“Live Clean, Run Free”

Trail and Kale is a trail running blog dedicated to trail running and adventures.

We are passionate about trail and mountain running and want to share the trail-love with you!

We provide trail running advice and inspiration gathered from all corners of the World, by our Founders and members of the Trail & Kale community.

The purpose of Trail & Kale is to:

  • inspire you to get outside for trail running and adventure while balancing life’s other priorities, and
  • help you become a more informed trail runner by sharing advice and experiences

We believe that…

  • Getting outside and challenging yourself makes you a stronger person and more well-balanced person
  • Running with your best friend is awesome!
  • You do not have to run fast or far to have a great outdoor experience on the trails
  • Your body is an amazing thing – treat it that way.

Founders of Trail & Kale

Alastair and Helen Dixon discovered running in 2012 and haven’t looked back! We moved from the roads to the trails over the years and have taken on running adventures and races on a variety of trails, from 10ks to 50k+ ultra marathons, around the UK and abroad. We know how to get started, dispel those myths, learn and develop as a recreational trail runner.

We love finding new adventures involving wilderness, lakes and mountains, with some of our other favourite modes of travel being mountain biking, kayaking and ski-touring.

We work full time in professional careers and have learned how to fit our passion into busy lives – always striving for the ideal balance.

Alastair Dixon
Alastair Dixon

Mountain & Ultra Runner // VFX & CGI Lighting Supervisor for Film & TV // Landscape & Adventure Photographer.

Helen Dixon
Helen Dixon

Trail Lover // Trail & Ultra Runner // Often found in the Mountains, Running, Hiking or Skiing // Seeking Peace, Beauty & Adventure.

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