Chirp Introduces New 3-In-1 Muscle Roller Stick PLUS Their Largest Back Roller Yet!

Finally, a Chirp Wheel that caters to those who need a more stable and comfortable back-rolling experience AND a 3-in-1 muscle roller that performs wondrously well for a versatile modular product!

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Chirp’s latest product lineup launches the company beyond the realm of back roller wheels designed to fix back pain (something they do very well by the way), and into the muscle massage and recovery space with their new 3-in-1 muscle roller stick!

I have been a big fan of Chirp Wheels ever since their first product release, the 12″ Gentle back roller wheel.

I still use my 12-inch back roller wheel on an almost daily basis and regularly recommend Chirp Wheels to anyone who suffers from back pain.

Read my Chirp Wheel review next to learn more about why it’s so effective at relieving back pain.

The Chirp Wheel is also a great solution for stretching your back and releasing some of that tension that builds up throughout the day, maybe from sitting down at the computer or being on your feet all day.

Both of those daily work scenarios can cause back pain due to back posture or overuse.

Chirp 3-in-1 Muscle Roller Review

Chirp 3 in 1 muscle roller and super comfort wheel by Trail and Kale 3
Chirps Focus muscle roller handle and 3 wheels that can be used for different types of massage.

Chirp’s 3-in-1 Muscle Roller which is their Focus Handle and 3 massage wheels that allow you to better recover and improve with light, firm, and deep tissue massages. See image above.

I particularly enjoy using the Focus XR wheel on the Chirps smart rolling muscle stick, which is the one with the large ridges in it.

Chirp 3 in 1 muscle roller and super comfort wheel by Trail and Kale 4
Chirps muscle roller stick with the Focus XR wheel attached | the best muscle roller stick is the one that’s the most versatile.

This deep massage wheel feels so good after a run when you need to get your leg muscle on the road to recovery much faster.

Chirp 3 in 1 muscle roller and super comfort wheel by Trail and Kale 7

The different wheels each serve their own special purpose – light, firm, and deep tissue massages.

And what I love about this stick muscle roller system is how easy the wheels are to swap out when you need to.

Chirp 3 in 1 muscle roller and super comfort wheel by Trail and Kale 8
Push the levers together to unlock the mechanism, and slide the current massage wheel off. There are more images in my gallery below that show how the wheels slide off once unlocked.

All you have to do is push the ‘unlock’ levers together to unlock the mechanism, and slide the current massage wheel off.

Then you can simply push the new wheel onto the system and it will click and lock into place on the Focus roller handle.

Visit to learn more about this wonderfully versatile muscle roller for recovery.

Chirp 3-in-1 Muscle Roller Gallery

Chirp Super Comfort Wheel Review

chirp super comfort wheel xl
The Chirp Super Comfort Wheel XL is a godsend for those who want a well-balanced, comfortable back-rolling experience.

The second new product from Chirp this month is their latest back roller wheel, the Super Comfort Wheel XL.

This wheel will make back rolling far more accessible to a wider range of users as it’s a much more gentle, comfortable experience thanks to the wheel’s 7-inch width and thicker padding.

It’s wider than Chirp’s Gentle wheel, but 2 inches smaller in diameter coming in at 10″.

All the other Chirp Wheels that have come before the Comfort Wheel XL have been 5 inches wide which makes them a little less easy for larger people to use.

The increase in width makes the wheel much more comfortable when more weight is placed on it thanks to the larger surface area that presses on your back.

It’s also a much more stable roll experience, so if you’re not as confident on the slimmer wheels, this will be the go-to Chirp Wheel for you!

The new Chirp Wheel XL is available now for $69.99 at and makes for an excellent gift for anyone who may be suffering from back pain, or could use a little relief from back tension.

If you have any questions about how to use a chirp wheel let me know in the comments below.

In this Chirp Wheel review video I also offer some advice when it comes to choosing and using the right Chirp wheel for you.

I’ve been using them for a few years now, and have inadvertently become a bit of an expert on Chirp, haha.

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