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Nike’s Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX Is Built For Winter Trail Runs: No More Excuses!

Winter running doesn't have to be miserable! With the right waterproof running shoes, it's actually a lot of fun.

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The Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX is made for those moments when you don’t want to turn back, no matter what – Yes, I’m looking at you, big dark and ominous rain cloud!


With the Pegasus Trail 4 Gore-Tex waterproof trail running shoes, you can feel confident in even the worst adverse weather conditions with the help of GORE-TEX keeping you dry.

The GORE-TEX version of the Pegasus Trail 4 introduces a higher ankle gaiter for extra coverage and to help keep water and dirt out of the shoes.

Nike is keeping their responsive Nike React foam (also seen in the Pegasus Trail 4 non-waterproof version) which lets you take your wet run from the road to the trail without breaking your stride (or your knees).

What I love about the Pegasus lineup from the Nike Trail range is how great they perform on a mixture of light trails and road surfaces due to their super-cushioned midsole and comfortable upper.

Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 Gore Tex side Trail and Kale

The waterproof layer on the upper helps keep water out so your feet stay dry while GORE-TEX’s invisible fit along the upper provides protection from precipitation.

All this comes without sacrificing the comfortable feel of the Pegasus Trail you may have come to love over the years.

Its flexible, lightweight design keeps your foot dry when running between wet roads and trails.

Less rubber along the outsole creates a smoother transition from road to trail.

The rubber wraps around the front of the shoe for extra durability – see photos here.

The outsole’s generative traction pattern combined with rubber nubs gives great grip when going uphill or downhill.

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Where to buy React Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX

We recommend shopping directly from Nike.com as they tend to be well-stocked with all the colorways available.

There are currently 4 different colors available, all of which I really like the look of.

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