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The Best Men’s Lululemon Shorts For Running

I've run everything from 5ks to ultra marathons in lululemon running apparel - here are the best men's lululemon shorts for running any distance in.

Welcome to the Trail & Kale guide to the best lululemon men’s running shorts!

I’ve been running in and reviewing lululemon men’s running shorts, shirts and other running apparel for more than 10 years, and have worn their men’s running shorts and other gear for everything from fast 5k runs around the block to 50k+ ultramarathons in the mountains.

As lululemon has a few different styles of running shorts, each with different lengths and features to be aware of, I’ve put together this guide to the best men’s lululemon shorts for running, to help you choose the right pair for you.

These are the best mens lululemon shorts for running
Putting the Fast and Free lululemon men’s running shorts through their paces on some technical Californian trails.

What’s so great about lululemon’s men’s running shorts

The length options

The length of your shorts can make a big difference to how comfortable and enjoyable the shorts are to wear while running – which is why many of lululemon’s men’s running shorts styles come in different lengths.

While some people like longer shorts (say, 9 inch length), I have a strong preference for shorts that are around the 5 or 6 inch length. I’ll wear longer lengths, but like the freedom of the shorter (but not too short!) length options.

For context, I’m 5ft 8 and find the 9 inch length is unnecessary for me at my height – it’s just extra fabric to flap around.

However, if you’re taller then you may prefer the 7 or 9 inch lengths, and men who run in very warm weather or want to go more minimal you have a 3 inch option with the Fast & Free shorts, too.

The stretch-fit, sweat-wicking material

Lululemon’s running shorts are constructed using their lightweight, technical Swift fabric, which has four-way stretch and wicks sweat away from your body – all crucial features for a great pair of running shorts.

You need shorts with a good amount of stretch to be comfortable running for long periods – especially if you have larger glutes or quads, and if you’re going to be trail running you may need plenty of unrestricted range of motion to jump and climb up and down trail obstacles.

Best lululemon running shorts for men - Trail and Kale
Trail running in lululemon’s men’s Pace Breaker running shorts.

The liner

All of these men’s running shorts feature a soft and comfortable liner that holds everything in place as you run.

That said, if you already have a separate liner that you like to wear under your shorts when you run, then the popular lululemon Pace Breaker short also features linerless options.

Zippered pockets

All of these shorts have a variety of useful pockets, including zippered pockets for keeping smaller essentials safe, and hidden phone pockets on the thigh section of the inner liner.

Thoughtful seams and construction

Often overlooked, the location of seams and where fabric gathers or overlaps is crucial when considering the function and comfort level of a pair of running shorts.

Lululemon has it right on all of the running short styles in this post – proven out by the many miles and hours of wearing and testing I’ve done while running roads and trails in them.

Color and pattern options

If you want understated black, blue or grey running shorts, lululemon has them.

But equally, I love the range of bright and patterned color options (which are often limited edition) to liven up my running wardrobe.

What are the best lululemon running shorts for men?

These are the best collections of men’s lululemon shorts that have been designed for running:

  1. Pace Breaker short
  2. Surge shorts
  3. Fast & Free shorts

Here are the key features and differences between these three styles of men’s lululemon running shorts.

best lululemon mens running shorts pace breaker short

1. Pace Breaker Short ($68 linerless, $78 lined)

Available in 5, 7 or 9 inch lengths, either lined or linerless.

The Pace Breaker short is lululemon’s most versatile men’s short – so if you’re looking for that one pair for all your sweaty endeavors, this one is it!

With its classic fit, comfortable waistband and three different lengths to choose from, it’s designed to be comfortable for pretty much any sport or activity – running included.

The lined version includes a soft liner with a hidden phone pocket, and both the lined and linerless version feature a low-bounce zippered side pocket.

The ‘Swift’ fabric used to make these shorts has 4-way stretch, is lightweight, quick drying and sweat-wicking – all essentials for a comfortable pair of running shorts. This also makes them great for hiking and activities such as stand-up paddleboarding.

best lululemon mens running shorts surge lined short - best mens lululemon shorts for running

2. Surge Short ($68)

Available in a 6-inch length, lined.

These truly excellent lightweight shorts are specifically designed for running, and one of my favorites for regular road and trail runs.

Made from the same lightweight, stretchy, quick-drying ‘swift’ fabric as the Pace Breaker shorts above, lululemon’s Surge shorts are designed to perform and keep you comfortable throughout your run, while having a liner that helps hold everything in place.

The fit is described as ‘relaxed’ and offers plenty of room for those powerful glutes and quads to move as you run.

With a phone pocket in the liner and a secure back zipper pocket and reflective details on the front and back, these shorts are a great choice for everything from a jog on your local running path to the gnarliest of all-day trail runs, and everything in between.

lululemon mens fast and free lined running shorts - best mens lululemon shorts for running

3. Fast & Free Lined Short ($78 – $88)

Available in 3 and 6 inch lengths.

For the lightest possible lululemon men’s running shorts, pick out a pair of men’s Fast & Free shorts in either 6 inch or 3 inch length – not to be confused with the women’s Fast & Free run shorts!

Made from the same material as the Surge and Pace Breaker shorts, the Fast & Free lined shorts have perforated fabric for increased ventilation and a weightless feel.

The waistband is made from an even softer fabric (Nulux), and the liner features flat-locked seams.

These shorts also feature reflective trim on the front and back, and a zippered pocket on the right hip, as well as the hidden phone pocket in the liner.

Other useful information for choosing lululemon running shorts

How much do lululemon men’s running shorts cost to buy?

lululemon men’s running shorts cost between $68 and $88, depending on what style and length of short you buy, and whether or not you chose a lined or unlined short (the latter costs a little less than the lined version).

As well as choosing a pair from their latest styles and color options (which can change and sell out quickly!), also check out lululemon’s ‘Like New‘ offering, which is where lululemon re-sells pre-owned men’s and women’s lululemon apparel at a significant discount compared to full price.

This is a great environmentally-friendly way to not only find some great deals on men’s running shorts but also to look for colors and styles that are no longer sold on the main website but are being re-sold here.

Like New gear is available nationwide across the US – read our tips on how to get the best deals at lululemon’s Like New online store in this post, or visit the shop using the button below!

How to wash lululemon men’s shorts

It’s always best to check your shorts’ specific washing instructions, but in general, I wash all my running gear at a low temperature and hang them out to dry indoors.

As they’re made from quick-drying, wicking fabric, they don’t take long to dry in this way and this avoids any damage to the fabric or zippers that may come from the tumbling or heat of a dryer.

That being said, while not recommended by lululemon, when in a rush to get some clothes dry I’ve also dried all my lululemon running gear, from socks to shorts and shirts, in the dryer, and they come out just fine!

Do you wear underwear with lululemon men’s running shorts?

As explained above, you do not need to wear underwear with lululemon men’s shorts that are designed for running and come with their own inner liner to hold everything in place.

If, however, you choose the unlined shorts, you’re going to want to wear underwear or another type of liner shorts underneath them.

As the founder of Trail & Kale, and seasoned marathoner & ultrarunner, Alastair loves bringing our readers independent running shoe reviews and gear insights to help you run your best. Learn more about Trail & Kale here.


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