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Caliper CBD Review: 5 Things You Need To Know About This CBD Powder

This Caliper CBD review answers all the big questions about this CBD powder, including what is in Caliper CBD, how it works and why taking CBD in powder form is so different from taking CBD oil, how Caliper ensures each batch is of top quality and includes the stated amount of mg of CBD in each sachet, and the different ways you can take Caliper CBD powder in your food, drink and by itself.

Whether you are new to the concept of CBD powder, or perhaps new to CBD altogether and are curious about CBD powder compared to CBD oil and gummies, in this review we answer all of the commonly asked questions on these topics, too.

Caliper CBD Review – Table of Contents

About Caliper’s CBD powders

Caliper CBD Review CBD Powder trail and kale web wm 2

Before we cover the specific products, let’s go over the key features that all of Caliper CBD’s products have in common. They are:

  • In CBD powder form (rather than CBD oil)
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Each serving of Caliper CBD delivers 20 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD that is THC-free (not psychoactive, will NOT get you high)
  • Sourced only from US-grown hemp and tested for safety and potency.

At the time of this Caliper CBD review, the company offers two types of CBD powder products:

About Caliper CBD dissolvable powder sachets

These Caliper CBD sachets contain flavorless, dissolvable CBD powder.

The CBD powder mixes into pretty much anything you put it in, whether it’s food or drink, hot or cold. This is a fantastically simple way to take your CBD supplement each day without using an oil dropper.

About Caliper Swiftsticks Flavored CBD Powder

Caliper CBD Review CBD Powder trail and kale web wm 1 2
The contents of a Caliper Swiftstick

If you don’t need or want to mix your CBD powder with a particular food or drink, Caliper Swiftsticks are a very simple way to take your CBD each day and know you’re getting the same dosage each time. You just sprinkle the powder on your tongue and let it dissolve.

Caliper Swiftsticks come in three flavors, Cool Mint, Mixed Berry and Lemon Lime. We have been using the Lemon/Lime flavor which we both agree, tastes really great!

What differentiates Caliper CBD?

Fast-acting CBD effect

The most important differentiator for this CBD powder compared to the more commonly known CBD oil, is that powder CBD absorbs quicker and is more ‘bioavailable’ than CBD oil – it “starts working within 10 minutes and has 30x more absorption”. This is based on a study by Colorado State University.

The CSU study was conducted using human subjects and found that water-soluble Caliper CBD dissolvable powder started working within 10 minutes, and Caliper CBD was absorbed 30x more in the first 30 minutes than standard CBD oil. This all basically means that Caliper CBD acts faster than CBD oil so you’ll feel the effects quicker after consuming it.

The effects felt by taking CBD can vary between individuals, however the main reasons people take CBD is for the effect it can have on them when it comes to managing stress, maintaining a sense of calm, working through aching and soreness (for example, post-exercise) and to help them sleep more easily. We generally find CBD helpful as an aid to relaxation and recovery after exercise.

Caliper Foods’ extensive quality and testing process and certification

If you’re new to CBD products it can be difficult to know where to start if you’re looking for a reputable company offering high-quality products that have the ingredients in them that they say they do – and that each dosage has the stated amount of CBD in it.

Caliper Foods, which produces Caliper CBD, are highly transparent in what goes into their products and how rigorously they test their CBD powders. In their own words, they “strive to create the most consistent, fast-acting, bioavailable, scientifically validated CBD product so that you can be confident you’re getting the good stuff.”

This goes as far as ensuring every batch of product is lab-tested, and you, as the user, can look up the batch of your specific CBD powder sachets on their website to retrieve the lab test results. What this lab testing means is you can see the lab’s confirmation of the CBD sachet’s ingredients, as well as the amount of mg of CBD in your sachet. It also confirms that there is 0.0mg of THC in the product.

Ingredients transparency and clear labeling

Caliper CBD Review CBD Powder trail and kale web wm 5
The batch number is stamped on each CBD powder sachet

Caliper CBD lists all their ingredients on the packet labels, which are compliant with the US FDA’s labeling guidelines for food and supplement products. You can also see the ingredients in the certificate of analysis for each batch.

There’s also a full explanation of each of the few ingredients that are in Caliper CBD powder and Swiftstick sachets. You may be wondering if this dissolvable CBD powder is pure CBD powder? Well, pretty much. Both the flavorless and the Swiftstick sachets have a few ingredients added to the CBD powder to make it dissolve easily, and for flavor.

The ‘flavorless’ dissolvable powder has a tiny amount of ‘flavor’ added to it to help mask and counterbalance CBD’s bitter taste, which it does really well. This is important because otherwise it would definitely compromise the flavor of the food or drink you dissolve the powder in. See this article on Caliper’s website for an explanation of each of the ingredients in their sachets and what each is for.

5 Things You Need to Know about Caliper CBD Powder

The following facts are important if you are considering buying CBD powder to mix in your food or drink, or consume the Caliper Swiftsticks, straight to your tongue.

1.) Pre-measured sachets mean consistent CBD Dosage

With the pre-measured Caliper CBD powder sachets you can be confident you are getting a consistent dosage of CBD each time (with the lab test results to back it up). In the case of both the Caliper CBD flavorless powder and the Caliper Swiftsticks, that is at least 20mg of CBD per sachets.

This is more accurate than measuring oil from a dropper. When I referenced our personal batches on Caliper’s website, the analysis showed that they actually have a small amount more CBD than 20mg at 21mg.

2.) Caliper’s Flavorless CBD Powder’s Taste (or lack of)

If you can’t see yourself enjoying taking CBD oil on your tongue or trying to mix it into your coffee or another drink, then Caliper CBD powder is a very simple way to take CBD and not be able to taste it or really know it’s in your food or drink (although you would know, because you put it there 🙂 ).

3.) Make your own CBD edibles

Caliper CBD Review CBD Powder trail and kale web wm 4
The powder contents of one Caliper sachet

You can put Caliper CBD powder in ANY food or drink. It is flavorless, so you won’t compromise the taste of your food or beverage, and because the powder is dissolvable, it will actually dissolve into your drinks and not create an oil-slick (like CBD oil can). This makes it basically the most versatile way to take CBD there is.

Putting the CBD powder in your morning coffee or baking it into cookies are obvious suggestions. But what about in a cocktail or smoothie? Or mixed into that Caesar salad dressing you’re having with salad? Or perhaps your special home-made mac and cheese? Anything goes, or should I say, it goes with anything. That’s pretty fun because the possibilities are endless and you can figure out what works best for you.

4.) No Mess when Traveling

CBD oil often comes in glass vials, and even if you seal those bottles tight there’s a risk that when you’re traveling your CBD oil ends up leaking or worse, the vial smashes inside your bag. The Caliper CBD powder sachets are a neat, mess-free solution to taking CBD with you on the go… assuming you are careful opening the sachets, of course.

5.) Caliper CBD Powder Swiftsticks taste great!

If you ever ate sherbet as a kid (or perhaps you still do today) then that’s what the Caliper Swiftsticks may remind you of. They taste damn good, and when trialing for this review I looked forward to the time of day when it was time for a Caliper CBD dose.

If you aren’t bothered about mixing the CBD powder into food or drink and just want a quick way to get your CBD dosage, then these are the way to go, and while the CBD aftertaste hangs around for a few seconds, it’s a much shorter period of time than the aftertaste I’ve experienced from eating other CBD edibles such as gummies from other brands.

How We’ve Used Caliper CBD Powder

Caliper CBD Review CBD Powder mixing it with coffee trail and kale web wm 1
Mixing Caliper CBD into coffee

Generally the main reason we see CBD as a good supplement for us as plant-based athletes is to help reduce soreness after intense workouts. I prefer to take CBD than to turn to NSAIDS such as ibuprofen.

The easiest way to use the dissolvable CBD powder we’ve found is to mix it into drinks at home. My personal preference is to mix two sachets (one for each of us) into our smoothies when we make them in the mornings. If we’re not having a smoothie then we sprinkle a sachet of powder into each of our morning coffees!

I also really like the Swiftsticks for taking on-the-go. We have the lemon-lime flavor sachets, which taste great – not too intense, not too sweet, not to bitter and minimal aftertaste – the powder dissolves in seconds when you pour it onto your tongue.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can buy Caliper CBD powder sachets direct from the company. They are sold in packets of 30 sachets, of 20mg each.

As Caliper CBD (like other CBD supplements) is intended to be a daily supplement, one packet is a month’s supply, assuming you want to take 20mg of CBD a day. If you want more than 20mg you could take two sachets.

Personally I think the flavorless disolvable CBD powder is a great choice for everyday, and it’s good to also have a packet of Caliper Swiftsticks to have on-the-go as you can take them straight to your tongue in seconds without having any food or drink.

The price is the same for Caliper CBD flavorless powder as for the Caliper Swiftsticks, which is $44.99 per month or $49.99 (one off purchase) for one 30-sachet pack. Don’t forget to use our exclusive discount code TK15 to get 15% off your order when you shop directly from Caliper by clicking the buttons below:

The Caliper CBD powder pricing is comparable to CBD gummies from other brands which in our experience typically cost around $45-50 for a 30-count bag with between 20-25mg of CBD in each gummy (such as Venga CBD). It is significantly less expensive than the Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies we’ve reviewed in the past (which cost $30 for 30 gummies with half the amount of CBD in them).

You can also save 10% by subscribing to buy 30 sachets each month, which is definitely worth doing if you like or plan to take your CBD powder daily – this includes free shipping and you can cancel any time, so it’s worth subscribing to take advantage of the saving.

Caliper CBD Review Summary

Caliper CBD Review CBD Powder Trail and Kale Featured
Caliper CBD Review Summary
Benefits & Effectiveness
Value for Money
The easiest way to take CBD
High transparency and quality control
Super versatile
You're limited to taking multiples of 20mg CBD
Overall Score

Caliper CBD Video Review

I hope you enjoyed this Caliper CBD review, please share it with a friend who may also enjoy it – AND if you have any questions for me about my experience with Caliper, please feel free to drop a comment below! -Helen

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