Plant-Based Diet and Living More Self-Sustainably

We believe that living a plant-based lifestyle is more sustainable for us and for the planet. It’s also a healthy approach to fueling an active, adventurous lifestyle. Here you’ll learn how to become more self-sustainable and how to try going plant-based. We also share meal ideas and plans, as well as review the latest plant-based nutrition and supplements.

The 6 Best Greens Powder Supplements to Boost Your Immunity

This Best Greens Powder Supplements guide will help you find the best superfood powder to boost your immune system & wellness this year.

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Best Plant Based Diet Books (with Recipes)

Following a plant-based lifestyle is key to a healthy, happier life. Here's our list of the best plant-based diet books with easy-to-follow recipes!

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My Level Select CBD review covers CBD gummies for sleep, focus, and immune support, and their sport CBD ache relief cream for muscle soreness.

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Plant-Based Diet For Runners: Follow This Plant-Based Meal Plan For One Day

The whole food, plant-based diet is perfect for many runners and endurance athletes. Here's a one-day meal plan if you're interested to try eating plant based.

The Benefits of a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet For Athletes (Runners, Hikers, Movers)

What a whole foods plant based diet is, the benefits, a plant based diet food list, meal planning tips and advice for plant-based athletes.

Organifi Green Juice Review

Organifi Green Juice is an organic vegan dietary supplement that helps me maintain energy levels through the day. Find out why we use it!