Purity Coffee Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Including what makes this organic coffee one of the healthiest brands available.


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Purity Coffee is a company specializing in organic, specialty-grade, health-focused coffee, and sells directly to us as consumers. In this Purity Coffee review, I explain how it is different from other coffee brands, the health benefits of coffee, what this coffee is like in terms of flavor, what makes this one of the healthiest coffee brands, and how to buy it directly from the company.

If you’re a regular reader of our website and/or follow us on social media then you probably already know that we love a good coffee to kick-start the day.

If it’s clean, low-acid coffee that also tastes premium that you’re after, you should read our Fabula Coffee review next, their medium roast coffee beans (and grounds) are delicious!

We prefer espresso-based coffee and take great joy in seeking out tasty coffee options and making our own each morning with our espresso machine – even when we are in our Sprinter campervan!

When it comes to all the food and drink we consume, we do our best to find healthy, plant-based meals that are low in toxins and contaminants, and given that coffee is something we drink every single day, it is important to us that we also drink the healthiest coffee brands.

That said, we appreciate the health-focused principles behind the brand, which are explained further in this review.

How is Purity Coffee different from other organic coffee brands

Purity Coffee’s goal is to educate consumers on the health benefits of coffee, and the company’s organic coffee selection and roasting process is focused on maximizing the health benefits of the coffee they sell.

Purity Coffee Review trail and kale web wm 5
The best by date is marked on every packet

This is their differentiator.

While taste is important and is a big consideration as part of their bean selection and roasting process, health is the highest priority and decision-influencing factor.

How this ethos flows through to these processes and everything Purity Coffee does, makes them one of the healthiest coffee brands.

To this end, they follow a three-step process that involves:

1. Selecting the highest-grade (‘Specialty-grade’) organic coffee beans from sustainable sources, and lab-testing them to ensure absence of pesticides, mold and mycotoxins

2. A specific roasting protocol for each lot of coffee, focusing on maximizing antioxidant compounds that are beneficial to health, and minimizing others that are potentially detrimental (more on that on their website)

3. Packaging for maximum freshness – the coffee is packed in a zip-locking bag that is heat-sealed with nitrogen on the same day it is roasted.

Nitrogen is puffed into the bag before sealing to displace the oxygen that stales coffee.

Unopened Purity organic coffee will stay fresh tasting for about 10 months when packed with nitrogen, but of course, it is best to consume it sooner than later.

The coffee bags are labeled with their 10-month best-by date, so you can work out the roasting date.

That said, it would be nice if the bags were stamped or marked with the actual roasting date, so you can see exactly how long it has been since the beans were roasted before they make their way into your cup and body.

Hopefully, this is something the company adds in the future.

Why buy Certified Organic Coffee? Some health benefits of organic coffee that you may not be aware of

Certified Organic coffee such as the coffee you find in Purity organic coffee’s products is pesticide-free, and no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals used in the growing or processing.

Purity Coffee Review trail and kale web wm 6
The beans are carefully tested and selected

This means cleaner beans, air, land and water – as well as a less toxic working environment for the people growing and producing the coffee.

There’s a lot of talk in general about how coffee, in general, can be beneficial to health due to the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, however as a consumer and not an expert in the coffee industry it is difficult to ascertain exactly what those are, and how much coffee you would need to consume to benefit from them.

Purity Coffee has a useful page on their website which explains how coffee can help certain health aspects and medical conditions, which you can read more on their website.

It’s an interesting read, especially if you haven’t really given much prior thought to the potential health benefits of organic coffee.

As a company focused on the health benefits of pure, organic coffee, and to further support the health benefits explained on that page, it would also be helpful to have some more color from the company on what those key antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are that the coffee is rich in compared to other coffees and how it could be beneficial to the drinker.

Given that organic coffee is free from chemicals and is fresher and in general that much cleaner than other coffee that is not certified organic, then the purer organic coffee such as this is going to win me over every time!

It is also generally recognized that organic coffee tends to be richer in antioxidants than other coffee.

As athletes, it’s important to us to drink organic coffee for reasons including this.

Taste and flavor

Purity Coffee Review trail and kale web wm 2
We usually make espresso-based drinks and prefer the medium roast for this type of coffee

For this review, we were sent bags of the ‘original’ (medium) roast and dark roast coffee beans to try, as well as some single-use ‘Pocket Purity’ coffee sachets, which are brewed in a similar way to a tea bag.

We tested the original roast and dark roast whole beans in our espresso-based coffee drinks, which involves grinding enough beans for a cup immediately before brewing them.

If you like drinking coffee in espresso-based drinks like we do, such as macchiatos, cortados, cappuccinos, and lattes, then I would suggest the original medium roast, which is the bag we both preferred.

It tastes particularly great when combined with oat milk and is also complemented by regular cow’s milk if that’s your milk of choice.

The dark roast, meanwhile, is a bolder flavor and is better suited to being brewed in a coffee maker or french press.

I do sometimes like to drink a long black coffee, and the dark roast is a great choice for that.

Probably because it is organic coffee, we definitely noticed it had a ‘clean’ taste to it, with a little bitter aftertaste, and both blends smelled light and ‘fresh’.

It’s worth noting that the flavor is not as strong or outstanding as other organic coffees, and this is to be expected given that their primary coffee selection criteria are focused on the health benefits, rather than just what it tastes like.

So while this organic coffee tastes nice and ‘clean’, if you’re looking for specific flavorful ‘notes’ in your coffee then they may be harder to ascertain when you drink these blends.

Related to this, neither roast smelled as strongly as other organic coffees we have bought in bean form and ground ourselves.

I also expect the flavor will vary between batches of coffee, as their focus is on health benefits rather than necessarily getting a consistent taste.

Purity Coffee Review trail and kale web wm 7
Dark Roast on the left, Original (Medium) Roast on the right

This will keep it interesting as you compare different bags/packs over time, but one constant that you should be able to notice that is you’re drinking ‘clean’ organic coffee regardless of the blend or batch.

Ways to Buy

Purity Coffee is available in three main forms:

Purity Whole Bean Organic Coffee

As mentioned above, we like to enjoy our coffee in espresso-based drinks – everything from Macchiatos to Cappuccinos, depending on the mood and time of day.

This means that we prefer to buy coffee in whole bean form, as fresh as possible, and grind it just before making the drink. This is the best way to ensure freshness!

This coffee is available in three main types, in 12oz bags:

  • Original roast (as tested by us)
  • Dark roast (as tested by us)
  • Decaf – for when you want your Purity coffee decaf, without as much of a caffeine hit

The buttons below will take you to each type of roast on their website:

Purity Coffee Review trail and kale web wm 11
A home-made flat white coffee

Other sizes and blends are also sometimes available, such as limited edition ‘founders blends’.

Pocket Purity coffee sachets

The Pocket Purity coffee sachets come in boxes of 10 and would be a great choice for camping trips and trips when you need a cup or two with you and only expect to have hot water to make a brew.

Purity Coffee Review trail and kale web wm 8
Single serve sachets

The coffee in the sachets comes pre-ground in a compostable tea-bag form, although it is individually wrapped so you can take the individual sachets with you and keep them fresh.

The tea-bag format is a great idea to prevent messes if you are taking coffee on the go and may otherwise risk getting ground coffee or beans all over the contents of your bag!

Purity Coffee Pods

Purity coffee pods are compatible with most Keurig and Mr Coffee coffee makers and are sold in recyclable BPA-free plastic materials, in boxes of 12.

If you’re not sure which blend or style to try, then their starter bundle may be a good option, as you get both the regular and dark roast, as well as some of the Pocket Purity sachets to try out.

Can you buy the coffee on subscription?

The pods and whole bean bags are indeed available to buy on subscription.

Nothing makes me grumpier than going to make a coffee first thing in the morning to discover we’re out of beans…

So if you’re anything like me then buying coffee on a subscription is undoubtedly a smart way to do it if you find one that you like and enjoy, so you can guarantee you won’t run out.

The subscriptions renew monthly but can be canceled at any time.

Coffee subscriptions also help you buy the right amount so that you get a fresh box or bag delivered the day before you finish the previous one!

It also makes a great gift for a coffee-lover – the button below links to where you can get a pre-paid subscription for them, for either beans or pods – you know, so you’re not buying them coffee every month forever!! 🙂

Purity Coffee Review Summary


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