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The Best Trail Running Shoes [2021 Buyer’s Guide]

Welcome to our ever-evolving list of the best trail running shoes for every scenario; whether you run ultramarathons, trail marathons, 10km, 5km, Swim-run or even OCR events like Spartan and Tough Mudder. Choosing the best trail shoes can be confusing when you factor in things like ‘type of terrain’, ‘distances’, ‘weather conditions’ and even ‘running styles’.

I have written this list based on my extensive experience of trail shoe testing and running on different trails all over the world, covering both long and ultramarathons. With that said, this regularly updated list has sections for all-round trail running shoes, ultra running shoes, waterproof running shoes, trail racing shoes, barefoot running shoes and running shoes for Tough Mudder & Spartan OCR events. This ‘best trail running shoes’ list is updated regularly so remember to check back the next time you need to buy new trail running shoes.

We also have a women’s specific list here: Best Trail Running Shoes For Women. And if you want to learn more about trail running we have written a complete trail running guide for beginners, just for you!

RUN ON ROADS TOO? Best Road Running Shoes – [Buyer’s Guide]

Quick Links – What Trail Running Shoes Do You Need?

Starting With The Best Trail Running Shoes (Best All-Rounders)

If you’re not sure what type of trails you’re going to be spending most of your time on, then it’s worth looking at trail running shoes that can perform in every situation. For example, you may have to run to a trail-head which will involve running on roads for a couple of miles. If you don’t have the shoes that will allow you to run on the roads as comfortably as on the trails, then your run may get tarnished before you even make it to the fun bit!

The following trail shoes are considered to be the best trail running shoes for ‘door to trail‘, ‘mixed-use‘, or ‘varied terrain‘ trail running.

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail

Nike Pegasus 36 Trail best trail running shoes trail and kale

My current favorite all-round best trail running shoes, the Nike Pegasus 36 Trail is a high-performance trail running shoe that’s so comfortable it feels like a road running shoe. The Pegasus 36 Trail could actually be labeled as a road/trail hybrid, or a door-to-trail running shoe because quite honestly it performs very well on both surfaces. Contributing to the comfort is the Nike Air Zoom cushioned midsole that provides plenty of protection from sharp rocks too.

The Pegasus 36 Trail is also very lightweight at 9.17oz (260g), breathable, responsive, and grippy.

The interesting curved achilles heel support, similar to that of the road running shoes Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35, works very well for me as it allows for a little bit of over-striding when running fast downhills, without agitating your achilles. In fact, it works so well, that my second run in the Nike Pegasus 36 Trail enabled me to earn a 1 mile PB at 5min 37seconds, albeit on a fire road with a downhill gradient.

At $129.95 the Nike Pegasus 36 Trail is very reasonably priced. If you were to ask me which all-round trail running shoes I would recommend, my current opinion is these, and that’s why they rank number 1 on this list.

There are two other trail running shoes in the Nike Trail collection, both of which I have compared to the Pegasus 36 Trail in this post here: Nike Trail Running Shoes Compared: Which Are Best?

Plexus Co. (dba Chirp)
Plexus Co. (dba Chirp)
Plexus Co. (dba Chirp)
Plexus Co. (dba Chirp)

Drop: 10mm / Weight: 9.17oz (260g) / Support Type: Neutral.

FULL REVIEW: Nike Pegasus 36 Trail Review

Find the Best Price for Nike Pegasus 36 Trail (Tracked Daily)

2. La Sportiva Bushido 2

la sportiva bushido 2 review trail and mountain running trail and kale

The La Sportiva Bushido 2 is for those looking for a high performing trail shoe with the combination of responsiveness, stability, and comfort with excellent protection and impressive traction. These are my second favorite best trail running shoes worn to date.

They provide enhanced cushioning while also providing a stable, lightweight, sticky and aggressive outsole. The performance and protection on technical terrain, is impressive, to say the least, I’m going to be running in these a lot!

Drop: 6mm / Weight: 10.5oz (298g) / Support Type: Neutral.

Find the best price for the La Sportiva Bushido 2, at a reputable store below:

La Sportiva Bushido 2 Reviews

La Sportiva Bushido 2 – Full Review

3. ON Cloudventure (NEW EDITION)

On cloudventure review web wide flare dawn

The On Cloudventure is for runners looking for a versatile trail shoe with full cushioning protection. The outsole combines multiple grip patterns so you can stay in control as conditions around you change and the improved traction pattern of Zig-zag channels combine with flatter details to prevent slipping on smoother surfaces.

On cloudventure review outsole pattern

The most fun part of all On running shoes is the cloud pods that give you that feeling of a cushioned landing, as they compress under your weight and then provide a barefoot take off as your foot leaves the ground and the pods spring back. It’s a really innovative and effective system!

This NEW Cloudventure takes that system one step further by combining On’s Zero Gravity cloud elements with a grip overlay that adds trail-level toughness to the unmistakable sensation of running on clouds. This means you can truly own the downhill, again and again. These are in my opinion the best trail running shoes for running fast down buffed trails as the response and cushioning from the cloud pods is awesome!

Men’s    Women’s

On Cloudventure Reviews

On Cloudventure – Full Review

Interested in learning more about the ON Running brand? We have the largest collection of in-depth and professional On running shoe reviews on the web.

4. Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6

Nike Terra Kiger 6 Best Trail Running Shoes Trail and Kale 2

The Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 6 is a lightweight trail running shoe for fast trail runs or races. Nike has updated the outsole in this latest edition, for improved performance on wet terrain and variable trail conditions. The previous Terra Kigers were known for their grip on dry trail surfaces, but the new Terra Kiger 5 now features a sticky midfoot rubber compound for improved traction on slick roots and rocks.

The Terra Kiger 6 has a full React foam midsole, which delivers a smooth and responsive ride on hard trail surfaces, as well as a forefoot rock plate for protection from sharp rocks. This midsole makes the Terra Kiger 6 a great ‘door to trail’ approach shoe too too.

The mesh upper is flexible, breathable, and supportive with a snug lacing system that gives you a much needed comfortable and supportive fit for rocky and technical trail sections. Nike has also added a special Zoom Air unit in the heel that provides added cushioning for long runs.

Drop: 4mm / Weight: 9.75oz / Support Type: Neutral.

Best Price for the Nike Terra Kiger 6

5. Brooks Cascadia 14

Brooks Cascadia 14 Best Trail Running Shoes Trail and Kale 2

The Brooks Cascadia 14 are especially comfortable on hard packed rocky trails but will perform across most trail types. I find myself pushing harder on the downhill sections due to the extra cushioning, which makes such a difference. Finishing a run with feet feeling fresh is such an important motivational factor in getting yourself back out there regularly and actually wanting to put more miles in.

The Cascadia 14s also perform well on road sections, very handy when it’s hard to completely avoid roads during a run, especially when you have to run to a trailhead.

Drop: 8mm / Weight: 13oz / Support Type: Neutral.

Compare Prices for Brooks Cascadia 14

6. Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3

Merrell agility peak flex 3 review best trail running shoes

I’m having so much fun running in the Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3 trail running shoes. The shoe is very flexible, cushioned and protective. I would describe it as a high-quality work-horse shoe that’s both reliable and will keep your feet feeling protected, even after many miles/hours out on the trails.

It doesn’t just offer cushioning and protection though, it’s also a very responsive trail shoe that gives you a true feel of the terrain underfoot.

Compare prices for Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3

Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3 Reviews

Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3 – Full Review

Best Trail Running Shoes For Ultra Running

If you love to run huge distances from Marathon up to 100 miles and beyond then it’s very important that you have shoes that will keep your feet comfortable for many hours at a time. See below for the best trail running shoes for Ultrarunning.

1. Salomon S-Lab Ultra 2

salomon s lab ultra 2 best womens trail running shoes

The Salomon S-Lab Ultra 2 are my pick as the best trail running shoes for ultrarunning. Designed specifically for trail racing, the unisex Salomon S-Lab Ultra 2 features a reduced weight and improved durability while maintaining comfort over long distances. Salomon’s SensiFit upper construction cradles the foot while the internal sleeve hugs the foot for a secure, comfortable fit.

The midsole on the Ultra 2 delivers great energy return for miles while the grippy outsole offers super reliable traction on wet, dry, hard, and loose surfaces. A true all-rounder for running fast through the mountains and on the trails.

Drop: 8mm / Weight: 10oz / Support Type: Neutral.

I would also recommend the Nike Pegasus 36 Trail for ultra running due to its comfort, cushioning, breathability, and low weight.

Best Price for the Salomon S-Lab Ultra 2

Looking for some trail 50k ultramarathon race inspiration? Have a read of this: Best Running Races – 50k Ultramarathons.

2. Hoka One One Speedgoat 4

Hoka One One Speedgeat 4 Best Trail Running Shoes Trail and Kale 2

Named for Karl Meltzer aka “The Speedgoat”, who holds the record for the most 100-mile trail race wins and epitomizes the “go everywhere, run everything” attitude, this shoe is designed to attack all kinds of technical trail. The aggressive Vibram® MegagGrip lugs will hold up to all kinds of rugged terrain and there’s extra heel support and midfoot lockdown in the upper.

The Speedgoat 4 is one of the fastest and toughest trail running shoes out there.

Drop: 4mm / Weight: 10.8oz / Support Type: Neutral.

Compare Prices for Hoka One One Speedgoat 4

Best Trail Running Shoes For Racing Anything Up To The Marathon Distance

Do you love to run FAST over distances spanning 5k to the Marathon? If so then you need high-performance lightweight trail running shoes but may sacrifice a little in cushioning under-foot as a result. These shoes are for the speed junkies who like to fly over any types of trails!

1. Salomon S/Lab Sense 8

Salomon S Lab Sense 8 Best Trail Running Shoes Trail and Kale 2

The Salomon S-Lab Sense 8 is my choice as the best trail running shoes for mixed distance of anything up to the trail marathon distance. Top endurance runners demand lightweight, precision and ground feel. The S/Lab Sense 8 is approximately 6.87oz, which is insanely lightweight trail shoe. The shoe has an integrated sock liner and a welded stitch-free upper that fits like a sock. The Sense 8 keeps the minimal drop of 4mm and features softer cushioning under the front of the foot and a new anti-debris evacuation system to keep comfy. With the same ground feel, precision and foothold, the shoe is now even lighter.

The Sense 8 are the favorite mountain running shoes among many amateur mountain runners and the top Salomon athletes including Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Lucy Bartholomew, Martina Valmassoi and more.

This is a unisex shoe so if you’re looking for the women’s version, it’s on the same link below.

Drop: 4mm / Weight: 6.87oz / Support Type: Neutral.

See our price comparison widget below for the best price

Looking for some trail marathon race inspiration? Have a read of this: Best Running Races – Trail Marathons.

Best Waterproof Trail Running shoes For Wet/Muddy/Cold Conditions + Trail Shoes With Good Drainage.

Looking for a shoe that will give you no excuses to go out running during the winter, even on rainy days? Note: if you’re planning on running through rivers or deep bodies of water then you’re better off with non-waterproof shoes that can drain water out quickly after being soaked through, so they dry out quicker.

Many trail races may have river crossings but Tough Mudder and Spartan events will most definitely have them. If you need shoes for these types of events then jump to our Tough Mudder/Spartan category below.

RELATED: 6 Best Waterproof Trail Running Shoes [Buyer’s Guide]

Below are my top recommendations for waterproof running shoes that will keep your feet dry and warm in wet weather situations where surface traction is paramount.

1. Nike Pegasus 36 Trail Gore-Tex (GTX Waterproof)

zoom pegasus 36 trail gore tex waterproof trail running shoes

The Pegasus 36 Trail GTX is an excellent waterproof trail shoes and has earned my pick as the best trail running shoes for wet and cold winter running. The Pegasus 36 Trail Gore-Tex is a high-performance trail running shoe that feels just as comfortable on the road as it does on the trails, making it a great door-to-trail hybrid running shoe.

The Nike Air Zoom midsole provides plenty of cushioning and protection from sharp rocks. It’s also super lightweight, has lots of reflective hits for the safety-conscious, responsive, and very grippy.

I love the curved achilles heel support like with the standard Nike Pegasus 36 Trail listed above. It works very well for me as it allows for a little bit of over-striding when running fast downhills, without agitating my achilles.

I have awarded the Nike Pegasus 36 Trail GTX an Editor’s Choice Award, and they currently sit at the top of my list of the ‘5 Best Waterproof Trail Running Shoes for Fall/Winter‘ gear guide.

Available at below

FULL REVIEW: Nike Pegasus 36 Trail GTX Review

2. ON Cloudventure Waterproof

On Cloudventure Waterproof best on running shoes web wide

The new On Cloudventure Waterproof trail shoes look so badass and offer excellent cushioning while thrashing the trails. When wearing these I was able to storm down the hills much faster than usual on harder terrain. Don’t let winter stop you running.

Compare Prices for On Cloudventure Waterproof

Men’s   Women’s

On Cloudventure Waterproof Reviews

On Cloudventure Waterproof Review

3. Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX

salomon speedcross 5 GTX best fastpacing gear guide trail and kale 800x

The Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX is the latest waterproof edition to an extremely popular shoe amongst runners who love to get dirty on the trails. It’s a lightweight trail shoe, especially considering it’s waterproof and offers a very aggressive grip on technical, soft trails. On top of all that, the GORE-TEX® waterproof protection means your feet will stay dry as you run through puddles and snowfields, while your foot’s heat is allowed to escape thanks to the highly breathable construction.

This shoe offers tons of support too, which makes it a popular choice for hikers who don’t want the bulk of a traditional hiking boot. And finally, there’s the Quicklace adjustment system that so many people love as it’s so fast and easy to do up and doesn’t come loose as standard laces can.

Best Price for Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX

Best Trail Running Shoes For Smooth Buffed Trails

1. ON Cloudventure Peak – (2ND GEN)

On Cloudventure Peak FW19 2nd Gen 2019 trail and kale

The On Cloudventure Peak is a trail running shoe, designed for moving fast in the Mountains and it delivers, that’s why I have ranked it as the best trail running shoes for smooth buffed trail runs.

On has added some significant new design features to their 2nd Generation Cloudventure Peak! The new Missiongrip outsole has been improved in terms of ‘trail-feel’, cushioning, grip and durability, all the while maintaining the same lightweight of 260g.

The breathable ripstop upper mesh is still there, albeit redesigned but still weighing next to nothing. The Cloudventure Peak is also a top contender for the Racing Trail Shoe Category above.

Equally ranked for buffed trails would be the Nike Pegasus 36 Trail, an excellent all-rounder!

Men’s    Women’s

On Cloudventure Peak Reviews

On Cloudventure Peak Review (2nd Edition)

Interested in learning more about the ON Running brand? We have the largest collection of in-depth and professional On running shoe reviews on the web.

2. Inov-8 Trailroc 285

trailroc 285 blue grey 2

The Inov-8 Trailroc 285 works particularly well on hard ground due to its exceptional foot plate that protects the bottom of your feet. And because it also performs well in wet conditions it became our chosen all-round trail shoes for most of 2018.

Price Comparison for Inov-8 Trailroc 285

Men’s    Women’s

Inov-8 Trailroc 285 Reviews

Inov-8 Trailroc 285 Men’s Review / Inov-8 Trailroc 285 Women’s Review

Best Barefoot Running Shoes (Zero Drop Shoes)

If you’ve heard about barefoot running or the use of zero drop running shoes before, then you’ve probably also learned that they come with various benefits. Sometimes referred to as minimal running, this is the art of re-aligning your running style to a more natural and efficient one.

Zero drop running shoes allow you to run with a zero drop (from heel to toe), whilst still providing protection from the trail or road surface under-foot. To learn more about barefoot running and how you can practice it, have a read of our easy to follow guide: The Freedom of Barefoot Running: How-To Guide

1. Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SG

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SG Best Trail Running Shoes Trail and Kale

The Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SG lets you wear your sustainability statement, ready to hit the trails with high-profile lugs for excellent grip on muddy and loose terrain. They use recycled plastic bottles to construct a quick-draining and breathable shoe, featuring a lightweight stretchy ankle collar for unrestrained mobility whilst keeping out dirt and grit.

Drop: 0mm / Weight: 10.6 oz / Support Type: Natural.

Find the best price below with our custom price comparison widget

2. Altra Lone Peak 4.5

Altra Lone Peak 4.5 Best Trail Running Shoes Trail and Kale

The Altra Lone Peak 4.5 has a new trimmed down upper to enhance comfort and flexibility, while the midsole foam has been tweaked for a more resilient feel underfoot. Altra signature FootShape™ toe boxes allow the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position.

We are fans of low/zero drop running and the fact that they stick to their guns by creating zero drop shoes is a major reason why Altra has such a large fan base of repeat buyers!

Drop: 0mm / Weight: 10.5oz / Support Type: Neutral.

Price Comparison for Altra Lone Peak 4.5

Best Trail Running Shoes For Tough Mudder & Spartan Events

Uhh ohhhh! Have you just signed yourself up for a Tough Mudder or Spartan? You’re in for a world of pain… and fun, don’t forget the fun part, albeit “type-2 fun”. ? The two most important things to think about when choosing a trail running shoe for these types of events are:

  1. Will water pass through the shoe and will it dry off quickly?
  2. Is the grip good enough for thick mud or the obstacles when the shoes are wet?

I have first hand experience of what works and what doesn’t during these obstacle course events and it tells me that these shoes will get you through like a champion. Share this article with your team mates because you don’t complete one of these events until your whole team crosses that finish line. Hoo Rah!!

1. Salomon Speedcross 5

Salomon Speedcross 5

The Salomon Speedcross range has long been a popular shoe amongst runners who love to get dirty on the trails, but also for hikers who don’t want to wear heavy hiking boots. To any hikers looking for a lightweight shoe as an alternative to a boot, I always point them towards the Speedcross. This is why I choose these shoes as the best trail running shoes for Spartan and Tough Mudder OCR courses. They’re workhorse shoes that will perform and endure pretty much anything your throw at them.

The Speedcross 5 is a new release and it promises all the same features as the beloved Speedcross that came before it, with even more grip, even more stability and even more dynamic uppers. They take rugged off-road performance to another level.

Compare Prices for Salomon Speedcross 5

Men’s    Women’s

2. Salomon S-Lab XA Amphib 2

Salomon s Lab XA Amphib 2 best trail running shoes for swimrun trail and kale

The XA Amphib 2 is one shoe, in and out of the water. This is a true Swim-Run racing shoe designed by and for the athletes in the sport. It’s fast and super efficient both wet and dry which is why it’s the perfect shoe for OCR events.

They drain so well that you’ll be able to wash these off after your race and they will still look and feel new, just as well because they aren’t cheap. The Salomon XA Amphib 2 is definitely the best trail running shoes for Swim-run events.

I ran 2x Tough Mudders in my Salomon S/Lab Sense SG trail running shoes but only because the XA Amphib 2 didn’t exist back then! This is a unisex shoe so if you’re looking for the women’s version, it’s on the same link below. Here’s a video of one of those Tough Mudders: Tough Mudder South West Video.

Price Comparison for Salomon S-Lab XA Amphib 2

Best Trail Running Shoes For Vertical Kilometer (VK) races

A Vertical Kilometer is an uphill mountain running race, which ascends approximately 1000 meters while covering a distance of no more than 5km. The spelling is in the European format (‘kilometer’, as opposed to ‘kilometre’) and it is often referred to as a ‘VK’ or ‘VKM’. There is nothing quite like a Vertical Kilometer, at times you’ll feel like your heart is going to pump out of your chest, while at other times you may experience vertigo due to the steep and technical nature of such races.

Whatever emotions you end up experience, make sure you’re not thinking that you wish you had the right shoes for such a challenge.

1. La Sportiva VK

la sportiva vk best vertical kilometer trail running shoes trail and kale

The La Sportiva VK is a mountain running shoe created specifically for Vertical Kilometer endeavors. This shoe was designed in collaboration with the VK world record holder – La Sportiva Mountain Running® athlete Urban Zemmer. This purpose-built lightweight trail running shoe is specifically for short, steep trails and are the best trail running shoes for the Vertical Kilometer.

It’s a snug-fitting shoe with seamless uppers to hug your feet as you go, although designed to be snug, it’s recommended that you go half a size up to get a better fit. The toe cap and rock-guard at the forefoot offer rock protection while the lightweight rubber sole helps you conquer steep trails, quickly.
The versatile tread will help you get your footing on rocks and mud alike, two very common terrains on a VK.

Best price for the La Sportiva VK


  1. I’m on my 3rd pair of Speedcross 4s and absolutely love them. However I’m starting to get metarsal bruising in my left foot. I’m in AZ and as you know it’s very rocky here. I was looking at a pair of Hokas but not sure which ones to go after. The Speedgoats? The Stinson atr because of the added stability in the uppers? Also not a fan of the Bushidos. Altra lone peaks were way too wide and felt very sloppy. I love the fit and stability of the Speedcross but I think they are just not padded enough for the terrain I’m on. Thanks and great read!

    • Hi Shaun,

      Thanks for dropping by!

      The Speedcross are excellent, I agree. Have you tried Merrell by any chance? I think you may enjoy the comfort, responsiveness and grip of the new Agility Peak Flex 3 (I’m going to be reviewing it in full this week) – It’s this one here:


  2. Dear Alastair,
    what about the Terraultra 260 as a versatile long distance shoe (approx. 40-60km), enough cushion ? Or do you have a comparison shoe cushion-wise) ? Inov 8 is quite harsh in hard ground after my Experimente…
    Thank you, Ingo

    • Hi Ingo!

      It should be good for that distance, but my top choices for that distance right now would be the La Sportiva Bushido 2, or the Salomon S-Lab Ultra 2 (both in this list, and great shoes).

      Do you have any experience with them?


  3. Hi and thank you for the fast andere…the Salomon is too narrow, but I tried the Bushido 1 lately and was really impressed. As the Bushido 2 seems to be Note flexible, I might give it a try, good review of yours.
    Kind regards from Germany, Ingo

  4. The Lone Peak is a shoe I really like but the midsole is dead after 150 miles. So basically I’m looking for a replacement. The Terraultra has way less cushion I suppose, right ?
    Thank you, Ingo

    • I’ve only worn my new Terraultra G 260 for shorter runs so far (I’ve worn Lone Peak 4.0’s for a 50K), but the amount of cushioning in those Inov8’s is surprising. Although the stack height listed online is quite low, it doesn’t feel like it when I’m running in them. The midsole almost feels just like a firmer version of the Lone Peaks; I didn’t even notice that it was thinner. The wide toebox also gives them somewhat of an Altra-like feel. I’m interested to see how they feel over longer runs.

  5. Hi, I’ve signed up for Tough Mudder classic, and need guidance on which shoes to buy. I suffer from compartment syndrome in my calves, have had operation to relieve but still use insoles. Any advice on which shoes would give best support and comfort would be great.

    • Hi Neil!

      The Salomon Speedcross 5 is an excellent shoe for Tough Mudder because they have such good grip. Perfect for deep mud (like the mud mile) and also for Everest when you may be attempting it while your shoes are wet. They also have great support and drain well. That would be my choice!

      It’s on this list in the bottom section ‘Running Shoes For Tough Mudder & Spartan Events’. Have a great time at Tough Mudder! 🙂


  6. Hi,
    I’ve been running in the Nike Terra Kieger 4 which I’ve really liked, mostly 15-30km run range. They need replaced now and I just cant decide if I should go with the new terra kiger 5 or try something else? Have been looking at the cascadia’s, salamons or new balance hierro as options. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Dan,

      I think if you’ve been enjoying the Kiger 4 then you should really like the extra improvements Nike have made to the 5. The Cascadia 13 is a great shoe too though, and I’m always enjoy running in Salomon shoes. I have to say though, my current favorite is the La Sportiva Bushido 2.

      Hope you find your next shoe, let me know what you go for and how you get on with them.


  7. Hello! I’ve signed up for the Beaverhead 55km ultramarathon and am needing a pair of trail runners. I love Nike pegasus turbo’s for road running, do you have any suggestions?

  8. Hi I am running the tough Mudder and just bought HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 3 Trail-Running Shoes. I seen the recommendations in the article but those shoes just don’t have the same feel as the Hokas. Do you think I made a mistake and the Hokas will not drain well enough after the water obstacles? Do you think they will be to heavy?

  9. Hi! Thanks for the article. I live in Costa Rica and there’s micro-climate every 3-5 miles. I mostly run 10-25k, I’ve been using the Altra Superior 4.0 but now I’m looking for a replacement. I’m looking for something that performs well in rough dry climates to a mid mud type of terrain with rain sometimes. PS. I have a wide feet and tends to swallow after a while. Thanks!

  10. Hi there, thanks for the in depth reviews – they are so valuable! I was wondering if the Adidas TERREX AGRAVIC XT MEN’S TRAIL didnt make the list, or if you haven’t finished the long term review for it?

    • Hi James,

      I’m going to be reviewing the Agravic XT very soon but unfortunately I don’t think it will be making it onto our ‘best trail running shoes’ list due to the their stiffness in the upper and outsole.


  11. I am on my 3rd pair of ON Cloudventures (the second pair with the new, more square pods on the bottom) – they are my go to for muddy, technical trails and races with variable surfaces (I just ran a 25 mile race that combined rooty single track, grass, gravel and even a little road). I’ve had people ask me if the pods get mud trapped in them but I have not found that to be the case at all – you might hear a mild “squish” for a few seconds after coming out of a bog or through a creek, but both the pods and the shoe itself drain quickly. The longest race I have run in them is 50 miles and I felt supported throughout. I definitely find that I feel more confident on steep descents with these than with other trail shoes I have worn – the pods seem to “grip” the slopes well.

  12. Hi Alastair,

    I am looking for a versatile trial shoe that is suitable for marathons and ultras.
    I have participating in a 40 mile ultra later this month in Worcestershire which will cover some road running, farmlands, hills, meadows etc.
    I typically have a low arch, medium/over pronation.
    I was looking at a pair of Inov8 Roclite 305 but can’t seem to find a pair in my size, so have been looking at the Trialroc 285 GTX and Nike Pegasus 36 GTX. Ideally looking something at an affordable price.
    Also any recommendations on road shoes would be great as well- I bought a pair of Adidas UltraBoost ST six months ago however the outsole rubber on both shoes have already worn and split so they are on their last legs.


    • Hey Dave,

      The all-round shoe That I’m living right now is the Pegasus 36 Trail. It drains well if you do get soaked through. The GTX version is also a great show and waterproof, but the weatherproofing comes at the cost of a little extra flexibility. Both are very durable and relatively well prices when you look at the competition.

      And the road shoes I love right now are the On Cloudflow(also reviewed on the site) and the Pegasus 36. Good luck in your Ultra!


    • I can’t wait to find out! They will be arriving in the mail early next week and I’ll be spending a lot of time on the trails testing them. Watch this space…


  13. Thanks for a great post. Having used Altra now for a few years – Its hard to be able to consider anything else. I was on Vivo before, but love the cushioning now on Altra. I’m not convinced of the quality of Altra. Anything similar to recommend. Wide, zero drop is a must.

  14. Cheers for the round up. Personally get on well with Merrell but not tried the Agility Peak Flex 3, will keep an eye out for them. Always find that the uppers go on my shoes (of all brands) any that were stand out in terms of durability? Be interested to hear the comunities views on this one.


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Hey, I'm Alastair. I started Trail & Kale to share the mental & physical benefits that trail running and nature had given me. This site now inspires hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to trail run, hike, adventure more, and live a healthy plant-based lifestyle. It's also a place to learn how to chase your dreams, untether from convention and live more self-sustainably.

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