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On Cloudsurfer 2019 Review – On Shoes For Running Long Distances

The On Cloudsurfer has been designed with speed and comfort in mind but it’s also a very comfortable shoe that provides great cushioning for long runs too. Read on to get into the details.

Fit & Design

On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 19The On Running Cloudsurfer shoes are very comfortable and don’t need any breaking in whatsoever. If you have any experience with the previous version of the Cloudsurfer and want to know if this version is better, my answer is a resounding yes! In fact I was not a fan of the previous version for its lack of flexibility and weight.

The new On Cloudsurfer has addressed both those issues, improved the upper and produced themselves another winning shoe, in line with their first release of the Cloudsurfer, which happened to be my first ever On running shoe.


On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 15

The mesh material on the upper is very breathable and has a two-layer system. The internal layer has a little bit of stretch and offers some soft cushioning for the top of your foot, while the outer later has that breathable knit that holds the foot firmly in place. There’s plastic coated toe box protection at the front which will prevent front-on water splashes from entering the shoe and also increase the durability of the materials in the area.


On are using their ‘no-sew foil’ to strengthen bonds where materials are attached, like where the laces holes are, for example.

On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 10

Looking to the heel cage at the rear, you can clearly see the plastic strip which is designed to hold your heel in place with very little weight gain. This is conjunction with the heel wall that doesn’t extend too high, works very well for my averagely shaped feet. I have in the past had an issue with some shoes putting unnecessary pressure on my Achilles and agitating the tendon but these On shoes do not, so I love them for that!

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On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 16A cool feature inside all new On shoes that I have tested is a soft rubbery strip that run either side of the insole which cradles your foot and reduces foot slide (seen in the image above). The foot-bed is nicely cushioned too for extra comfort.

There’s also an inner sock that attaches the tongue to the forefoot area, similar to the On CloudflowOn Cloud XOn Cloudace and On Cloud Edge Moonlight running shoes. This keeps the tongue in place and prevents debris coming between your foot and the shoe walls. It also reduces the risk of chafe as there are fewer seams inside.


Tongue & Laces

On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 14

The tongue is very slim and you may think it wouldn’t provide enough padding for protection when the laces are done up tight. The laces, however, provide some stretch and therefore don’t add any unwanted pressure to the top of the foot. Having a thin tongue like this also reduces weight above the foot.

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Outsole and the On Speedboard

On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 7

The outsole now has an extra layer of cushioning that I have noticed improves the shock reduction at the heel. The heel to me actually feels slightly unbalanced when walking in the shoes, and this is down to the placement of the rear two cloud pods. When you begin to run in them though, it’s clear that they have been pushed forward slightly to encourage more of a forefoot landing experience. This is clever thinking from On because we all know that heel striking is a bad thing, even if many of us find us hard to avoid doing.

If you haven’t tried “Running On Clouds” before, I recommend you give it a try! CloudTec is one of On’s innovations that truly helps me run faster.

On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 11The cloud pods give you that feeling of a cushioned landing, as they compress under your weight and then provide a barefoot take off as your foot leaves the ground and the pods spring back.

Drop & Weight

On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 4There’s a drop of 6mm from heel to toe which seems a popular number with On shoes. It feels like a happy medium for runners who like a minimal drop and others who prefer a much larger one. I’ve always been a fan of keeping the drop as low as possible to aid better form and a more natural footfall.

Weighing in at 330g (US M 8.5) this is not the lightest On running shoe but that’s because it offers more support and cushioning than some of the other product lines. If you’re after the lightest On shoes, check out the On Cloud X, On Cloud, On Cloudflow and the limited edition On Cloud Edge Moonlight.

The On Cloudsurfer has a neutral running footbed which should suit most runners.

Toe Box

On Cloudsurfer review Trail Kale web wm 13

The toe box is medium width and feels very airy due to the breathable upper material.

on cloudsurfer web
On Cloudsurfer
Design & Function9
Very comfortable for long runs
Springy cloud pods help your run faster
My favorite On shoe for long road runs
A touch on the heavy side
Overall Score

In Summary

If you’re looking for a shoe that’s going to keep your feet feeling comfortable for all types of road running, from speedwork to long distance runs, the On Cloudsurfer shoes are an excellent choice. They are currently ranked in the top 3 of my ON Running Shoes: Best On Shoes Reviewed in 2019 article, which is regularly updated as and when I test new releases from the On running brand. So, make sure you have a read before making any final purchasing decisions.

$149.99 at on-running.com

For the best price and free shipping/returns, I recommend buying the On Cloudsurfer at the On-Running Store.

Still not sure which On Running Shoes to buy?

Visit our Best On Running Shoes Guide for an ordered list of the top ON shoes for road and trail running, each with links to our On Shoe reviews. Designed to make your buying decisions clearer.

Best On Running Shoes Reviewed

The On Running Brand

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland from a revolutionary idea, a Swiss running shoe has evolved that is still amazing the sporting scene. The On provides a new running sensation and one that puts fun firmly centre-stage.

Check out our On Running brand page where you can see all of our content relating to the Swiss outdoor brand.

If you fancy learning more about their products, be sure to browse their online store.

Visit the On Classics page at on-running.com for discounts on last season's On running shoes.


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