"Live Clean, Run Free"

We are born out of a love of running, nature and creativity

Trail & Kale is a blog and community that inspires people to trail run, hike, travel and live a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

We provide advice, inspiration, interviews, gear reviews and adventure travel planning gathered from all corners of the world, by our founders and members of the Trail & Kale community.

The Team Behind Trail & Kale

Alastair & Helen

Alastair and Helen Dixon took up running in 2012 as a way to get fit. In pursuit of more nature and adventure, we moved from the roads to the trails over the years. We have taken on running adventures and races on a variety of trails, from rolling countryside 10ks to 50k+ mountain ultramarathons, around the UK and abroad.

We travel for trail running races and adventures, exploring new parts of the world and sharing experiences, advice and information with our running community through this blog and Trail & Kale’s social media channels.

Hey, I'm Alastair. Not too long ago, I started Trail & Kale as a way to share the mental & physical benefits that trail running and nature had given me. Trail & Kale has since grown to become a thriving blog and community that inspires people to trail run, hike, adventure more, and live a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

We work in professional careers and have learned how to fit our passion into busy lives – always striving for the ideal balance.

Hi, I’m Helen. I write about all things trail running, outdoor adventures and mindful living. Aiming to be a positive influence and have a positive impact on the environment and those around me.

The Awesome Trail & Kale Running Community

One of the things we love most about running Trail & Kale is hearing from and seeing what our running community of fellow trail runners are up to – it provides us inspiration for our own adventures and we pick up some great tips from people with backgrounds and experiences that are different to our own.

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