Asics Superblast Review: A 3x Shoe Slayer

Can the Asics Superblast really replace 3 pairs of specialist training shoes? It's a versatile super trainer with a wildly high stack height bringing more cushioning and response to your training runs.


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In this Asics Superblast review I’m going to be sharing all my insights from running in these super trainers for the last couple of weeks. This includes the key stats, the features that I really like, the ones that could use improvement for the next version, and how these features affect performance on the run (good and bad). Then I’ll give my verdict on whether they’re worth buying.

The Superblast is not your everyday, budget-friendly shoe, it carries a price tag of $200, however, what you’re investing in is a super trainer, a versatile running shoe, designed for a variety of runs with the potential to replace 3 specialised running shoes in your rotation. They’re designed in a way that makes them appropriate for tempo runs, logging long-distance miles, and also recovery runs.

When race day rolls around, however, you might find yourself reaching for something a touch lighter and springier, like the Metaspeed Sky Paris or another race day shoe. The big question for me was, how do the Superblast stack up during training runs, and can they really replace potentially 3 training shoes?

All that, and more to come in this Asics Superblast review, but if you still have questions after reading, please drop them in the comments down below.

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Asics Superblast Review | Trail & Kale
Asics Superblast Review | Trail & Kale

The Key Specifications

  • Price: $200
  • Sizing and fit: I recommend sizing down a half size to get the best fit. They are medium width.
  • Weight: 8.6oz (243g) for a size US(M)9 (my pair).
  • Drop: 8mm – Stack height: Get this… 45mm at the heel, 37mm at the toe. Wow!
  • Toe box width: Medium.
  • Stability: Neutral, with subtle support for underpronation.
  • Midsole Cushioning: FF BLAST TURBO foam layered on FF BLAST PLUS FOAM
  • Best for: it’s a super trainer best for tempo runs, long runs, and recovery runs.

Expanding on those key statistics and explaining what they actually mean for you on your run

Before I share my performance review, sharing how the Asics Superblast performs on the run, let’s expand on those key stats above so that you’re aware of what they mean for you on your run. Priced at $200, these shoes are in the ballpark for what you’d expect from a high-end super trainer, making them a competitive option against models like the Cloudmonster Hyper, which goes for a bit more at $220.

The Superblast really impresses with its comfort, it just feels fantastic from the moment you slip it on, thanks to ample cushioning around the collar and heel counter. One of the most eye catching features is the high stack height, which I’ll delve into shortly, contributing greatly to the plush feel underfoot which is great for running longer distances, but it’s also a responsive midsole making it ideal for tempo runs.

Asics superblast sizing; I recommend going down a half a size
Asics superblast sizing; I recommend going down a half a size

Regarding sizing, I recommend going down a half a size. Normally, I’m a US size 9, but an 8.5 in the Superblast would likely offer a better fit. Despite having these shoes in a size 9 for my runs, the fit has been solid and It hasn’t adversely affected performance. However, the shoe’s hefty midsole and stack height mean that achieving a snug fit around the heel might require a Racer’s Loop lacing technique.

This lacing setup ensures a secure fit, particularly important due to some slippage from the proportion of overall shoe weight, which sits underfoot (that midsole).

The shoe features a mesh upper that offers a degree of breathability, though it’s not the most ventilated shoe on the market – this matters when you’re running in very hot climates, or pushing super hard during an intervals session, or on race day, for example. Inside, a gusseted tongue wraps comfortably around the foot, enhancing the fit and securing the midfoot nicely.

As for the midsole, it’s crafted from FF Blast Turbo foam atop FF Blast Plus foam; this combination delivers a ride that’s both plush and responsive—a crucial balance for a super trainer that needs to support both recovery and tempo runs. The image below shows this layering best.

The midsole is crafted from FF Blast Turbo foam atop FF Blast Plus foam
The midsole is crafted from FF Blast Turbo foam atop FF Blast Plus foam

The outsole, designed with a trampoline-inspired geometry and a selective rubber compound, adds a springy, fun bounce to your step, emphasizing the shoe’s cushioned nature and providing impressive traction, even in wet conditions.

The Superblast has an 8mm drop from heel to toe, with a stack height of 45mm at the heel and 37mm at the forefoot. This is a substantial stack height, for anyone not familiar with stack height measurements. This gives a unique running experience that’s both enjoyable and distinct from many other shoes on the market right now, it’s similar to the Hoak Bondi X, On Cloudmonster Hyper, and even the On Cloudeclipse.

At 8.6 oz for a size US men’s 9, the shoe manages to maintain a relatively lightweight profile despite its generous cushioning.

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The features of the Asics Superblast that work really well, and some that could be improved for the Superblast 2 this summer

I’m starting with comfort; if you’ve run in Asics before, you’ll know they have a reputation for comfort, and the Superblast is no exception.

cushioning around the collar and heel counter
cushioning around the collar and heel counter

They offer exceptional cushioning around the collar and heel counter, enhancing that snug and comfortable fit right from the get-go.

A particularly thoughtful detail is the loop at the back of the shoe, designed for easy slipping on. Unlike some other shoes where these loops can be frustratingly small or ineffective, Asics has nailed it with a loop that’s generously sized and stays open, making it actually useful for its intended purpose.

The lacing system is traditional but highly effective, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit around your foot. My personal setup includes using a racer’s loop, which secures them snugly onto my feet, especially given they run a little long and a good proportion of their weight is coming from the midsole underfoot, rather than the upper.

The upper is another highlight, it’s lightweight, flexible, durable, and made from a synthetic mesh that’s tough enough to withstand wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

Asics Superblast upper material could be more breathable
Asics Superblast upper material could be more breathable

However, it’s not a perfect upper; the breathability could certainly be improved. Running in the warm temperatures of Northern California, I’ve felt the heat build-up inside the shoe, which is something I hope Asics addresses in the Superblast 2 this summer.

The tongue of the shoe, attached with a gusset, stays perfectly in place during runs. It’s padded just right so you don’t feel the laces, contributing to an overall comfortable running experience in the Superblast.

Moving on to the star of the show – the midsole, which simply put, is super fun to run on. The midsole’s large stack height and the way it extends at the heel not only add to its bouncy feel but also provide extra stability, particularly beneficial for heel strikers by helping to correct pronation.

The symmetry and the way the midsole extends at the back add cushioning right where it’s needed, offering a centralized ‘squish’ that feels fantastic underfoot. Personally, though, I’d prefer a smaller drop, closer to 5 mm, to encourage less heel striking and more midfoot or forefoot running, which suits my style better.

The responsiveness of the midsole, thanks to the layered FF Blast Turbo and Plus foams, is impressive too, balancing the need for speed during tempo runs with the comfort required for longer recovery runs – just as well, as it is a super trainer after all.

There's that pesky stone, lol
There’s that pesky stone, lol

Lastly, the outsole deserves a shoutout for its traction, performing admirably even in wet conditions and sharp turns. There was a minor hiccup when a small stone got lodged in one of the grooves – something I didn’t notice during the run due to the shoe’s ample stack height, but it’s worth mentioning for those meticulous about their gear.

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Is the Asics Superblast worth buying?

The Asics Superblast comes tantalizingly close to hitting the mark of the perfect training shoe. With its $200 price tag, I wouldn’t blame you debating whether or not to spend that much on a training shoe, but I believe it’s a justified investment. This is a versatile performer that could potentially streamline your collection, replacing up to three specialized pairs of training shoes. That’s where its true value lies, and I’m genuinely impressed by how it handles a variety of training needs, making it a solid choice for those who prefer to keep their gear minimal yet effective.

For anyone already acquainted with Asics or perhaps curious to explore what they have to offer, the Superblast is a must-try. It’s designed to support the bulk of your training regimen, and in my experience, it doesn’t fall short.

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