The Best Gifts For Runners: Accessories, Shoes, GPS & More!

We've personally tried every product on this running gift list and have selected only the very best running gear that ranked highly in our reviews.

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Whether your favorite runner prefers the thrill of navigating rollercoaster trails, or the self-discipline required to hit consistent splits on the roads, running is a sport that brings so much joy, fitness, and health, and has a knack for delivering restorative mental health benefits time and time again.

All these benefits of running are partly what got me addicted to trail running in particular, in the first place.

Running on the roads requires a different range of gear compared to trail running but there is certainly a great deal of overlap with clothing and accessories.

With that in mind I’ve made this ‘Gifts For Runners’ buyer’s guide as easy to navigate as possible so that you can quickly find the ideal gift for your favorite runner whether they run on the roads or trail run:

  • The best running gifts – this list includes top-rated running accessories and gear for men and women.
  • The best trail running gifts – this list includes the best trail running accessories and gear for men and women.

Throughout this list of gifts for runners I have clearly marked who each running gift would be great for (men/women/new runner/marathoner/ultrarunner), why they’ll love it, and how much it costs.

All these gifts for runners have been tested by the Team here at Trail and Kale HQ and have been rated highly in our testing and reviews.

These are the best gifts for runners because they all offer excellent durability, performance, and value for money – which means you can’t really go wrong, with whichever gift you choose for your favorite runner.

This list is also fun to browse if you’re new to running and are looking for the best running gear to treat yourself with too, as we only recommend the gear we’ve tested and have rated highly.

If you need even more inspiration for great gift ideas, visit our Gifts For Outdoorsy People or our Camping Gift Guide next! There are plenty of cool gift suggestions in there for nature lovers who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Let’s get to it then – here’s our ever-evolving list of best year-round and seasonal gifts for runners. Tap the heart icon at the bottom of your screen to bookmark this page ready for the next time you need to buy a running gift.

The Best Gifts For Runners

Shokz OpenRun Pro bone conduction headphones best running headphones

Shokz OpenRun Pro Wireless Headphones ($179.95)

The Shokz OpenRun Pro is ranked number 1 on our best running headphones buyer’s guide, and for good reason, in our running tests, they outperformed other running headphones in nearly every category.

For anyone who may get nauseous running with earbuds (or simply don’t like the experience), outside-ear bone conduction headphones are a great choice for you!

I recently gave a pair to my sister who has recently started running, and she is loving the experience of being able to clearly hear everything that’s going on around in her immediate environment, as well as listen to music while running.

They are the perfect gift for men or women because they’ll get so much use out of them and they’re very reasonably priced.

✔ Learn more about these outside-the-ear bone conduction headphones in my detailed Shokz OpenRun Pro review.

Lululemon fleece reflective running beanie best winter running hats

lululemon Fleece Reflective Running Beanie

This warm lululemon fleece beanie is made from wonderfully soft, water-repellent, stretchy technical fleece material that wicks sweat away and provides much-needed insulation from the cold on those winter runs.

As well as keeping your head warm and shielded from the elements, it will also keep ears warm, and features reflective accents that provide 360 degree visibility to other road and path users.

It comes in two sizes, two colors (blue and black) and is designed to fit both men and women.

BioLite HeadLamp 425

BioLite HeadLamp 425

Running at night is almost like a rite of passage for runners. There will come a time when you simply have to run in the dark in order to stay on track with your marathon training plan or fitness regime because let’s face it, the days are annoyingly short during the winter months.

With that said, it’s crucial to have a high-quality headlamp to run with and the BioLite Headlamp 425 is that headlamp whether they run on trails or the road with a bounce-free experience!

This is the most comfortable, and feature-full headlamp I have ever used for running, and as such, it won our coveted Editor’s Choice award, topping the charts of our ‘Best Running Headlamps’ Buyer’s Guide.

✔ To learn more about this fantastic headlamp for running, read my Biolite HeadLamp 425 review next.

Fractel Headwear Best running caps

A Fractel Running Hat ($40)

Australian company Fractel Headwear knows how to make performance technical running hats – we know because we tested a handful of them and they deservedly made it onto our best technical running hats buyer’s guide.

Fractel’s hat range includes a variety of lightweight cap options, which all provide great UV, sun, and rain protection plus they have nice wide brims that can be flipped up.

Fractel is often updating its color and pattern options so it’s worth checking in on their store to see what’s new so you can scoop up limited edition hats when they come available.

I really like the crushable foam brim which allows you to scrunch up the running hat for quick storage in your running hydration pack with no fuss, as the brim retains its shape when you un-scrunch it.

Distance runners will thank you for giving them a lightweight gift that is as practical as it is stylish.

On Cloudmonster

On Cloudmonster ($169.99)

  • Fit: True to size
  • Width: Medium with plenty of room in the toe box
  • Weight: 9.7oz / 275g
  • Drop: 6mm

The On Cloudmonster is my go-to running shoe right now because the cushioning and energy return is insane – they’re also the most comfortable running shoes ever!

Not only is it sitting in the top spot of the running section of my Best On Running Shoes Buyer’s Guide right now, but it’s also my all-round best running shoe winner because it turns road running miles into a ridiculously fun experience.

For its excellent performance over short and long-distance running, plush comfort underfoot, beautiful design, and impressive price point – these awesome running shoes have also earned a Trail & Kale Editor’s Choice Award.

To learn more about these crazy fun running shoes, read my in-depth On Cloudmonster review.

race bib and medal display

Race Bib and Medal Display ($39.99)

Because running a race and crossing that finish line is a damn amazing achievement, whatever the distance being run – why else would they put a race medal around your neck at the finish? 🙂

These achievements aren’t celebrated enough so why not give your favorite runner a way to display all their race medals with this race bib and medal display?

Whether they’ve run a 5k, a 10k or the big ones like the New York City Marathon and the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc, give them a way to show off those achievements as they deserve – this is one of the best gifts for runners who love to race a lot. $47.99
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

CamelBak Ultra Belt 17oz

CamelBak Ultra Running Belt ($55)

The Ultra Belt 17oz is CamelBak’s lightest, most minimal running belt that can store a 17-oz (500ml) Quick Stow flask (1 bottle comes included with the belt) that molds to the shape of your body.

Soft flasks are the only way to go when it comes to running hydration belts because once you’ve finished the drink inside, they can simply be folded and stowed away in the running belt.

The Ultra Belt 17oz features an integrated trail running poles carrying system for anyone who also enjoys trail running in the mountains as we do.

This running belt also features reflective decals to help ensure you’re seen while running in the dark. This CamelBak running belt won the top spot in our best running belts buyer’s guide.

Coros Apex 2 Pro

COROS APEX 2 Pro (From $399)

The new Coros Apex 2 Pro is a total game changer in the world of premium GPS running watches because of all the great features it offers (including best-in-class battery life) all for the very affordable price of $499 or $399 for the non-pro version.

I love how running is such a simple sport that doesn’t really require much equipment to get started but then there’s so much amazing gear out there for when you’re ready to explore it further, and hopefully, you’ll be visiting Trail & Kale again to do that gear research.

The Coros Apex 2 Pro is a real motivator for improving speed, distance, and general fitness because to learn what areas we need to focus on in our training, we need to be able to see our historical data.

The Apex 2 Pro records so many running metrics and displays it back in extremely actionable ways within the Coros app. It’s one of the best running gifts for dedicated runners who are obsessed with their running metrics.

This right here, as well as the insanely awesome battery life, is one of the huge selling points for Coros from my point of view. Even their sleep-tracking metrics blow most other brands out of the water. $449.00
3 new from $449.00
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

✔ Learn why this premium yet affordable GPS running watch is a great gift for runners in my Coros Apex 2 Pro review next.

REI gift card Best gifts for people who love camping hiking

REI Gift Card (From $10)

An REI Gift Card is the perfect gift for picky runners because you won’t have to guess what they would like to receive the most.

You can either order a Gift Card to be delivered as a physical card, which takes up to 7 days to arrive, OR you can choose to send a digital E-Gift Card, which can be sent directly to them within hours.

You can also choose how much you would like to load the card up with, the minimum is $10, in case you’re wondering.

While surprise gifts can be wonderful to receive, if you buy a gift from REI and it turns out to not be quite what the recipient had in mind, encourage them to say so, and switch it out for an alternative, as REI has an excellent returns policy.

Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam best reflective running vest

Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam Reflective Vest ($60)

The green optic light tube on this reflective running vest provides green steady or flashing light with 360-degree visibility, so you can be seen from all angles when running in the dark and low light.

It comes in one, fully-adjustable size, so there’s no size guide to consult which makes it one of the best gifts for runners if you’re not sure of their size.

A gift that provides safety while running is priceless and this running vest is only $60, one of the many reasons it made it onto our Best Reflective Running Vests Buyer’s Guide.

This light-up vest is rechargeable via USB and doesn’t require AAA batteries bringing down the weight considerably.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Sunglasses are one of those running accessories that every runner needs to have in their kit bag. They protect your eyes from harmful UV light and help to stop your eyes from getting watery when running in cold weather.

The Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses made it to the top of our best running sunglasses list for good reason.

These incredibly lightweight multi-sport sunglasses offer a standard-size frame with enhanced lens coverage which increases your peripheral view while trail running, hiking, or cycling.

Fi Dog Collar Series copyright Trail and Kale

Fi Dog Collar | GPS Fitness Tracker For Your Dog

Trail & Kale’s resident adventure dog Kepler (seen in the image above) is a huge part of our lives and when we aren’t teaching him tricks or playing frisbee in the park, he joins us on many of our runs – I mean, he’s a Border Collie, we have to tire him out somehow!!

If you know someone who runs or walks with their dog the Series 3 Fi Dog Collar is a great gift idea for them! It tracks your dog’s location, mileage, steps, sleep, and more to help ensure your pup is just as well-exercised as you.

The Fi Collar (Series 3) is chew-proof, water-proof (even the ocean), can take 400lbs of pulling force (if your dog is a puller), and provides up to 3 months battery life.

With Fi, you can instantly track your dog’s location no matter where they are in the USA, which means you can keep an eye on dog walkers and caretakers, just in case.

✔ To learn more about this fantastic smart dog collar, read our in-depth Fi GPS Dog Collar Review next.

✔ For more adventure dog gift ideas definitely check out our dedicated Adventure Dog Gift List HERE

Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Best no show running socks for trail running trail and kale 3

Feetures Running Socks ($18)

The Elite Light Cushion No Show socks from Feetures are our current favorite running socks, and we’ve run in A LOT of different brands.

These particular Feetures running socks deservedly made it onto our ‘Best Running Socks‘ buyer’s guide and won a special award in the ‘no-show’ running socks category.

They also have directional compression zones which supports regions like the arches and the top of your feet.

The socks are made with 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex which is able to wick moisture away from your feet and toes to keep them cool, dry, and give you a blister-free running experience.

Command the Day Large Duffle Bag 37L

Command the Day Large Duffle Bag 37L

Lululemon makes great quality duffel bags for men and women like this ‘Command the Day Duffel’, that are a great gift idea for anyone who needs help in organizing and transporting their running gear.

Every morning runner knows that the secret to getting out of bed and lacing up your shoes for a run is to have all your running gear organized the night before.

This is the same principle for running during your lunch break at work – having all your gear ready in a kit bag takes an extra step out of the equation, leaving you more motivated to run, and less prone to letting excuses creep in.

These bags are water-repellant and have separate laptop and shoe compartments, which can also be used to stash sweaty and/or dirty post-run gear if you need to keep it separate from the rest of your bag’s contents.


Salomon Bonatti Waterproof Jacket ($180 $135)

The lightweight Salomon Bonatti Waterproof Jacket (5.3oz/150g) is a minimalist waterproof running jacket that checks all the boxes for running in the rain: stay dry, stay fresh, and run light.

It’s built with technical fabric engineered to deliver weather protection with less weight. This running jacket also has a fitted hood to protect you from harsh conditions like driving rain.

This waterproof running jacket packs down into its own chest pocket for compact storage when you need to stash it in your running hydration pack.

Everything about this waterproof running jacket has been thoughtfully designed, and this jacket has protected me personally from the elements over many wet runs on the road and mountain ultramarathon races.

This is one of the best gifts for runners because it will help them keep up the running, even when the weather is awful outside.

✔ The Salomon Bonatti ranks number 1 in our Best Waterproof Running Jackets for Running buyer’s guide.

Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake Up Light

Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light ($170)

Another great hack for morning runners is to wake up feeling refreshed through healthy sleep habits, and one way to contribute to better sleep is by not getting woken up by a noisy and sometimes shocking alarm clock.

Instead, it’s much better for you to simulate the sun rising with artificial light and to have a gentle sound wake you up.

This Philips Sleep and Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock does just that, and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel in the morning, just by simply changing the routine of HOW you wake up.

When you feel fresh waking up, you’re far less likely to hit the snooze button and more likely to lace up and start your run as planned. $137.95
19 new from $127.95
3 used from $102.66
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

Opove Apex massage gun

Opove Apex Massage Gun ($159)

For the cost of treating your favorite runner to a one-time massage at a day spa, treat them to their own percussion massager that they can use every day!

This Opove Apex high-efficiency percussion massage gun helps relax tired, overworked, and tight muscles and provides relief to tight spots after long days on the trails or simply after a hard day’s work.

We’ve tried plenty of massage guns in our time, and the Opove Apex is our favorite one right now! $169.99
2 new from $169.99
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

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Chirp Wheel 3 pack bundle 400px

Chirp Wheel Back Roller Set

The Chirp Wheel is designed to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades, targeting the muscles that go up and down your spine.

As your back is strained from the countless activities you do, including running, those muscles lock up, and cause more pain.

The Chirp Wheel massages those muscles, relaxing your back and relieving all of the pain.

We both get a lot of relief and satisfaction out of rolling on my Chirp Wheel to relieve clicks, knots and tension in my back!

✔ To learn more about why we love the Chirp Wheel so much and what makes it one of our favorite post-run recovery tools, read our Chirp Wheel review next.

KANE Revive Footwear

Kane Revive Recovery Shoes

For anyone who wishes their feet would recover faster after long training runs, races, or even spending the day standing due to a job that requires it, the Kane Revive recovery shoe could be just what you’re looking for.

I really like the tingly sensation from the raised nodes on the footbed which have been designed to help stimulate blood flow around your feet and hence improve recovery time.

There are plenty of colors to choose from and they are very reasonably priced at $70 too, which makes them great gifts.

✔ To learn more about the Kane Revive recovery shoes, read my in-depth review.

The Best Gifts For Trail Runners

Garmin Fenix 7 GPS Running watch

Garmin Fenix 7 GPS Running Watch (From $700)

The Garmin Fenix 7 range has every feature you could possibly want in a GPS running watch for trail and ultrarunning, including best-in-class navigation for those who like to explore new trails (and not get lost).

The Fenix 7 also has a tracking beacon feature so you can ensure your loved one is safe and traceable during their next trail running adventure.

It can also store and play music to your wireless headphones and has a great range of features for other sports and workout tracking which you can read all about in our best GPS running watches buyer’s guide.

If you have smaller wrists then we recommend going for the Fenix 7S – your arms will thank you for it if you’re a distance runner! This is the perfect gift for anyone starting out on their running career, or journey as I like to call it. 🙂

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z

Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles

If you or someone you know is about to run a mountain marathon or ultra then you need to seriously consider getting some lightweight trail running poles to take with you.

The poles we love are Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles. Being built with Carbon, they are very lightweight and they are also designed to fold up nice and small, important if you need to place them back in your running hydration pack or running belt while not in use.

If you or your gift recipient is a distance runner who frequents the start line of mountain marathons or trail ultramarathons then you probably already know how popular trail running poles are – and for good reason, they help you reach the finish line!

Black Diamond’s Distance Carbon Z poles came out top in our best running poles buyer’s guide.

hoka mafate speed 4 best trail running shoes

HOKA Mafate Speed 4 ($185)

  • Fit: True to size
  • Width: Medium with plenty of room in the toe box
  • Weight: 10.4oz (295g)
  • Drop: 4mm

The HOKA Mafate Speed 4 is quite frankly, a masterpiece of trail running engineering and anyone receiving these as a gift is one seriously lucky trail runner.

The tread is incredibly durable and sticky, and the lugs are deep enough to dig into wet mud and loose trail debris – this means total confidence on steep descents.

During challenging climbs, the Mafate Speed 4 is also able to dig into the trail and provide great traction required to ascend quickly.

Then there’s the midsole cushioning that has just the right amount of protection and comfort underfoot to give you a smooth enjoyable ride on the road, and hard-packed trails, while maintaining a very responsive ride with total control.

✔ To learn more about these great trail running shoes, read my HOKA Mofate Speed 4 review.

trail and kale trucker hat

Trail & Kale Trucker Hat ($27)

Trucker hats are all the rage on the trails nowadays which is why we have 2 designs available at our online store.

Our Classic Trucker is available in 4 color combinations but if you’re after a more stealthy trucker hat then check out our Stealth Edition Trucker.

We designed our subtle yet distinctive “Stealth Edition” Trucker hat for those who like to fly a bit more under the radar.

You can buy it in any color, as long as it’s black (and very stealthy). It features the Trail & Kale Mountain logo embroidered in a grey/silver color on the front.

Trucker hats are great for keeping rain, sun, and sweat out of your eyes and face and also look damn cool. If you’re after a more technical running hat, see our technical running cap gear guide.

All products in our Online Store ship worldwide! Learn more about the hat here: Trail & Kale Classic Trail Running Trucker Hat Review.

Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 6

Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 6.0

TOP RUNNING HYDRATION PACK FOR WOMEN: The Ultra Vesta 6.0 is the latest women’s hydration pack from Ultimate Direction, specifically designed for long-distance trail runs.

There are many storage compartments located in easy-to-grab areas, it fits the female form very well, is lightweight and looks great, too.

Salomon S Lab Sense Ultra 5 Set Pack

Salomon S-Lab Sense Pro 5 Running Hydration Pack ($160)

TOP CHOICE FOR FOR MEN: We highly rate the Salomon S-Lab Sense Pro 5 hydration packI choose to wear this pack for racing with! The fit and function is absolutely brilliant!

FEATURED IN: Best Running Hydration Packs $76.93
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

compex mini wireless 2

TENS Machine with Muscle Building Tech ($205)

Compex is the company behind a range of excellent recovery and muscle-building tools.

The Mini Wireless Muscle Stimulator with TENS is Compex’s latest device, it’s so small that it can very easily be taken with you on the go.

Very handy if you want to give yourself a recovery massage straight after a race (more on that in the Recovery section below).

The Compex Mini has 6 programs: ‘Prewarm Up’, ‘Endurance’, ‘Resistance’, ‘Training Recovery/Active Recovery’, ‘Muscle Relaxation’, and ‘Pain Management’.

Using a Compex muscle stimulator is a highly effective way for me to build strength in my muscles, especially when I don’t have easy access to big mountains, where climbing would do a similar job for my quads.

I also use the TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) function of my Compex on my Achilles heel when I feel like it may be flaring up, usually after a high-intensity road run.

TENS calms it down, reduces the pain, and helps it heal faster. $114.99
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

trigger point grid foam roller

Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller ($36.99)

Who wouldn’t want an instrument of pain as a gift?! But in all seriousness, foam rollers are an excellent way to speed up recovery times after a run. The GRID foam roller is for anybody who wants to move better.

Use the GRID for a self-massage and roll through the tight muscles, knots and kinks that prevent feeling good and moving well. 

Then there are massage balls… The great thing about the massage ball is its tiny size, which means you can take it with you on those longer hiking and running adventures.

Massage Balls can target all sorts of isolated muscle areas due to their small size. $36.95
2 new from $36.95
4 used from $32.22
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

Level Select CBD Review Sports CBD Cream Trail and Kale web wm 26

CBD ache relief cream applied to sore muscles

I have been having so much success with CBD balms for recovering sore muscles in a targeted manner.

I first noticed the power of CBD when I was in Europe to race Matterhorn Ultraks and then the UTMB OCC 56km 5 days later. I wouldn’t normally stack races so close to one another, but when I was offered the opportunity to run both, I couldn’t refuse.

I used a Recovery Balm from Venga CBD on my leg muscles after Matterhorn Ultraks and felt repaired and ready to run UTMB OCC 5 days later.

That impressed me but what really blew me away was just how good my legs felt the day after UTMB OCC which saw me running 57km, with 3200 meters of positive gain for 10.5 hours.

That’s a long time for me to be running on such steep mountain terrain.

I can only attribute it to the Venga CBD Recovery Balm I smothered over my legs the night of the race. Kudos to Venga CBD for this Recovery Balm, it’s a pretty amazing product.


We now use Level Select CBD as it’s a little less expensive and delivers a higher amount of CBD in each product – so value for money is much better. However, both products are excellent!

NKD Nutrition Strawberry Banana Protein Powder Best Fathers Day gifts for active dads trail and kale

A Plant-Based Protein, because plants are a cleaner protein source ($41.99)

This pea protein-based vegan powder is the tastiest protein shake we’ve come across, and definitely something to look forward to after an intense workout. These are just two of the reasons Naked Shake tops our Vegan protein powder buyer’s guide.

It’s a high-quality protein powder that makes delicious dairy-free protein shakes that taste like strawberry banana milkshakes and deliver 20g of protein and only 5g of sugar.

Not only is it plant-based, but its ingredients are non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free, and we love that it doesn’t taste overly sweetened, as other protein shakes we’ve tested often do.

We’ve experienced rapid post-workout recoveries after tough endurance efforts as a result of using this protein powder.

tailwind nutrition endurance fuel

An endurance fuel to keep you running, as you run ($39.99)

I have had a lot of success using Tailwind Nutrition as an all-in-one food solution while running.

Tailwind is a powder that you mix with water, and it will keep you going without the need for solid foods, which can be awkward when you’re racing.

To anyone having stomach issues, Tailwind Nutrition is the product I recommend trying first, if that doesn’t work then Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem should be your next port of call.

The most cost-effective way to buy Tailwind is in a 50-serving bag – the links below will take you to stores selling them. $39.99
1 new from $39.99
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

Read more articles about food for running.

Organifi Green Juice Review Trail and Kale web wm 1

Organifi Green Juice ($69.95)

Organifi Green Juice is a gently dried 11-superfood green powder dietary supplement that is certified USDA organic, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and Vegan.

Our exclusive Organifi coupon code ‘TK15′ will get you 15% OFF your order at

With ingredients like spirulina, moringa, chlorella, ashwagandha, mint, lemon (and more), this product has been designed to help people feel energized and detoxify their cells.

Green Juice is a great first step to helping people re-train their taste buds and start replacing the sugary processed foods in their diet with real, revitalizing nutrients.

This is the gift of a new journey to a super healthy lifestyle and diet. We mix a scoop of it in a glass of water every morning.

FULL REVIEW: Organifi Green Juice Review: The Organic Vegan Superfood Supplement.

bosu nexgen pro balance trainer

Bosu Balance Trainer ($189.95)

The use of a balance trainer is something that I feel is largely overlooked when it comes to cross-training for runners.

I’m sure you have heard it before but let me say it again, strength training is so important when it comes to becoming a stronger runner.

So what happens when you make it fun by adding the added challenge of being required to engage your brain to focus on keeping your balance.

Well, suddenly you’re motivated to increase your strength to improve your balance and reduce that “wobble”. $189.99
9 new from $140.00
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

FULL REVIEW: The Bosu NexGen Pro Balance Trainer: Become A Stronger Runner.

GoPro Hero10

An action camera to record wild downhills and fun wildlife ($449.99)

The GoPro HERO10 is easily my favorite running camera. I have tried a few in my time including Insta360 but the video and image quality of the GoPro is hard to beat.

The built-in camera stabilization is truly epic – even while running! Long are the days when you needed to take a stabilizer gimbal with you while on a run to get any footage worth watching when you got back.

I’m now using it all the time for Instagram and YouTube.

It’s very small which means you can take it everywhere with you and it’s rugged and waterproof so you won’t need to worry about breaking it while out running.

Our Favorite Running Books

If you love books as we do, you should definitely check out our personal list of what we consider to be The Best Running Books for Adventure Lovers too…

OK, so let’s finish this gift list with these running books that are packed full of adventure, inspiration and motivation.

Grand Trail: A Magnificent Journey to the Heart of Ultrarunning and Racing

$24.00  in stock
20 new from $24.00
31 used from $8.51
Free shipping
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The Best Gifts For Runners: Accessories, Shoes, GPS & More! 1 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure
as of 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

Grand Trail shares the stunning beauty and raw emotions of ultrarunning, paying tribute to the passion and splendor of the sport and lifestyle. Filled with powerful photographs and intimate stories, Grand Trail portrays ultramarathon champions and their extraordinary world.

Grand Trail features the icons of ultrarunning―people, places, and races―in spectacular color and black-and-white photography by Alexis Berg. Exploring iconic courses like Western States, Hardrock, Marathon des Sables alongside personal portraits of heroes like Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, and Scott Jurek, Grand Trail is as inspiring as it is beautiful.

In its pages, Grand Trail shares the indescribable feelings that spring from running free in a wild place, alone in thought or sharing the miles with another of the tribe. The simple beauty of the task. Stunning views of the world’s most beautiful trails. Faces lined with exhaustion in gritty aid stations. The unguarded gaze of a spent runner who half hears the...

Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner

$15.99  in stock
18 new from $9.18
135 used from $1.16
Free shipping
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The Best Gifts For Runners: Accessories, Shoes, GPS & More! 1 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure
as of 2nd June 2023 4:32 pm

In one of his most ambitious physical efforts to date, Dean Karnazes attempted to run 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 days to raise awareness of youth obesity and urge Americans of all fitness levels to "take that next step."

"UltraMarathon Man: 50 Marathons - 50 States - 50 Days", a Journeyfilm documentary, follows Dean’s incredible step-by-step journey across the country.

Ultrarunning legend Dean Karnazes has run 262 miles-the equivalent of ten marathons-without rest. He has run over mountains, across Death Valley, and to the South Pole-and is probably the first person to eat an entire pizza while running. With an insight, candor, and humor rarely seen in sports memoirs (and written without the aid of a ghostwriter or cowriter), Ultramarathon Man has inspired tens of thousands of people-nonrunners and runners alike-to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and be reminded of "what it feels like to be truly alive," says Sam Fussell, author of Muscle.
Ultramarathon Man answers...

Finding Gobi

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New York Times Bestseller List

“Leonard and Gobi’s story represents the power of people working together and the profound depth of feeling possible between a man and his dog.”--Publishers Weekly

A man, a dog, and the lengths to which love will go to sacrifice for its companion.

Finding Gobi is the miraculous tale of Dion Leonard, a seasoned ultramarathon runner who crosses paths with a stray dog while competing in a 155-mile race through the Gobi Desert in China. The lovable pup, who would later earn the name Gobi, proved that what she lacked in size, she more than made up for in heart, as she went step for step with Dion over the Tian Shan Mountains, across massive sand dunes, through yurt villages and the black sands of the Gobi Desert, keeping pace with him for 77 miles.

As Dion witnessed the incredible determination and heart of this small animal, he found his own heart undergoing a change as well.  Whereas in the past these races were all about winning and being the best, his goal...

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

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The astonishing national bestseller and hugely entertaining story that completely changed the way we run.
An epic adventure that began with one simple question: Why does my foot hurt?
Isolated by Mexico's deadly Copper Canyons, the blissful Tarahumara Indians have honed the ability to run hundreds of miles without rest or injury. In a riveting narrative, award-winning journalist and often-injured runner Christopher McDougall sets out to discover their secrets. In the process, he takes his readers from science labs at Harvard to the sun-baked valleys and freezing peaks across North America, where ever-growing numbers of ultra-runners are pushing their bodies to the limit, and, finally, to a climactic race in the Copper Canyons that pits America’s best ultra-runners against the tribe. McDougall’s incredible story will not only engage your mind but inspire your body when you realize that you, indeed all of us, were born to run.



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