Alleviate Therapy Review: Plantar Fasciitis Treatment For A Long-Term Fix

The arch brace, massaging tool and exercise program for runners with Plantar Fasciitis heel pain. It really works!


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If like me, you’ve experienced heel and arch pain from repeated bouts of Plantar Fascia inflammation, then you’ve probably tried a variety of treatments and ways to get rid of Plantar Fasciitis.

Well, you’re in luck as in this Alleviate Therapy review I’m sharing my experience of using their arch brace, massage tool, and exercise program to fix my own lingering PF issues as part of my 8-step runners’ guide to treating plantar fasciitis at home.

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Let me know if this sounds familiar to you: For a long time now, I’ve been trying to fix that heel pain that so many of us runners (and hikers) suffer from, only to find it flares up when you get back to being active, and running for longer and further once more.

There are already many ways to treat plantar fasciitis out there, including shoes, custom orthotics, inserts, special sandals, socks, night splints, and bulky boots and braces, and you can also try to make life a little easier at home by wearing recovery shoes or slides.

By the way, if you’re suffering from Achilles tendinitis right now too, or it’s something that comes and goes, read my How To Recover From Achilles Heel Pain guide next to learn how I fix that issue quickly.

Taping up your foot arches using kinesiology tape is another popular method used to help alleviate that pain in your heel – perhaps you’ve tried this yourself already.

However, all of those ‘fixes’ don’t really solve the problem of why you get that heel pain in the first place, they just help ease it, temporarily.

So frustrating when you want it to go away so you can get back to running, hiking, or simply being able to get out of bed in the morning and be able to walk without heel pain.

So, how do you get rid of the heel pain for good?

Well, seeing a doctor or PT would be a good start, of course.

As well as easing the pain so you can recover, you need to fix your feet and strengthen your feet and lower legs to help prevent it from coming back to hurt you in the future.

If you want to try and fix plantar fasciitis issues yourself, then Alleviate Therapy’s brace and massage products may just be what you’re looking for.

If you would like to learn more about Plantar Fasciitis because you think you may have it, head over to read this helpful article on Alleviate’s website, and there’s also some insights on my plantar fasciitis guide for runners that may help shed light on WHY you’ve been getting the issue in the first place.

Using the Alleviate Therapy plantar fasciitis massager tool the right way

About Alleviate’s System For Plantar Fasciitis

The Alleviate Therapy system that you can buy as a bundle is made up of three parts:

  1. A plantar fasciitis brace (the ‘Loft 2 Brace’) to support your arches and alleviate the pain immediately
  2. A foot arch massager for plantar fasciitis that you can use to massage your sore heels and arches
  3. An online series of progressive exercises for plantar fasciitis to help strengthen your feet with the goal to stop getting this pain for good. The exercises are really the key to long-term success and foot strengthening.

To really benefit from the system, choose a bundle that includes a brace, the arch massager and the exercises: See Alleviate Therapy’s pricing on their website.

Alleviate’s ‘Loft’ Arch Support Brace

If you’ve tried other treatments, then you may already be familiar with foot taping as a way to provide an arch support brace to help with the pain and mobility.

Alleviate Therapy plantar fasciitis brace velcro

The problem with taping such as kinesiology taping is that you can’t always do it yourself, and you may not be able to get a professional ‘tape job’ done regularly.

Enter Alleviate’s Loft 2 Brace.

Alleviate’s Founder, Luke Ferdinands (a Physical Therapist, by the way), worked with a former Nike shoe designer to create the original Loft, a brace that mimics the support of an expert tape job, which is now on its second version, the Loft 2.

The Loft 2’s three key components work together to provide relief by unloading the stress on your plantar fascia. 

  1. The Lacing System allows a precise fit, with laces that act as a suspension bridge, lifting the arch for immediate pain relief. 
  2. The Arch Strap which holds the arch in its natural shape by lifting it, closely replicating a pro taping technique.
  3. The Heel Pad creates extra cushioning for the part of your foot that can hurt the most.
Putting on the Alleviate Therapy plantar fasciitis brace lacing system
The original Loft’s boa lace adjustment has been replaced with laces on the Loft 2 brace

Unlike other arch braces, the Loft 2 brace is made from breathable materials and also fits in some shoes, with or without socks, and with or without an existing orthotic, if you use one. This is enabled by the nature of the materials used, and the relatively thin profile of the arch strap.

Whether or not it fits in your shoes depends how loosely your shoes fit in the first place. I can wear it with a pair of looser running shoes, if the shoelaces are loosened fully and I don’t wear socks, as shown with my right foot in the picture below.

Using the Alleviate Therapy plantar fasciitis brace with shoes
The Alleviate Loft 2 brace when worn with a pair of running shoes (the On Cloudrunner, in case you were wondering)

The Alleviate Foot Arch Massager

One of the best foot massage tools I’ve come across, the geometry of the Alleviate Arch Massager is precision-engineered to help you massage painful spots at home.

Alleviate Therapy review plantar fasciitis treatment Trail and Kale web wm 9
Folding out the support legs on the heel/arch massager

This isn’t trying to make do and make a difference with a golf or lacrosse ball.

This foot massage tool is actually designed so that you’re able to work on your arch and heel with the same amount of pressure created by the type of steel soft tissue massage tools that a PT or sports massage professional may use on you (known as Graston Therapy, or IASTM).

You can use it sitting or standing, and when folded up it fits in your hand and can easily be stashed in a gym or kit bag and taken with you if you need it when on the road.

Alleviate Therapy review plantar fasciitis treatment Trail and Kale web wm 10
The arch massager tool folds down small and neatly

The point of this massage is to apply pressure to the sole of your foot and break up scar tissue from Plantar Fasciitis around your foot arch, which can make it weak and inflexible.

This is basically one of the reasons the pain keeps recurring, so it needs to go!

It will mostly feel a little painful as you massage, but it should be a good kind of pain. This is normal, just don’t overdo it.

To help with the massage, it’s also a good idea to consider getting Alleviate’s Recovery Balm, which is a small deodorant-style stick you can rub on the sole of your feet to help them glide more easily over the tool as you apply pressure – plus, it contains ingredients such as Arnica which may help with inflammation.

Here’s a short video of me using it on my right foot:

Learn more about Alleviate’s patented foot arch massager on their website.

Alleviate Therapy review plantar fasciitis treatment Trail and Kale web wm 5
Getting in deep into that tight area of my Plantar Fascia with the heel massager

Alleviate’s Arch Massage Program: Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

The Alleviate Therapy Arch Exercise Program can be accessed on mobile and desktop.

The Arch Exercise Program walks you through a progression of simple, research-backed exercises to build strength and stability throughout your arch, foot, ankle, and leg.

Working through these plantar fasciitis exercises is key to working towards preventing the injury that causes the pain in the first place.

With stronger feet and legs, as well as the right running shoes and a sensible approach to your run training, the objective is that plantar fasciitis pain will become a thing of the past!

Bottom of the Alleviate Therapy plantar fasciitis brace
A close-up of the Alleviate Loft 2 brace, showing the padding and support you get underfoot

Cost and where to buy Alleviate’s Braces and Arch Massager

Alleviate’s products are available to buy directly from

Prices range from $85 per foot for a Loft 2 foot brace, and $75 for the arch massaging tool, if you want to buy one or the other.

I definitely recommend you consider getting the Plantar Fasciitis System, which costs $160 and includes the Arch Exercise Program (which is sooo important!), massaging tool and one Loft 2 foot brace (you choose which foot and size). You can also add the other Loft 2 foot brace for an additional $85.

Plantar Fasciitis System Performance Edition

As well as the Plantar Fasciitis System described above, know that Alleviate now also offers a ‘Performance Edition’ of the system, that includes foot braces for both feet, the recovery balm (that you’d otherwise need to buy separately), and and a pair of graduated compression socks.

The compression socks are a great addition, because there are times when you won’t want or be able to wear the foot braces but still want some relief, for example during post-workout cooldowns, restorative sleep, or extended periods of sitting.

The Performance Edition of the Plantar Fasciitis System costs $317 (before you apply our 15% discount code), so if you go for this option you’ll have everything you need for round-the-clock recovery.

It’s also worth knowing that for all these products, with the company’s returns policy, if you don’t love it or get the results you wanted then you can return the tools and get your money back.

So it’s totally worth a try to see if these tools can help you, risk-free – just give the system some time and consistent use as described in the video tutorials.

To check current prices of all products visit Alleviate Therapy’s website and use our exclusive code TRAILANDKALE for 15% Off your order.

For a long-term solution to a very annoying running injury, I believe the cost of these products is a reasonable to pay, and hope you also find it helpful if you choose to buy their products for yourself.

It’s also great to know that you can use your HSA/FSA to pay for the Alleviate Therapy arch brace and foot massage tools, making this a tax-efficient healthcare purchase.

Alleviate offers free shipping in the contiguous United States for all orders over $100.

Alleviate Therapy review summary


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