Let’s Talk About The Rock’s White On Running Sneakers In That Epic Super Bowl Ad

So many of us saw the Super Bowl Commercial in question, yes the one that featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his latest on-stage performance, badass as ever might I add. But surprisingly enough, much of the hype was surrounding the white sneaker that the Rock was wearing during the Super Bowl Commercial. Well, let me break the suspense and answer that question right away, It was the On Cloud X!

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw that the Rock was wearing white On Cloud X Running sneakers, especially as I have rated these running shoes as one of my all time favorite On Running shoes in the past. You can read my in-depth review of the Cloud X to learn why I rate it so highly.

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Long-time readers of trailandkale.com will know how closely I have followed the Swiss On Running brand, right from the very beginning when their first (and only) shoe was the Cloudsurfer. Since my first experience running on clouds, I was hooked and found myself reviewing every On running shoe I could get my hands on. I’m still reviewing On shoes today and as a result am probably one of the few people who has first hand experience of running and living in every On Running shoe that has been released. So, if there’s any On Running gear that you would like to learn more about then you can either visit my regularly updated Best On Running Shoes (Buyer’s Guide), or our On Gear Reviews page which dynamically lists every article which features an On product, including shoes, apparel, and events.

The Super Bowl Ad with The Rock and White On Cloud X Sneakers

The American football Super Bowl is probably the most watched sporting event in the world. Some watch it for the game, some for the excuse to have a fun time with friends, and others just love it for the commercials that air during it. Fun fact, did you know my previous line of work was Visual Effects? I even made some Super Bowl adverts myself back in the day :).

This year’s Super Bowl had nearly a billion eyes on the game across the world, and so it only made sense that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had the challenging task of getting this audience stoked for the game to start. Such a task would have many a person burning up on stage but the lightweight, breathable On Cloud X certainly helped him keep his cool.

So I’m here to help answer the question that so many have been asking google, what white sneakers was The Rock wearing in that Super Bowl Ad? One more time, It was the On Cloud X!

On didn’t gift the shoes to him and so they have not been prepared for the traffic spike they must be experiencing at on-running.com. This has been happening a lot lately with other famous people, the names that spring to mind are Roger Federer and Will Smith!

My Summarized On Cloud X Review

white on cloud x sneakers the rock dwayne johnson
White On Cloud X – Chose by The Rock

The On Cloud X is extremely lightweight, flexible, has the right amount of cushioning, feels responsive and has a breathable upper to keep your feet cool. I’m a big fan of the heel cage too, it holds my feet in place but doesn’t put any unnecessary pressure in the achilles area.

Let's Talk About The Rock's White On Running Sneakers In That Epic Super Bowl Ad 1 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure

Maybe you enjoy mixing up your trail running (on buffed trails) with some road running, training at the gym or playing other sports. The On Cloud X will hold its own for all of them, I proved it by running an amazing 50k trail race in them! On Cloud shoes really are innovative!

I bet you see a flurry of PB’s when you first start running in these solely on how comfortable they feel and the power of their speedboard in the midsole. I notice this with most new On running shoes, come to think of it!

In-depth Reviews: On Cloud X – Full Review / On Cloud vs Cloud X Comparison

The Cloud X is also a favorite for NFL players. Chicago Bears cornerback Buster Skrines and his fellow football stars wore the Cloud X when they ran the Miami Half Marathon for charity in 2019. 

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