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On Cloud Review: On’s Most Popular Lightweight Running Shoes [Cloud 5]

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On Cloudswift Review LATEST EDITION [What the Helion!?]

Visit our On Running Shoes Buyer's Guide to find the best On shoes ranked & reviewed.

All opinions are our own and never influenced by brands. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here's our process.

The On Running Cloudswift is a running shoe that’s very different from other On running shoes, not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also in how it feels and responds while running. Interested in getting up to 40% OFF On running shoes? Visit On’s Classic range page to see their latest deals.


Of course, none of this is by chance, On has been hard at work to innovate on an already innovative running shoe with this latest edition of the On Cloudswift.

This On Cloudswift review takes a detailed look at every feature of the Cloudswift running shoes, how well they perform and feel while running, how I think they stack up against all the other On Running shoes I have reviewed (all of them), and I’ll also be sharing my pros and cons along with an overall rating.

On Cloudswift Running Shoes Fit & Design

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 8
On Cloudswift review

On Cloudswift Upper Construction

The On Cloud Cloudswift running shoes wrap around my feet with a snug, comfortable fit.

This is made possible by what On calls their ‘engineered-mesh sock’ which is designed to hug your foot for a precise and breathable fit.

This feature is a first from On and allows a slip-on fit that’s just as comfortable as the popular On Cloud shoes.

The upper mesh is extremely breathable too, which you’ll notice when running in hot weather. When I run in these, under the full heat of the California sun, my feet always stay cool throughout the run.


On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 7
On Cloudswift Running Shoes

The Cloudswift shoes upper is made with a variety of materials, varying in tensile strength, stretch and support.

Looking towards the mid-foot section of the upper you can see the mechanical side-band which gently supports your feet, it has a bit of stretch in it too.

The holes that the laces loop through in the side-band also allow for a quick and easy lace fastening because the laces glide through it when pulled from the top, with little to no friction.

Something that you can’t really tell from the photos is that behind the side-band of the Cloudswift running shoes lies a hidden pocket, a place to stash your laces once tied up.

This reduces lace flap and stops them from ever being able to untie themselves, It looks tidy too!

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 13
On Cloudswift review

Padding around the heel area is soft and comfortable. The side walls don’t rise too high either, which give me more flexibility in the ankle/Achilles heel areas without unwanted rubbing.

It’s generally a really comfortable fit that feels great right out the box, with absolutely no ‘breaking-in’ necessary.

On Running Cloudswift Sizing Consistency

The general fit of Cloudswift running shoes is consistent with other On Cloud shoes, which is also consistent with other popular brands including Nike, Salomon, Inov-8, and Merrell.

They do feel ever so slightly roomier because of the one-piece construction, but the size is accurate. This is true for the On Cloudswift women’s too.


The shoe slips on very easily and feels like your favorite slipper. There’s a neutral arch, which I love. This neutral feel is consistent with all other On running shoes I have worn.

I really like the lack of seams inside this new design too, there’s really nothing in there to rub on your feet or cause discomfort.

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 4
On Cloudswift Running Shoes Side View


There’s very good cushioning in the Cloudswift shoes’ midsole, that makes these shoes excellent for long distance running, even marathons.

When I’m running in them, I feel like I can just keep going because my feet stay feeling fresh and protected, the internal temperature regulation is so good that my feet don’t sweat either, which contributes to overall comfort.

On Running Cloudswift Outsole – Made With Helion Superfoam

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 6
Tread on the Cloudswift Shoes

It’s all about the Helion! On’s relatively new superfoam, Helion provides a really lightweight, comfortable, and also responsive ride.

It’s a very different feel to On’s that have come before, and I love that classic ‘running on clouds’ feeling. I think I may prefer running on Helion even more though!

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 5
Heel cage on the Cloudswift shoes

I can also feel that the Cloudswift running shoes’ outsole has a ‘rocker’ construction. This means that in its default state, the outsole curves up at the rear and the front.

This in conjunction with On’s Speedboard, helps me to transfer my energy to forward momentum much faster than a shoe with a flatter sole. See image below for the rear rocker.

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 9
subtle rear rocker on the Cloudswift

The tread provides very good grip, I know this as I had to dodge a few people at a moments notice, when they jumped out in front of me during 5km speed training.

I can change direction in a split second with complete control.

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 14
Cloudswift Helion outsole and grip pattern

Drop & Weight

There’s a drop of 7mm from heel to toe. It’s a happy medium for runners who like a minimal drop and others who prefer more.

I’m a fan of keeping the drop as low as possible as it helps to improve my running form due to the more natural footfall.

Many other road shoes will go as high as 10mm and beyond, a drop that high would be too much for me as I find it affects my form.

Weighing in at 282g the Cloudswift is 8g lighter than its predecessor, and a very lightweight running shoe, you’ll be able to run hard and far in a shoe this light.

Toe Box

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 10

The toe box is a medium width and feels nice and airy due to the breathable upper material.

Where to Buy the On Cloudswift

I personally recommend buying On Running gear from their online store below.

‘On Happiness Delivers’ is their customer service team, and they’re excellent to deal with should you ever have to return a pair of shoes!

Buttons below to learn more about Cloudswift Men’s and Cloudswift women’s shoes at on-running.com.

On Cloudswift Review updated trail and kale web wm 1
On Cloudswift review – Trail and Kale

On Cloudswift Review Summary

on cloudswift review product
On Cloudswift Review
Design & Function
Helion outsole provides great cushioning and response
Very breathable upper
The one-piece upper construction wraps nicely around your feet
Good color options
Nice hidden pocket to stash laces
Overall Score

The first Cloudswift was something very new from On, not only did it look unlike any other On’s it also had and still does have a different feel to it while running.

If you’ve ‘run on clouds’ before, then you won’t be disappointed with the Cloudswift, On knocked it out the park again with the latest edition of the Cloudswift lightweight running shoes.

The shoe fits very comfortably and feels just as comfortable while running, even after many miles. The breathable upper keeps the temperature of your feet nicely regulated, on the hottest of days.

Then there’s the cushy superfoam, Helion!

This cushioned material makes running on asphalt a breeze because of its surprisingly good energy transfer when combined with the rocker outsole design, and the strong speedboard that supports it.

The On Cloudswift is now my go-to road running shoe for speedwork and racking up weekly road miles. As a result, it has also toppled the On Cloud X from the top spot of my ‘Best On Shoes Ranked and Reviewed‘ post.

Still not sure which On Running Shoes to buy?

Visit our Best On-Running Shoes Guide for an ordered list of the top ON shoes for road and trail running, each with links to our respective On Shoe reviews. Designed to make your buying decisions simpler.


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  1. Ran for the first time in my Cloudswifts. There is something very familiar yet different to them. So far so good!!! Definitely my new go to running shoes.

  2. Hi,

    I am looking to buying either Cloudswift or Cloudflow 2.0 and I am torn in between. I will use them both for training and competing in amateur level triath.lon Sprint and a bit later Olympic distance. I usually run between 5-10 km and only on roads and also am recovering from slight knee injury from running. Based on your reviews I am leaning towards Cloudswift and maybe some time down the road additionally getting Cloudflow just to compete. What would be your advice?

    • Hi Mantas,

      I think you are correct! I would have said Cloudflow 2 until you said you had a slight knee injury (The Cloudflow 2 is a touch more minimal with less cushioning).

      They are both great shoes however and nowadays I personally prefer running in the slightly more minimal Cloudflow 2.



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