UCAN Edge Energy Gels Review: This Is A Different Kind of Running Fuel, Here’s Why.

Edge Energy Gels provide sustained, sugar-free energy for runners that's gentle on the stomach, and ideal for marathons & ultramarathons.


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UCAN stands out in the field of sports nutrition with its commitment to innovation and at the core of their products, is UCAN’s proprietary ingredient, SuperStarch™, which is a corn starch based blend that provides a slow-releasing source of carbohydrates.

Edge energy gels are perfect for endurance athletes, like us marathoners and ultramarathoners, who need consistent energy while following a training plan and racing, without the spikes and crashes associated with some other sugary gels – it’s one of the best running gels I have tested while endurance training.

What makes UCAN Edge Energy Gels unique is their formula which is designed for athletes seeking over 75 minutes of sustained energy, they are sugar-free, caffeine-free, and gentle on the stomach too. That last point is an important one to emphasise because gut bombs are real and a major cause of discomfort when you’re starting out on your ultra running journey.

UCAN Guest Article by Alastair from Trail & Kale select2

For those reasons, they’re an ideal choice for runners, especially those of us who have sensitive stomachs or want to avoid the jittery effects of caffeine during long runs – I personally never consume energy caffeine energy gels – I stick to espresso based coffees for that.

UCAN Edge Energy Gels review

Now, let’s get into the specifics of the Edge Energy Gels – I have tried all the different flavor gels (and they’re all pleasant), as UCAN was kind enough to send over a multipack for me to review but I’m going to focus on the taste of the Strawberry Banana for this review, as it’s my favorite flavor and it will help me keep this review focused.

Taste and texture

First impressions matter, and the Strawberry Banana flavor really made an impression on me over the other ones, although the unflavored was really nice too! It’s deliciously fruity without being overly sweet, thanks to the zero sugar formula.

UCAN Edge Energy Gels Review 6

The texture is smooth similar to light, runny yoghurt but with an subtle chalky taste – that sounds weird I know but it’s an observation nonetheless, and in no way a bad thing by the way – it’s just different to the other gels I have reviewed, and I enjoy it.

The gels are easy to consume even when you’re pushing your limits during a race or climbing a steep hill. No water is needed to chase down these gels, which of course is a big plus.


UCAN promises 75+ minutes of steady energy, but in my personal experience I feel I need to take a gel every 45 minutes to an hour but I do tend to run at a high intensity – I just can’t help myself! 😉 I’ve used these gels on long runs, and noticed a difference in how I felt during my run in terms of a nice steady flow of energy coming from this fuel. For example on my run today, I had two gels for my 90 minute run and this worked out well for me.

So during an ultramarathon race I’d probably have one of these gels every 45 minutes as I run at quite a high intensity during races. If however, I’m training for an ultramarathon, then I’d take a gel every hour or so as I’ll be running at a lower intensity.

UCAN Guest Article by Alastair from Trail & Kale select1

I haven’t had any energy spikes or sudden crashes whilst I’ve been using Edge gels; just a consistent level of endurance that kept me going strong. This steady release of energy is thanks to UCAN’s LIVSTEADY™ corn starch carbohydrate, which breaks down nice and slowly.


One of the biggest challenges with some energy gels and sports electrolyte mixes, can be how they sit in your stomach. UCAN Edge Gels are formulated to be easy on the stomach, and I can vouch for that. No bloating or discomfort, which meant I can focus on running, and not on GI distress – which I have had to do many a time in the past before I became a more experienced endurance athlete.

How to use UCAN Edge Energy Gels

UCAN‘s recommendation is to consume one pouch 30 minutes before exercise, repeating every hour as needed. This guideline works well for me, providing a reliable energy source when I start my run right the way through it, provided I take a gel every 45 minutes or so.

UCAN Edge Energy Gels Review 5

Ingredients and nutrition

It’s reassuring to see a straightforward ingredient list, centered around water, LIVSTEADY™ corn starch, allulose, and natural flavors.

The inclusion of ascorbic acid, lactic acid, and fumaric acid helps with preservation and adds to the gel’s nutritional profile, ensuring you’re getting energy and also supporting your body’s needs during exertion.

Final thoughts

For those of us looking to push our limits and achieve new PRs, UCAN Edge Energy Gels are a solid choice; the sustained energy, ease of digestion, and clean ingredients makes them a winner for me, and so I’ve awarded then an Editor’s Choice Award.

UCAN Guest Article by Alastair from Trail & Kale select3

If you’re gearing up for your next marathon or just looking for a reliable energy source for your long runs, I recommend giving UCAN Edge energy gels to help you along your journey. Here are my other top energy gels and chews recommendations.

I want to quickly give a special mention to UCAN’s Energy Bars too, as they’re a great solid fuel alternative during long runs. They taste great, have a good texture and provide 160 calories per bar which means it’s a great way to get some chewy fuel into your body during a training run or race.

UCAN Edge Energy Gels Review 8

Remember, everyone’s body is different, so while these gels work wonders for me and others, it’s all about finding what fuels your best performance. Give UCAN Edge a try on your next run and see how far it can take you, oh and be sure to let me know how you got on in the comments below.

As the founder of Trail & Kale, and seasoned marathoner & ultrarunner, Alastair loves bringing our readers independent running shoe reviews and gear insights to help you run your best. Learn more about Trail & Kale here.


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