Chil Wellness CBD Review – CBD Topicals for Muscular & Joint Ache Relief

CBD salves, roll-ons and balms designed to help alleviate pain from sports injuries as well as ongoing conditions.


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Chil Wellness offers a range of CBD salves, balms and other broad and full-spectrum CBD products designed to help alleviate issues such as sore muscles and joints and encourage living a full healthy, active lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Chil Wellness is not currently selling their products, but fret not! Head over to our guide to the best CBD balms and salves to learn more about other tried and tested CBD topical brands.

This Chil Wellness CBD review covers three of Chil Wellness’s CBD topicals, including their original product, Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve, which is one of the most concentrated full-spectrum CBD topicals currently available that is designed for targeted relief at the point of discomfort.

About Chil Wellness

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Chil Wellness is a California-based CBD company founded with the goal of finding natural products that could help the founder’s daughter, Aspen (who was only 18 months old at the time), alleviate joint aches and stiffness she was experiencing from rheumatoid arthritis.

The initial Chil Wellness salve formula started with other well-known natural ingredients that are often used to try to help with muscular aching relief, including arnica, boswellia and medical-grade magnesium, and these ingredients are still included in the formulas used in Chil’s products today, together with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

If you’re new to CBD, you may be interested to read our guide to CBD topicals to learn more about how they can benefit athletes with workout and injury recovery, as well as anyone else looking for ways to help alleviate muscle and joint stiffness.

Chil Wellness’s CBD topicals

Since the company was started several years ago, Chil Wellness’s CBD product range has expanded to a variety of CBD topicals and CBD oil drops and capsules designed to help with sleep and recovery.

Because of the focus on topicals in particular, they are well-suited for use by athletes and active people looking to alleviate muscle and joint aching, whether due to an ongoing issue or condition, or for a more acute issue such as recovering from a muscle or joint-related sports injury.

The Chil CBD topicals covered in this review are:

All of Chil Wellness’s CBD products are third-party lab tested and are made with CBD grown in Oregon using organic methods, and you can look up the test results for each batch on their website.

When you’re choosing which CBD topical to try, it’s important to make sure you’re buying them from a reputable company that is transparent with the ingredients of their products, and actually includes the stated amount of CBD in each product.

For this reason, we recommend only buying CBD products from companies like Chil Wellness that have their products third-party lab tested and allow you to look up the results for yourself.

The company fully stands behind their products and are so confident that you’ll find them beneficial that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 60-day refund policy.

Using Chil Wellness topicals for relief from aches

You may want to use a CBD topical rather than CBD oil or capsules as a rub or ointment for discomfort in a specific part of your body, as you essentially massage it in to the affected area. This is the same as you would do if using another topical like Arnica or Deep Heat, for example.

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Applying Aspen’s Maximum Relief Roll-On to an aching calf muscle

The benefit of using a topical is that you can not only apply it to specific parts of your body, but it also encourages you to regularly massage the area, which can help improve circulation and mobility.

Different people will experience different levels of benefits, and the effects can be more short-term relief rather than a solution, but they can be a game-changer as far as alleviating significant levels of discomfort, especially if you’re managing an ongoing condition or need relief in the shorter term while you recover from a sports injury such as an aching knee, pulled muscle or sprained ankle.

Aspen’s Maximum Pain Relief Salve and Roll-On

This CBD salve is the most concentrated CBD topical we have used as of the date of this review, with 1000mg in a 1oz tub. Being a salve, its texture is a thick, smooth ointment which is easy to apply using your fingers.

We’ve used Aspen’s Maximum Pain Relief Salve on sore areas such as a strained ankle and to alleviate aching from an elbow-injury resulting from overuse (such as tennis elbow). You don’t need to use much to get good coverage, so the tub has lasted a long time and represents great value.

It’s important to ensure you adequately massage the salve in so that it is well-absorbed and you’re getting the maximum benefits from the CBD and other ingredients, as well as giving yourself an intentional massage of the affected area and reducing any residue that is left on your skin’s surface.

Once it has been rubbed in, you experience a mild cooling effect from the menthol, which is one of the secondary ingredients, and the overall smell is ‘botanical’, mildly medicinal and pleasant – and not overpowering like some topicals can be. In my experience, you can feel the CBD salve working within five to ten minutes of application.

CBD salve secondary ingredients

Another differentiator compared to other CBD products (in addition to having a high concentration of CBD in terms of mg) is that this product also features other natural ingredients often used to offer relief from aches and soreness.

This includes the aforementioned menthol, as well as Arnica Montana flower extract, peppermint and spearmint oils, Boswellia Serrata extract, Vanilla Planifolia fruit extract, and medical-grade magnesium. When it comes to the plant oils, they only use real essential oils that are steam distilled from plants and flowers, and extracted or cold-pressed from citrus fruits.

What does including magnesium in the salve do? Well, if you’ve heard of putting Epsom Salts in your bath with the intention of helping to relax your body and ease aches and muscle soreness, then you’ve already heard of people using magnesium sulfate for this purpose – that’s what Epsom Salts are made from – magnesium is often claimed to be a muscle relaxant.

Roll-on version

The Roll-On version is less concentrated (1000mg in a 2oz bottle), however, it applies differently – like a roll-on deodorant, and the product itself is liquid so it leaves less of a residue and soaks into your skin more quickly.

Because of the quick absorption time, the roll-on is my preferred option if I want to apply a CBD topical to an area of my body that will have clothes going on to it quickly after applying, as I don’t have to wait as long for it to dry.

This roll-on CBD topical is also a very portable option, especially if you buy the smaller (1oz) bottle, which easily fits into a handbag or airline carry-on, for example.

Sports Muscle Recovery Balm

Chil Wellness’s Sports Muscle Recovery Balm comes in a 0.5oz stick, like a large lip balm. With 500mg CBD, it is the same concentration as Aspen’s Maximum Pain Relief Salve, but offers a different texture and application method which is super easy to use.

One of the great things about using a balm-stick style applicator is that you can apply it directly to your body without getting it on your hands, so this is a great option if you want to apply a CBD topical when on-the-go, and the stick is compact and lightweight so it travels well, too – great for gym bags or if you travel for an endurance race or work.

The secondary ingredients in the Sports Muscle Recovery balm are slightly different than those used for Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve, and the smell is slightly different – stronger, and mintier and with an influence of two of my other favorite essential oils, Ylang Ylang and Eucalyptus. The full list of ingredients, including the oils and waxes used to make this topical into a stick-balm form, are listed on the product page of Chil Wellness’s website.

Where to Buy

If you’re looking for full-spectrum organic CBD topicals that offer relief for muscular aches, then these Chil Wellness salves and balms are a great choice given the range of application methods to choose from to suit your needs the best.

They also represent great value given how concentrated the CBD is within them and the other botanical ingredients they also include. Compared to other options on the market (when going by mg of CBD per 1 oz container), getting 1000mg of CBD in a 1oz salve for $60 is a great deal indeed, and this is why it also made it onto our list of the best CBD topicals for athletes and active people.

Given how confident the company is that you’ll enjoy using and benefit from using them (with a 100% satisfaction guarantee), they are definitely worth trying and seeing if they work for you. Chil Wellness CBD topicals and their other products are all available to buy directly from their websiteTo get 15% off your order, use our exclusive code ‘TK15’ at checkout:

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