestyle

Tips that help environmentally-conscious readers live more mindfully. As nature lovers, we seek out high quality, low environmental impact experiences and plant-based nutrition

Balanced male and female perspectives

We aim to inspire and encourage increased female participation in trail running.

Why Work with Trail & Kale?

A partnership with Trail & Kale is an impactful way to reach a niche audience of trail runners and nature-lovers. We love collaborating with progressive organisations with something relevant and special that we will be exciting to experience and tell our community about.


Global Readership

Unique among running blogs with readership and content evenly distributed between Europe and North America

Strong Social Influence

Exceptional niche Instagram and social media channels to complement and enhance published blog content reach

Quality Visual Content

Quality photographic and video content produced by Alastair, a professional visual effects artist

Blog Demographics

Age Range

Core readership: 25 to 44yrs
(25-34: 36%, 35-44: 31%, 45-54: 17%)


Female: 40%, Male 60%


USA: 37% / UK: 18% / Europe: 14% (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland) / Canada: 4% / Australia: 4%

Instagram Statistics (Feb 2018)

Consistent Organic Growth


High Engagement

Avg 5%

Monthly Impressions

4 million

Monthly Reach

1.6 million

Blog Statistics (Feb 2018)

High SEO Ranking

Top of the first page in Google & Bing for the ‘Trail Running Blog’ search

Monthly Page Views


Monthly Visitors


Monthly Sessions


Other Social Media

Growing across all channels

YouTube Growth

Driven by informative video reviews and visually appealing running short films

Pinterest monthly viewers


Total Social Followers

62,579 (Instagram + Facebook + Twitter + Strava + Youtube + Pinterest)

The Team Behind Trail & Kale

Founded by British husband and wife team Alastair and Helen Dixon
Alastair Dixon
Mountain & Ultra Runner // VFX & CGI Lighting Supervisor for Film & TV // Landscape & Adventure Photographer.
Helen Dixon
Trail Lover // Trail & Ultra Runner // Often found in the Mountains, Running, Hiking or Skiing // Seeking Peace, Beauty & Adventure.

After years exploring in the UK and Europe, we have been based in California since 2017 and are intent on exploring the best trail adventures North America has to offer

We write articulate content with a personal voice, from our own experience and offer both a male and female perspective

The reason for our beautiful visual content? Our Creative Director Alastair has worked in the advertising industry for 13+ years and is a professional visual effects artist and photographer

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