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How To Start Running | The Beginners Guide To Running

How to start running from scratch! All you need to know, including tips to get started, and how to run 5k non-stop with our beginner's training plan.

Trail Running for Beginners: How To Start Trail Running

This trail running for beginners guide includes how to trail run, the gear required to progress, how to find local trails, trail running tips, & much more!

Best Running Shoes For Men & Women: The Roads Won’t...

The best running shoes rated and shortlisted, and advice to ensure you buy the most comfortable, high-performing shoes that work for YOU.

The Best Trail Running Shoes We’ve Tested This Year

The best trail running shoes this year ranked & reviewed + top advice so you buy the most comfortable, high-performing shoes that work best for you


Trail Marathon / 50K Training Plan + ULTRA RACE GUIDE

The ULTIMATE FREE trail marathon & 50K training plan + race guide. Learn how to 1) Create a training schedule 2) What to eat 3) Recovery 4) Secret race tactics!


How to Run Faster: Tips and Techniques for Improving Your...

Want to know how to run faster? Our expert guide shares the best tips & techniques to help you increase your speed and hit your running goals.

Start Running After 40: How The Couch to 5k Plan...

Wondering how to start running in your 40s? Get inspired by one 40+ mom's diary as she starts running after 40, from couch to 5k and beyond.

The Ultimate Couch To 5k Plan For Beginner Runners

Our couch to 5k plan is the ultimate free beginners running program. Within a few weeks, you'll go from non-runner to running a 5k non-stop!

Marathon Training Plans: How To Run A Marathon, For New...

Free downloadable marathon training plans for runners of every level, from beginner to Boston Qualifier.

Trail Running With Your Dog: Tips, Safety, Handling the Heat & Dog Running Gear

Real-world advice for trail running with your dog: in this post we share everything we wish we knew when we were new to running with our own adventure dog.


Trail Running for Beginners: How To Start Trail Running

This trail running for beginners guide includes how to trail run, the gear required to progress, how to find local trails, trail running tips, & much more!

How I Find Running Trails Near Me: 5 Best Trail Finder Apps

If you are wondering 'how to find trails near me for hiking and running', here are the 5 Best Trail Finder Apps that do just that.

Running Recovery: 10 Tips To Recover Quicker Post-Run

Follow these simple post-run recovery tips to help reduce muscle soreness and recover faster after tough runs.

Kilometers vs Miles: What’s Best To Track Running Distance?

Miles vs kilometers, meters vs feet... learn the pros and cons of each method, and the best way to track your running distance and pace.


What is Overtraining? The Tell-Tale Signs To Look Out For, And How To Recover From It

The overtraining signs and symptoms every runner should look out for, plus how to recover from overtraining and get back on track.

What Is Heart Rate Variability And How To Improve It

Everything we runners and athletes need to know to understand HRV, including what it is, why it's important, how to monitor it and how to improve it.

Beat The Heat With These 16 Tips For Running in Humidity

Why running in humidity is more challenging than running in heat alone, and discover our tried-and-tested tips to conquer humid runs.


The Benefits Of Elevation Training PLUS Everything You Need To...

What elevation training is, the benefits of high altitude training for endurance athletes, and how to effectively train for high altitude races.

66 Inspirational Running Quotes That Motivate You To RUN

The best collection of inspirational running quotes to fuel your motivation for training. Every runner should know these motivational running quotes!

What Is A Recovery Run And How To Do Them...

Are recovery runs the secret sauce your training is missing? Here's how to do these easy runs to maximize the training and recovery benefits.

Cross Training For Runners | Non-Running Workouts That’ll Make You...

Cross training for runners: these are the best non-running workouts for runners to make you a better runner, improve strength and prevent injuries.


Half Marathon Training Plans | For Everyone From Beginners To Experienced Runners

Free downloadable half marathon training plans for runners of every level, plus everything you need to know about running a half marathon.

Nike InfinityRN 4 Review: The Comforting Hug Your Feet Deserve While Training

My thoughts on these popular supportive half and full marathon training shoes, including the features I love and the only one that fell short.

HOKA VS On Cloud Running Shoes: How To Choose Between These Two Brands

Hoka VS On Cloud running shoes compared, from a HOKA and On Cloud shoes expert; Yes, I've reviewed them all...


What To Eat Before A Run: Pre-Run Foods For 5K...

What to eat before a run, in the morning, before a long run, or marathon race to ensure you stay energized. PLUS, what NOT to eat before running.

6-Week 10k Training Plan For Beginners

Get race-day ready in 6 weeks with our most popular downloadable, free PDF 10k training plan for beginners.

4-Week 10k Training Plan: Run 10k in One Month

If you can already run 5k and want to get ready for 10k in just a few weeks, this 4 week 10k training plan is for you - and it's free to download!

10k Training Plans For Beginners And Experienced Runners

Free downloadable 10k training plans for beginners to experienced runners, plus everything you need to know about training for, and running a 10k race.

6 Benefits Of Running Uphill PLUS How To Do It...

The benefits of running uphill, proper uphill running technique, and effective hill training workouts to run up hills stronger and faster.

8 Week Marathon Training Plan: For your Fastest Marathon Yet!

If you already have a great running base and not many weeks before race day then this marathon training plan is the one for you!

5 Benefits Of Running On The Beach PLUS Learn How...

Running on the beach tips including how to run on sand properly, what shoes to wear, barefoot running tips, how to get sand out of your shoes & more!

6 Week Half Marathon Training Plan For Your Fastest Race...

If you're an experienced runner who's short on time and has a PR goal in mind, then our 6-week half marathon training plan is what you need!

12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan For Beginners

Our popular 12-week half marathon training plan for beginners is perfect for newer runners or regular runners looking to step up your distance.

How To Run With Proper Running Form and Help Prevent...

How to run with proper running form and reduce running overuse injuries, including ITB pain, low back pain, shin splints and blisters.

What is Runners Toe? 4 Simple Ways To Prevent Black...

4 simple ways to prevent runners toe, a common running issue that can cause black, brused toenails, or your toenail to actually fall off.

The Power of Pickle Juice for Cramps: Can It Really...

Why pro runners and other athletes drink pickle juice for leg cramps during exercise, the science behind it, and potential benefits.