- Trail Running Phone Cases - 25% OFF code: TRAILANDKALE25 -Rokform phone cases
- Trail Running Phone Cases - 25% OFF code: TRAILANDKALE25 -Rokform phone cases
- Trail Running Phone Cases - 25% OFF code: TRAILANDKALE25 -Rokform phone cases
- Trail Running Phone Cases - 25% OFF code: TRAILANDKALE25 -Rokform phone cases

Coros GPS Watches Compared in 2019: Which one should you buy?

Coros is a relatively new sports tech company that’s making waves right now and turning the heads of those looking for the best affordable premium GPS running watch alternative to the likes of Garmin, Suunto, Polar, and others. You just have to look at the Coros pro athletes list to see that Coros has clearly decided that they want to dominate the trail and ultrarunning scene. It’s Impressive, to say the least, including runners such as Dom Grossman, Sally McRae, Timothy Olson, Cody Reed, Hayden Hawks, Camille Herron, Tim Tollefson, Adam Campbell, Paula Findlay, Magda Boulet, Jordi Gamito, Hillary Allen, and Sage Canaday.

With the recent addition of the Coros VERTIX, there are now 3 different Coros GPS running watches to choose from, so which is the best Coros GPS watch for running? On paper, the clear winner is the Coros VERTIX adventure watch for its huge feature list and unrivaled battery life, but each runner has different requirements from their GPS running watch. This comparison list is designed to help you find the right Coros watch for you based on the quick link questions below.

All Coros running watches have Multi-sport functions, impressive waterproof ratings, on-wrist Heartrate monitors, barometric altimeters, long battery life (and the coveted UltraMax mode), and are very lightweight (in their class). So, with every Coros running watch sharing these features as standard, which one should you buy? Use the quick links below to jump to a Coros watch that will suit your personal requirements. This list is updated when new Coros GPS running watches are released.

Which Coros GPS watch:

Coros VERTIX GPS Running Watch

coros vertix 2 which coros watch is best for running trail and kale

Weight: 76g (2.68oz.) Full GPS: 60hours Price: $599.99

The Coros VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch provides the features and durability required to take on the most demanding expeditions. This watch has been designed to cater for the most adventurous and tough explorers/runners who need the longest battery life possible. Imagine having a battery life that can last an entire mountain climbing expedition in the coldest conditions, on one single charge, or how about thru-hiking the John Muir trail without ever needing to charge your GPS watch, amazing!

Battery Life

Reg. use: 45days Full GPS: 60hours UltraMax: 150hours

coros vertix which coros watch is best for running trail and kale

The VERTIX’s extreme durability and altitude acclimation assistance make it the perfect choice for anyone thinking about taking on a multi-day fastpacking adventure, or even a Himalayan summit. Its lightweight corrosion-free titanium frame/bezel and scratch-proof sapphire glass screen further add to its durability.

The VERTIX is also the only watch with a 150-meter waterproof rating, so you shouldn’t ever have to worry about water damage and you can dive with it. The body of the Coros VERTIX is also the lightest watch in its class, weighing in at 54g (1.9 oz.). Some other great features include its 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring (the only Coros watch to include a Pulse Oximeter) with Altitude Mode, to provide daily acclimatization evaluation. It can also suggest when it is safe to climb higher.

Watch Size: 46mm Waterproof: 150m

For adventurers using this watch wearing gloves or underwater, there’s a new engineered digital knob for one-finger control, making it very easy to use while in the thick of it. This same system is also available on the APEX watch.

Some other great features are that you can track your navigation path and also gain precise analysis of training load and performance. It evaluates your exertion and recommends recovery, so you can perform at your peak.

The VERTIX has the most features and the longest battery life of all Coros GPS watches, and so earns its place as Best Overall Coros GPS watch.

Coros VERTIX GPS Watch on Amazon.com:

amazon.com Amazon $599.99
8 new from $599.99
See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: 18th October 2019 2:50 am

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Coros APEX GPS Running Watch

COROS APEX Premium GPS Multisport Watch healthy fathers day gifts Trail and Kale

Weight: 50.8g/55.3g Full GPS: 25/35hours Price: $300/$350

The APEX is the only Coros watch to offer two different watch sizes, 42mm and 46mm. This is great news for those who want more features than the Coros PACE but don’t want to wear a bulky watch due to small wrists.

coros Apex 3 which coros watch is best for running trail and kaleThe APEX tracks course, speed, time, pace – all the usuals, as well as elevation gain / loss, weather (via the built-in barometer) cadence, calories and heart rate. From this data the watch also calculates estimated fitness levels including VO2Max and lactate threshold, and the efficiency of your aerobic and anaerobic training activity.

I really like the simple clean look of the APEX because it means you can wear it to work without it standing out too much. It’s also great knowing that you have the power on your wrist to do those impromptu long runs when you need to though. There’s also a sapphire glass screen for everyday and extreme protection.

Watch Size: 42mm/46mm Waterproof: 100m

The APEX is able to accurately determine your overall effort, broken down into stamina level (0-100) and training effect (0-6). This means COROS Trainer can notify you it’s time to rest up or to pick up your training. Based on the effort level and training history, you can then see an advised recovery window before you begin your next activity. This is available for Interval, Aerobic, and Anaerobic Training modes. Once you’ve finished your workout, the COROS App will give you a complete graphical analysis of your training including VO2 max, recovery advisor, threshold pace, last-7 days training load, personal fitness index and plenty more. Additionally, you can connect to your favorite 3rd party applications such as STRAVA and TrainingPeaks and automatically upload your workouts.

Battery Life for the 42mm size

Reg. use: 24days Full GPS: 25hours UltraMax: 80hours

Battery Life for the 46mm size

Reg. use: 30days Full GPS: 35hours UltraMax: 100hours

Coros APEX navigation features which Coros GPS watch trail and kale

Routes can be uploaded and displayed on a grid as a bread crumb trail with real-time information on heading and elevation. It also gives you alerts to help you get back on course, should you go off track.

In UltraMax mode, the battery will last up to 100 hours using GPS. While using normal mode will yield up to 35 hours. This is easily enough for most ultramarathons.

Having the choice of two lightweight watch sizes, a very impressive battery life, and many features makes the Coros APEX our top pick for trail and ultrarunning.

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Coros APEX (42mm) GPS Watch on Amazon.com:

amazon.com Amazon $299.99
6 new from $299.99
See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: 18th October 2019 2:50 am

Coros APEX (46mm) GPS Watch on Amazon.com:

amazon.com Amazon $349.99
7 new from $349.99
See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: 18th October 2019 2:50 am

Coros PACE GPS Running Watch

coros Pace 2 which coros watch is best for running trail and kale

Weight: 49g (1.73oz.) Full GPS: 25hours Price: $199.99

The Coros PACE is a really lightweight (and small-sized) option for those who want to go fast, light and minimal. As mentioned earlier, its a multi-sport watch with the longest battery life in its class, that can be used for a triathlon, running a marathon, or freestyle swimming.

Battery Life

Reg. use: 30days Full GPS: 25hours UltraMax: 50hours

coros Pace which coros watch is best for running trail and kaleThe PACE’s innovative CPU system is engineered for power optimization so that it can perform up to 30 days in standard mode and up to 25 hours in GPS mode. This is an excellent choice for runners, swimmers, and triathletes who don’t want to wear any more weight than absolutely necessary. As with the other Coros watches, the PACE has on-wrist heart rate capability that can be used while running, swimming or cycling too.

The PACE is available in three different colors so you can pick a band that best fits your personality.

Watch Size: 41mm Waterproof: 50m

Coros PACE GPS Watch on Amazon.com:

amazon.com Amazon $199.99
7 new from $199.99
See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: 18th October 2019 2:50 am

Coros watches FAQ

What is UltraMax mode and how does it work?

UltraMax mode is a setting for GPS on APEX. When selected, the battery life using GPS can be extended up to 100 hours on APEX 46mm and 80 hours on APEX 42mm. The reason behind this unreal battery life is because of our unique algorithms and mechanism. For every 2-minute period, the GPS data is recorded for 30 seconds. APEX relies on motion sensors, machine learning algorithms and individual running model for the remaining 90 seconds. Not only can APEX provide nearly accurate GPS tracks and running metrics compared with normal GPS modes, but the battery life is also much increased to be used in the toughest conditions.

How does APEX work for indoor run/treadmill?

APEX is equipped with machine learning capability. The more you run outdoors with GPS on, the better the readings will be generated in the indoor run/treadmill mode. If you have limited or no outdoor run history with APEX watch, more than likely you won’t get a satisfactory result for an indoor run. During outdoor runs, APEX learns your running habits and gathers related information like GPS, cadence, gesture, pace, heart rate, and more to build up and improve an individual running model. Whenever you are running with limited or no GPS signals, motion sensors and the running model will kick in to provide the best possible running metrics.

Does COROS provide a PC or web-based platform?

At least in the near future, the COROS app on smartphones and 3rd party platforms like Strava and TrainingPeaks are the only customer-facing portals for analyzing and exporting your workout data. We work hard to provide a streamlined, user-friendly, convenient yet powerful app that is beneficial to all COROS users. If you wish to view your data on PC or web, we offer the option to export your workout via up to 5 different file types by email. You can also link your COROS account with 3rd party platforms to utilize their more than adequate functions. We try our best to display raw data on these platforms for your complete training analysis.


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