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Zelus Olympus Insoles Review

Zelus Olympus Insoles Review

I’ve appreciated the power of a decent shoe/boot insole ever since I switched out the insoles in my snowboard boots to a pair that were designed to shape to, and support, my feet. I instantly felt more comfortable on the slopes.

I was intrigued to see whether switching out the insoles in my running shoes and everyday trainers would make a difference.

American-made Zelus’s Olympus insoles are designed to provide maximum durability, cushioning, stability, and support, including arch support. I tried them out in a few different pairs of shoes to see how they felt.

Zelus Insoles review

Zelus Insoles review

Insoles to increase height within the running shoe

First up was my Salomon S-Lab Sonic 2s. I’ve run in these for a number of months but in recent weeks I felt their cushioning start to reduce: my ankle bones were starting to rub on the side of the shoes, as my feet sat lower within them.

Could some quality insoles prolong their life and make them more comfortable? At half the price of buying a new pair of shoes, it was worth investigating.

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While I could run with them in, the shoes were a little too snug with the Zelus insoles on top of the existing insole. The original doesn’t come out of this pair, so I decided these shoes have reached the end of their life after all.

Zelus Insoles review

Insoles to make a slightly-large shoe fit better

I have a pair of running shoes that are a little too big. Insoles seemed a great option for filling out the shoe while giving increased foot support. I used them on top of the existing insoles in the shoes and they worked a treat, making ‘baggy’ shoes fit snugly and with probably better support than the original insole alone.

Insoles to make an everyday shoe more comfortable

I wear trainers for my commute to/from the office, walking or standing for around 30 minutes. I tried the Zelus insoles in these shoes (On Clouds) to see whether they helped my feet feel less fatigued.

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They definitely gave more support than the insoles that came with the shoe. The only draw back was that those shoes are super lightweight so having a little extra weight was noticeable.

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Fit within the shoe

I really like that once in the shoe, the insoles don’t move around, so they don’t need to be glued down to stay put. This is down to the structured form (they’re rigid at the heel end) and the little suction cups which also provide cushioning on the toe end of the foot.

I should note that Zelus don’t offer half sizes. This could be a problem if you are between full-sizes. I am sometimes a US 7.5, sometimes a US 8. I tried out a US 7 in my smaller shoes, but they were a bit too small when used in other slightly-larger pairs of shoes.

It would be great for in-betweeners like me if Zelus could offer half sizes. Otherwise I think it would be better to try the larger size and cut down the toe-end if you have to, rather than have your toes hang off the end of a smaller insole, and that’s certainly what I would do for my next pair.

Zelus Insoles review
Toe-end, complete with those little cushioning suction cups

Arch support

If you feel your arches need more support within your shoes, these can definitely help with that. You can see from the photos how they are designed with this in mind, rather than just being a flat piece of foam.

Zelus Insoles review
You can clearly see the arch support in this photo

As needing more arch support is not a problem for me (despite having high arches), next time I would probably select an insole style which doesn’t offer that level of support as I find there’s a risk of rubbing when my arches have close contact with shoes in that area.


The Zelus Olympus insoles would be a great choice for replacing the insoles in your shoes or boots, and if you do a lot of walking (for leisure or to commute) or standing in your day. They are definitely much more well-made and durable than any of the standard foam liners that come with a pair of trainers.

See the Zelus Olympus and their other insole styles and more technical product details on their website:

Zelus Website



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