Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review: Ultralight Gear Just Got Even Lighter!

When an insulated, packable active hoodie weighs as little as an iPhone and is as versatile as a Swiss army knife... I'm bagging it!


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In this review, I explain the key features, potential uses, pros and cons of the Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie, which is a highly packable, lightweight, technical jacket.

It has some nice technical and thoughtful features that I explain and share photos of throughout this Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie review.

This is currently my favorite mid-to-outer layer jacket, which I can wear in pretty much any situation where I want to keep warm but also regulate temperature.

Further down in this Outdoor Vitals review, I’ve also included a video of the hoodie which is shared on our YouTube channel together with lots of other video gear reviews we’ve tried and tested over the years.

Ventus hoodie sizing and fit | Outdoor Vitals Review

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 6
Active fit | Outdoor Vitals review

The Ventus Hoodie by Outdoor Vitals comes in a slim, active fit.

This was appealing to me as I like to wear this style of that doesn’t go baggy – I don’t like all that extra flap when I’m doing outdoor activities, so I appreciate that this is a close-fitting jacket.

Because it is a slim fit, though, it’s important to ensure you get the size right, so use the sizing chart on the Outdoor Vitals website.

For reference, I’m 5ft 8″, have an athletic kind of build and I’ve gone with the size small and like I said, I like my clothing to be fairly fitted when worn.

So, in summary on sizing and fit, I really like the fit of this Outdoor Vitals has done a really good job there.

Key features of the Outdoor Vitals Ventus hoodie

The standout feature of the Ventus hoodie is that this is an ultra-lightweight, jacket that weighs just 7oz in total – this is crazy-light for something so warm!

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review Trail and Kale's Outdoor Vitals review
Trail and Kale’s Outdoor Vitals review

When you compare that to something like an iPhone 12, which weighs 6.6 ounces, that’s really just like bringing another phone with you when you’re out, whether that’s for everyday business or on an adventure such as a hiking, camping, fastpacking or ultralight backpacking trip.

So this jacket gives you good protection from the elements and a warm, insulating layer, yet weighs next to nothing to carry or wear, which is pretty impressive.

Packing and removing the hoodie from its pocket

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors - Trail and Kale's Outdoor Vitals review
Visit outdoorvitals.com to see available colors

To store the Ventus Hoodie, it packs up into its own pocket, which is an interior pocket when worn.

See my video review, below, for a demonstration of how easy it is to remove it from, and pack it back up into the pocket.

Because of the materials used, it will look crinkled and wrinkled the first time you kind of take it out of that pack.

However, over time (actually not much time), those wrinkles drop out and you don’t really notice them, especially when you’re wearing it.

The Outdoor Vitals Active Hoodie hood

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 10

The hood on the Ventus Active Hoodie is awesome.

As you can see, there’s no obstruction from the sides – important when you’re moving around doing something like mountain biking, running or hiking and need your peripheral vision unobscured.

I can see clearly when I’m moving my head and I like the way the hood actually moves with your head – it’s not too big that your head’s moving within the hood, but it still offers great wind protection.

The hood is also insulated, so it’s more than just a shell – another feature that I like a lot.

For more on the technical specifications of this jacket, including videos explaining the thought and work that has gone into designing the insulation and other features, visit the Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie product page.

Ventus Hoodie’s ripstop shell and insulation

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 14

This kind of ripstop material on the exterior is durable, and the jacket itself is surprisingly well insulated. You start to feel warm within a minute of putting it on.

This is such an efficiently insulating jacket especially when you consider it weighs only seven ounces.

The Ventus active hoodie also has some stretch in it, which is great if you’re going to be moving in the mountains or doing any kind of outdoor activity as it doesn’t constrict you when you’re trying to move fast or just move in general.

The material used is 20D Ripstop Nylon which is what keeps the hoodie so durable and ultralight.

So the exterior coating repels water, so it’s water resistant. I’ve been using it for a month in some rainy conditions and it’s good at repelling water (the rainwater just runs off or shakes off), but at some point, it will soak through as it’s not considered a fully waterproof jacket.

For a fully waterproof rain jacket that will withstand a downpour and prolonged exposure in storms, etc, you may also want to check out Outdoor Vitals’ Tushar rain jacket, designed for that use.

These minimal thumb loops are a win for me

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 7

I really like the thumb loops because they’re so minimal and that obviously contributes to the low weight of this active hoodie or jacket.

The idea here is that if you if you’re wearing another jacket on top or you just don’t want your sleeves rolling up then the thumb loops keep them in place.

Discreet Logo detailing

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 8

I like the fact the Outdoor Vitals logo is quite discreet. It’s a nice little owl logo, but it doesn’t stand out. And I kind of like that in a world where there’s branding and advertising being shoved in your face everywhere you look.

I really like kind of having not much branding on my clothing, it looks cool and people don’t really know what you’re wearing so it might make them a bit more curious to ask.

Other notable features of this Outdoor Vitals jacket

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors - Trail and Kale's Outdoor Vitals review

Half Zip – The half zip on this hoodie makes it very easy to put on over your head.

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 16

Longer back – the Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie also has kind of a long, slightly longer in the back. So if you’re sitting or just generally you’ve got more protection protections so you don’t get any kind of cold air or wind going up from the back because you will actually be sitting on it when you’re sitting down.

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 12

Armpit vents – if you’re out somewhere, you get a little bit hot, maybe you’re ski touring or doing an intense activity and it’s starting to get hot. Just lift your arms up, let some air in. What I like about these is if it is cold out and you don’t lift your arms up, then you don’t get a lot of ventilation, so you’re still going to be kept warm.

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 13

Adjustable waist toggle – if you need to keep cold air from entering (or warm air from escaping) out of the waist area then you can adjust the toggles on the inside to tighten the hoodie jacket around your waist. Or alternatively, loosen it for a looser fit.

What’s the Ventus jacket best for?

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review outdoors Trail and Kale web wm 5

As mentioned earlier in this review, one of the best things about this Outdoor Vitals jacket is that it’s so versatile.

You can wear it for pretty much anything where you need that layer of insulated, windproof, and waterproof protection.

Types of activities it’s great for include trail running, hiking, backpacking, fastpacking, warming up after a day on the water, doing DIY around your home, or simply out and about in cooler weather.

You could also wear it as a mid-layer in cold weather, such as for snowsports like skiing and snowshoeing, and winter hikes.

Because it’s so light and packs down so small you can really take it anywhere!

Cost and where to buy the Ventus hoodie

The Ventus Active Hoodie is available exclusively from Outdoor Vitals in their online store. Its retail price is $180 at the time of writing this review, but to check current pricing and any special deals they may be running, visit their website:

Review summary


Video review

More photos of the Outdoor Vitals hoodie

As the founder of Trail & Kale, and seasoned marathoner & ultrarunner, Alastair loves bringing our readers independent running shoe reviews and gear insights to help you run your best. Learn more about Trail & Kale here.



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