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Athletic Greens Review: Discover The Benefits, Taste, Price, Alternatives and MORE!

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What is Athletic Greens powder?

Athletic Greens is a daily nutritional supplement in the form of a green powder which you mix with 5-10oz of cold water to form a small shake, designed to be consumed first thing in the morning.


I typically mix it with around 6-7oz of water. When looking for a morning supplement, I was attracted to Athletic Greens because the ingredients are all pure, and plant-based, and it is designed with active people in mind.

For the purpose of this Athletic Greens review, I have used this Athletic Greens powder for 30 days and feel ready to share my thoughts on what many call, the best greens powder available.

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Why take a dietary supplement in the first place?

Before getting stuck into this Athletic Greens Review, let’s explain why you may actually want to take a superfood greens powder supplement like this one.

I strongly believe that you can and should be able to get all the nutrients your body needs to function at a high level from the normal food you eat each day. Therefore, I am not a proponent of taking vitamin tablets or dietary supplements as a substitute for having a good daily diet and eating the right things.

However, the fact is that sometimes I am very busy, working, training or just running around living life, and at times I probably don’t eat enough of the right things at the right times.

This is especially true when I am traveling for work, spending time in airports, hotels, different climates and time zones, often with less than the ideal amount of sleep. So, before, during and after my work trips, or just at busy periods when I’m doing a lot of training, I opt to take dietary supplements to make sure I am getting enough of the right nutrients and help fend off colds and training injuries.

What’s in Athletic Greens?

We are continually looking to improve our diet and eat only natural, whole-food, plant-based meals, and this extends to any supplements or drinks we take.

Athletic Greens powder is a fine superfood greens powder made up of 75 vitamins, minerals and whole food sourced ingredients, so I won’t list them all here. But essentially, it is designed to add nutritional value to support key bodily functions such as your immune system, digestion, gut health and energy production and storage.

So many manufacturers are at pains to tell you about the good stuff they contain, but they leave out what else is in the mix, so I always find myself spending ages in the supermarket reading labels (or between-the-lines of labels) to work out what I would be putting in my body if I eat certain products.

So, it’s great to find a supplement that is clear on these points – Athletic Greens powder does not contain GMO ingredients, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors – and it is vegan.

It also doesn’t contain preservatives, which means that it needs to be kept refrigerated and consumed within a relatively short time period.

Athletic Greens Review - daily vegan greens powder
Athletic Greens Review – Granular scale reference using a 1 cent coin

How does Athletic Greens taste?

This greens powder genuinely tastes great, not just ‘drinkable’, but delicious – seriously! I look forward to tasting my morning shake, it’s like a nutritious fruit juice – probably because some of the ingredients are various fruit powders and concentrates (including apple, pineapple and cherry).

It doesn’t taste sickly sweet or artificial, due to having only natural sweetening ingredients, including Stevia, the plant-based sugar substitute made from the leaves of the Stevia plant.

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I love that this greens powder is vegan and therefore does not contain any dairy, like so many other powdered supplements I have tried. This means you’re not left with that ‘gacky’ “I’ve just consumed dairy” aftertaste in your throat.

Starting The Day Right With Athletic Greens Powder

Athletic Greens is intended to be consumed first thing in the morning, before eating anything else.

I find it to be light on my stomach – meaning that if I am on the go and don’t have a chance to eat immediately afterwards, I feel good and not faint or sick, as I can do when taking tablet vitamin supplements without food.

Along with making my bed, a sunrise trail run and a nice warm shower, this shake sets me up for the day!

Athletic Greens Benefits

To some extent, I see the benefits of supplements as being things I don’t experience – such as not getting colds, not feeling unnecessarily tired and not getting spots. Therefore, it’s difficult to assess whether I would have had these things if I had not taken the supplement!

One thing I definitely find when I have used Athletic Greens for a couple of days in a row is that my digestion is much better than normal. I’ve been trying to work out what causes me to have digestive problems, and so I now know that one (or more) of the Athletic Greens ingredients is something I am lacking in my day-to-day diet. I just need to work out what it is, so I can make sure I get it from my food in the future!

I have also historically had phases of low-energy. This is usually the precursor to a cold. Since taking the supplement I have not had these low-energy periods or any colds. Who’s to say whether I would have otherwise had these, but I believe the supplement helps, especially when I’m busy or traveling and not eating particularly well.

Athletic Greens Review Summary

athletic greens review web
Athletic Greens Review
Ease of Use
Value for Money
Overall Score

Where to buy Athletic Greens and price, PLUS an Athletic Greens Trial Offer Details

You can buy Athletic Greens from their website, athleticgreens.com as a one-off pouch or on a monthly subscription (that can be cancelled at any time). The Athletic Greens Trial Offer you may have heard about refers to the $20 OFF subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

So what you would do is subscribe, save $20, and then cancel the subscription within the first month, to stop it renewing. The bags provide 30 servings and cost $77/month on this subscription, or $97 as a one-off payment.

Is Athletic Greens Worth It?

At first glance, $77/month may seem expensive, however, if you compare it to the competition, or price of a green superfood smoothie/shake from a store or a daily coffee, then Athletic Greens is definitely worth it at around $2.57/day.

A green smoothie from my local smoothie place is more than $8, and a coffee is $4, so this is good way of thinking about way a healthy daily routine is worth to you. Athletic Greens powder is undoubtedly much better for me than a coffee from a coffee shop every day too, although I’m not giving up my daily coffee just yet, I’ll have to make do with both, haha.

Athletic Greens Alternative

If you’ve tried Athletic Greens powder before and are looking for an Athletic Greens alternative to try out next, head over to my best greens powder supplements buyer’s guide. That post lists my 5 favorite greens powders to date, and it’s constantly being updated as and when I get sent the latest greens powders to try out for the Trail & Kale blog.

I hope you enjoyed this Athletic Greens review, if you have a question for me, please leave it in the comments below.


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  1. I have been loving it too. I have been out for about 6 weeks and my next shipment is coming in a week or two. My 13-yr old loves it so it ended up being used up more quickly than anticipated. Anyway, I have been experiencing low-energy and after reading your review, I just realized that maybe it has been because I have been out of the Athletic Greens. The timing makes sense. It will be interesting to see how I feel once I get back on it. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Robert,

      At the time of writing the review, it was consistent with labeling. I’m assuming Organic Greens can no longer claim to be fully orgaic because maybe not all their ingredients are anymore… I will update our article to reflect these changes.



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