Nike Zegama 2 Review: Miles Better Than The Original

Alastair pushes the Zegama 2 to the limit, demonstrating how Nike's latest trail shoe delivers responsive cushioning, unbeatable traction, and improved stability.

Stop Sizing Up Your Running Shoes! Here’s Why…

The myth to size up for running shoes has been perpetuated for too long. We've reviewed hundreds of shoes and I'm setting the record straight.

Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier Review

Helen's Deuter Kid Comfort child carrier review includes tips for ease of use, key features and the pros and cons of this baby and toddler hiking backpack.
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Merrell Morphlite Review: Best Road/Trail Running Shoes For $100

The Merrell Morphlite has a perfect balance of comfort, grip, and versatility, and is designed for seamless transitions between roads and light trails.
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The Best Hydration Packs For Running

Whether you're running 5k, half marathons, marathons or ultras, there's a running hydration vest for you in our running vests buyer's guide.

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Best Brooks Running Shoes of 2024 Ranked With...

Welcome to the ULTIMATE Brooks Running shoes buyer's guide, complete with reviews + rankings of the best Brooks shoes | YES, I've reviewed them all!

Hoka Speedgoat 6 Review: Are They Still The...

The GOAT lives on with enhancements, that for the most part, improve upon this popular trail running shoe. You're going to want to read this one! ☝️

On Cloud Review: Still My Favorite On Cloud...

2024 UPDATE: In this On Cloud review [Cloud 5], you'll learn how they perform for running & as a daily lifestyle shoe. Are they really the best On's? Find out why I believe the are!

HOKA Cielo X1 Review: OMG, These Are Next...

Find out why this race day shoe is probably the best super shoe you can buy right now, even at $275!

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Salomon Active Skin 4 Review: A Running Hydration Vest That Keeps...

Alastair shares how the Salomon Active Skin 4 (his current go-to running vest) offers optimal hydration, comfort, and storage for trail runs and races.

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The 5 Best Places for Trail Running in Spain

It was hard to come up with a short list of the best places for trail running in Spain, one of the best countries in the world for trail running, but we did it!

The Best Places for Trail Running in California

Announcing our top 10 best places for trail running in California. Whether you live there or are planning a visit, there's somewhere for you on this list!

Best Camper Van Rental Companies for US Road Trips

Find a camper van rental company for US road trips California, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii (and more), in Sprinter vans, VW campervans and custom conversion vans.

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The Best Running Shoes [2024]

The best running shoes rated and shortlisted, and advice to ensure you buy the most comfortable, high-performing shoes that work for YOU.

The Best Trail Running Shoes...

The best trail running shoes this year ranked & reviewed + top advice so you buy the most comfortable, high-performing shoes for you

Best On Running Shoes...

Welcome to the ULTIMATE On Running shoes buyer's guide, complete with reviews + rankings of the best On running shoes available | YES, I've reviewed them all!

Best HOKA Running Shoes...

ULTIMATE HOKA Running shoes buyer's guide, complete with reviews + rankings of the best HOKA running shoes. YES, I've reviewed them all!

Best Brooks Running Shoes...

Welcome to the ULTIMATE Brooks Running shoes buyer's guide, complete with reviews + rankings of the best Brooks shoes | YES, I've reviewed them all!

Best Nike Trail Running...

Everything you need to know about this year's Nike Trail running shoes lineup. Nike Trail Shoes Compared Terra Kiger, Peg Trail, Wildhorse & More!

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What Is Skyrunning? A Guide For Mountain Trail Runners

What Skyrunning is, why is it getting so popular, and how do you find new Skyrunning races to take on?

4 Creative Ways To Run With Someone Slower OR Faster...

How do you run with someone slower or faster than you and both still get a workout? Here's 4 ways to run with a friend or partner when you have different paces.

Heart Rate Training for Runners

Maximize your cardiovascular performance with these simple heart rate training techniques and targeted heart rate zones.

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Alternatives to UTMB – 6 Other Epic Mountain Races in...

No race is quite like the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, but there are other great European mountain ultrarunning race alternatives to UTMB.

How To Qualify For UTMB: Your Easy-To-Follow Guide To Making...

From Running Stones to Race Index, here's how to navigate the UTMB entry process like a seasoned pro.

What is the UTMB Race? All You Need To Know...

Key questions answered: what is the UTMB race (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc)? Where is this destination ultra race held? How long does it take, and how to enter.