On Cloudultra 2 Review: On’s Best Trail Running Shoes Just Got Even Better

The best On Cloud shoes for trail running just got even better!


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I always enjoy testing and reviewing new running shoes from ‘On’ because they love to innovate just as much as I love to test new innovative gear, and when it’s a trail running shoe, then even better because I get to put them to the test on my favorite local trails here in Northern California.

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The On Cloudultra 2 is a trail running shoe that’s cushioned with all-terrain capabilities in the Cloudtec Helion superfoam midsole and MissionGrip outsole for long distances and ultra running; so let’s see if On has remained true to the original Cloudultra, and whether the updates are in fact improvements.

In this On Cloudultra 2 review, I’m going to shine a light on the key features that I love (and a couple that could be improved), how well they perform while trail running, how they compare with the other On running shoes right now, whether they’re worth $180, and finally my rating out of 10 with a list of pros and cons.

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On Cloudultra 2 review 4
On Cloudultra 2 review | Trail & Kale

If you’re an avid hiker as well as a trail runner, and are looking for a great pair of On Cloud shoes for walking on trails, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Cloudultra 2 is our top pick in that category for walking.

Key specifications of the On Cloudultra 2

On Cloudultra 2 weight 1
  • Price: $180 at on.com
  • Usage: A cushioned, all-terrain trail shoe for long distances and ultrarunning, with soft Helion superfoam and Missiongrip. Also great for hiking!
  • Weight: 10.2 oz (289g) for a size US(M)9 (my pair)
  • Drop: 6mm
  • Toe box width: medium width
  • Stability: Neutral
  • Cushioning: Maximum cushioning

General fit and comfort

On Cloudultra 2 review 3

Let me start by saying the sizing and fit of the Cloudultra trail running shoes are consistent with all other On running shoes I have tested and other brands including HOKA, Brooks Running, Salomon, and Nike Trail for example.

They are easier to get on than the previous model thanks to the knitted upper heel enclosure, and there’s also more volume inside the shoes and they fit true to size – I usually wear a size US (M) 9 and that’s what I went with for the Cloudultra 2.

On recommended sizing up a half size on the original Cloudultra, and maybe that was more to do with making them easier to get on because they were snug around the entry, with little stretch. Plus I went with my usual sizing for them, and when I got them on they felt true to size too.

If you run in a brand I haven’t listed here, drop the brand you use in the comments below, and if I’m familiar with them I’ll let you know how they fit relative to them too.

On Cloudultra 2 review 8

The On Cloudultra 2 is a very comfortable shoe out of the box and there was no need to break them in, which is something I felt I had to do in the original Cloudultra.

These trail running shoes are for those who need a shoe that will support them over long distances, with very generous cushioning and a TPU Speedboard that will help propel you forward, even when your legs are feeling tired towards the end of a long run or ultra marathon.

To find the best trail shoes for running right now, read our trail running shoes buyer’s guide next, and if you like to run on the road too (variety is the spice of life!) here’s our road running shoes buyer’s guide too.

The Cloudultra 2 feels incredibly comfortable while running on very hard surfaces (more so than the original Cloudultra), like tarmac, concrete, buffed trails, and rocky terrain, fire roads, and gravel surfaces.

This comfort is 100% down to the double layer Helion superfoam midsole which provides very impressive cushioning underfoot.

On Cloudultra 2 review 23

The grip on the outsole is also noticeably better than the original Cloudultra on hard surfaces too thanks to the new MissionGrip outsole that provides 50% more ground contact, and a shallower gulley that runs down the middle of the shoes.

The On Cloudultra 2 is neutral in its support type, with an arch that will suit most runners with average arches, and this is actually consistent with all the other On running shoes, I have tested to date.

The toe box and shoe, in general, is of medium width too.

Design features that stand out

1. Double layer Helion Superfoam midsole

On Cloudultra 2 review 6

We have seen this sandwiching of two layers of Helion superfoam in a few On running shoes now – the original Cloudultra, Cloudstratus and Cloudboom shoes come to mind, and this design really does give a pretty special plush and bouncy sensation while running.

If you’re unfamiliar with Helion, it’s On’s cushioned yet responsive midsole foam, that features on most On running shoes.

This is a running shoe built for going long distances over mixed terrain but mostly hard ground, and forested trails and it’s clear that this is On’s intention due to this cushioned double layer Helion midsole.

2. Upper mesh construction

On Cloudultra 2 review 10

The upper mesh is a two-layer construction reinforced with lightweight TPU for durability. The interior wall is soft to ensure your feet feel comfortable throughout long runs.

The construction has more breathability than the previous version, which was lacking somewhat, so I’m really happy On has improved this.

On Cloudultra 2 review 9

On Running introduced their FlipRelease system on the original On Cloudultra which exists to help you find the perfect fit much more easily when your feet expand due to intense exercise or running in hot environments.

It’s a pretty simple yet effective system that allows you to flip the switch upside down to give your feet extra room, instantaneously.

The purpose of this is so that you can quickly give your feet more room to breathe during a run, as feet tend to expand and contract depending on their temperature – feet get warm during running.

So halfway through a hot long run, you may notice your shoes getting a little tighter, well with the Cloudultra, you can quickly flip that switch and give your feet extra space to breathe – pretty smart!

They have kept this feature alive with this new version of the Cloudultra, although it always felt like a bit of a gimmick to me, more on that in a moment in my performance review, however.

3. A far improved MissionGrip outsole design

The On Cloudultra outsoles feature a brand MissionGrip outsole that provides 50% more ground contact when running. You can see how the new outsole compares to the previous version in my photo above.

Granted this 50% ground contact improvement isn’t particularly obvious at first glance but I certainly feel that I get more control on steep descents in the Cloudultra 2 than the original.

It has the same great Missiongrip rubber compound as other On trail running shoes, which gives good traction over mixed trails; you can see more images of the outsole in the image gallery below.

4. The new knit upper enclosure

On Cloudultra 2 review 11

There’s no real tongue so to speak of as On Running has gone all out in making the Cloudultra a knitted sock-fit construction, which wraps around your foot.

This new upper makes the Cloudultra 2 much easier to put on than the original version. It’s also a lot more comfortable and the fit is much better.

Once your feet are in, they are very secure and locked in place very comfortably thanks to this new design and a new lacing system that compliments it.

On Cloudultra 2 review 24

There’s also an elastic loop to tuck your laces under which stops them flapping around while running, which is a nice touch that really does offer value to the overall enjoyment of running in these trail shoes.

You can see how they look tucked in the loop in my performance video review below, plus you get to see my beautiful local trails that I test running shoes on for Trail and Kale! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for videos just like this one! 🙂

On Cloudultra 2 performance review

The On Cloudultra 2 has been designed for trail runners who love taking on long distances, so that’s endurance runners like marathon runners, and ultra runners – and the On Cloudultra hits it out of the park for delivering on its promises.

Watch my performance video review below to get an idea of how they perform in the real world on some of the most beautiful trails in California! I brought Kepler (our Border Collie) with me on this run so you can see some guest appearances from him too! 🙂

The Cloudultra certainly looks quite similar to its predecessor but it feels very different.

With that in mind I was very keen to test the performance to see how they compare to the previous version.

Some of the key changes of the Cloud Ultra 2 and how they affect performance:

It’s lighter – It’s a touch lighter than the Cloudultra (original) which is certainly a positive if you plan to run longer distances with more ease, simply because your muscles will have less work to do.

The MissionGrip outsole has had a complete shuffle up – this means there’s 50% more ground contact now, and I really notice that I’m getting better grip on steep downhills because of it.

There’s now a lower drop – Also the drop has been reduced to 6mm from 7mm. This one millimeter reduction is really helping on trails and this is an ultra-endurance shoe designed for going long distances; hence the type of running shoes that you really don’t want a high drop on.

Nothing about a high drop makes sense when running on varying terrain that’s also gnarly, I mean you need a flat-ish surface on the bottom of your shoes to be able to effectively navigate the rolls and bumps in terrain, so this is definitely a step in the right direction for the CloudUltra 2. A high drop only makes sense when trail running on very light, easy trails.

It’s more flexible and slips on much more easily now – it’s definitely a lot more flexible out the box now, when compared to the previous version.

On Cloudultra 2 review 17

They’re also more comfortable around your heel and ankles thanks to the cushioned pads, pictured above.

Increased cushioning – On has softened the Helion foam making the midsole feel more cushioned on the trails which means more comfort on harder surfaces, for longer. On’s calling it maximum cushioning but if this was a HOKA shoe it would probably be medium cushioning.

They are now more breathable – the upper has been improved to allow for more airflow in and out of the shoes.

There’s a new knitted upper – this knitted upper sock-like enclosure is really comfortable around your heel/ankles, makes them easy to slip on and also hugs your feet, acting as a gaiter to keep trail debris out of the shoes too.

So overall, the updates are certainly improvements. Some things that are the same include the snap lock enclosure that allows you to flip it and it instantly to give you extra room inside the shoe when your feet get hot.

In my experience, however, it’s a bit of a gimmick. Although it does work, it just goes from one size to a much bigger size and I just believe a trail running shoe or running shoe in general needs to be able to expand, flex and stretch to your feet as they expand due to heat.

These shoes do that without the need for that flip lock and therefore I have it unlocked all the time, and I just fasten my laces as I normally would.

It still has that elastic loop to store your laces away too, which I really like.

I’ve been wearing the CloudUltra 2 on some hiking adventures too with Helen as she can’t run right now because she’s about two weeks away from giving birth to “baby spinach” which we’re really excited about!

I really love them for hiking, there’s tons of grip and they feel really comfortable, highly supportive, very breathable and they rate really highly in our Best On Clouds Shoes For Walking buyer’s guide.

On Cloudultra 2 review 1

If you’re wondering how they compare to the On Cloudvista for trail running, the On Cloudultra 2 takes the win for me, and is my favorite trail running shoe from On Running. I mention that shoe as it is their second most popular trail running shoe – see images below to see how they compare style wise.

Go check out my On Cloud Vista review next if you want to learn more about them, but yeah highly rate the On Cloudultra 2 so far.

Okay, so running on the flat, the On Cloudultra 2 is really nice and fast, and I’m really loving that new six millimeter drop which helps it feel like a nice road running shoe thanks to the cushioned yet responsive ride.

Downhill performance in the On Cloudultra 2 is equally fun thanks to the confidence and control provided by the new Mission Grip outsole, and the comfort of the Helion midsole.

The outsole is so much better than the previous version not because of the rubber compound but more so the the pod formation that gives you more surface area contact with the ground, which is what you want with trail running shoes and it just really sticks to the trails.

Also, I haven’t had any rocks get stuck in the outsole which is obviously a good thing!

Are they worth it and where to buy them

Absolutely, Yes! If you’re looking for highly cushioned shoes to run long distances on the trails, the On Cloudultra 2 is most definitely for you. The On Cloudultra 2 are in my opinion, the best On Running shoes for trail running.

While $180 may seen expensive, you’re getting a premium running shoe that’s very versatile, thanks to their all-terrain (and all distance) capabilities, and you’ll likely enjoy hiking in them too, like I do!

How do they compare with other On Running Shoes?

The On Cloudultra 2 feels fairly similar to the Cloudventure but in my opinion, has better cushioning underfoot and feels more responsive as a shoe overall.

The outsole is definitely improved over the original Cloudultra (and Cloudventure) too, due in part to the much shallower gully that runs down the middle of the shoe.

The much deeper gully on the Cloudventure had a tendency to leave you with an unpredictable footing when running over technical terrain.

On Cloudultra 2 Review Summary


Jump over to our Best On Running Shoes Ranked and Reviewed buyers guide to find out how well the On Cloudultra 2 ranks against other On trail running shoes, HINT – They’re rocking it!

I hope you enjoyed this On Cloudultra 2 review – if you have a question about these trail running shoes, drop it in the comments below 🙂 -Alastair.

As the founder of Trail & Kale, and seasoned marathoner & ultrarunner, Alastair loves bringing our readers independent running shoe reviews and gear insights to help you run your best. Learn more about Trail & Kale here.


  1. Hi Alastair,
    Thanks for your great review of the new On Cloudultra 2. I’ve already run about 500km on my first generation Cloudultra on a variety of terrain and love these shoes. I will definitely buy the new generation, but I have a question. Compared to the normal running shoes from On, there was a recommendation with the first generation to choose half a size larger. Does that also apply to the second generation? I am currently training for a mega-hike (100 km and 1600 metres of altitude in 24 hours).
    Looking forward to further reviews
    Greetings from Southern Germany

    • Hi Bernd, glad you enjoyed the review! Regarding the 0.5 size up, I personal am running with my usual size, and I did for the original Cloudultra too. It may be different depending on the thickness of socks you use (if you’re hiking, you may be using thicker socks than I tend to use, which are generally thin). Did you find the Cloudultra to fit well when sizing up?

      • Hi Alastair,
        Thank you very much for your quick reply. I also prefer thin socks 😉 . I have to admit, even on three half marathon runs, the On Cloudultra, half a size bigger than my other On road running shoes, always sat securely on my foot, gave support and provided enough space for my toes, which I particularly appreciated at the end. I think I will order the Cloudultra 2 again in the same size. I’ll let you know if it was the right decision.

      • Hi Alastair,
        Thank you for your quick reply. I also prefer thin socks 😉 . I have to admit, even on three half marathon runs through the woods, the On Cloudultra, half a size bigger than my road running shoes, always fit securely on the foot, gave support and provided enough space for the toes, which I especially appreciated at the end. I think I will order the Cloudultra 2 again in the same size. I will then report back to you whether it was the right decision.

  2. Hi Alastair, thanks for the review. I now use Nike Pegasus Trail 2 in size 44 (US10). What size would you advise for the Ultra’s? All the best from The Netherlands

  3. Hi Alastair
    I wear size 8 in almost all of my run shoes: Altra Olympus 4, New Balance Fresh Foam More V1 and V2, and all of the crappy toe shaped, twerky Hoka’s I’ve had the displeasure to have had.
    IME, I have found On running shoe size to be inconsistent from one model to the next.
    I had the first gen Cloudvista size 8 and they were long, they also fell apart very prematurley, were rock collectors and not soft underfoot due to the stupid plastic plate above the outsole.
    Cloudswift 2 size 8 fit my feet perfect, good blunt wide toe shape to allow splay and narrow heel cup/arch area to hold my foot. Sock upper super comfy. Outsole plastic spring plate horrible, sole rock collectors!
    On Cloudgo size 8 is a good fit, a little roomy volume wise.
    I had to go half a size up in Cloudultra to 8.5, size 8 was too small, toes right at the front, didn’t have a finger width to the front bumper.
    Same with the On Cloudsurfer, size 8 is too short, needed to size up to an 8.5
    Based on your review, I plan to order Cloudultra 2 in an 8.5 soon as REI gets them in, they currently only have the women’s on their website. I want the cherry color and am hoping they don’t only stock the black and white and or that dull grayish blue On is calling navy. As a customer REI takes care of me and I would rather not need to purchase from another vendor.

    • Agreed REI has an awesome shopping experience but the On store is also very good! If 8.5 seems to be your size for the Vista and Swift 2 then 8.5 will most likely be your size in the Ultra 2 as well as they are consistent with one another in size. -A

  4. I was just looking at shoes yesterday to replace my second set of cloudultras. I’ve loved the comfort, fit and performance 0f these, but there are a few issues that made me look at other brands. I’ve got a pair of waterproof speedlace Solomons that the tread is 10x better on but they’re a bit narrow and not great for day long wear. The traction, stability, and grip on Rocky trails and descent on those is 10/10. The cloud ultra’s (v1s mind you) tread was soft, shallow and wore down way too quickly (hence 2 pairs in 12 months). Made me question if I should spend that much again or not. Love their stability, shape, support, and comfort (all 10/10) but the tread is 4/10. They also were terrible in any snow or wet conditions (1/10) to be honest, that is why I got those Solomon goretex x ultra 04s. I do back up the +1/2 size as my big toe was pushed upward into the front a bit too much in my natural size. The improved breathability is enticing also as they felt hot, my feet sweat a lot, and got smelly quickly so I had to pull the insoles and either bake them in the sun, put them outside and freeze them in the winter, and spray them with some anttibac shoe stuff (I know, keep your feet clean and all haha but sweat is sweat). These seem to trap that heat a bit more than expected. Hopefully the new fabric could improve that experience.

    I have a pair of altra shoes and the toe box is wider which is nice but again, soft tread. Plus my foot kinda swims side to side. Won’t be doing that again.

    This review has me wanting to see the new soles in the cloudultra 2s and maybe reconsider. I would not buy the v1s for a 3rd time. Just not enough life in them as they degraded too quickly.

    • Hey, the Cloudultra 2 is a big improvement over an already good running shoe in the Cloudultra. And yes they’re certainly more breathable now too! 🙂

  5. Hi thanks for the review.Im currently an 8.5 in the monsters and surfer but sized up to a 9.5 in the original Ultras.Im wondering if the new Ultras are back to normal size wether to go to a 9 or a 8.5 I’m wearing these for long Ultras so alow for swelling.what do you think??many thanks

    • Hi Kerrie,
      I’m surprised you had to size up a full size with the Cloudultras coming from the monsters and surfer. They were consistently sized when I reviewed them (did someone advise you to go up a half size?). I personally would go with your usual sizing for the ultra 2’s but if you do feel you need more space you could go up a half size to a 9. they do have a flip lock feature which may be useful for you which provides extra volume in the shoes after your feet heat up during an ultra. You’re probably familiar with this as it was on the original Ultra too.

  6. Hi there, first of all really nice and detailled review, thank you!
    I wonder if you would recommend them also for running on wet tarmac, or would that wear down the sole faster? I am looking for an all around shoe for dog walks..hiking/ trail running. Appreciate your answer.

    Cheers from Detroit.

    • Hi Ove! Glad you enjoyed the review! They will grip very well on tarmac but outsole may wear down faster as trail shoes tend to use a much grippier compound (which wears down a little faster). That said they are an excellent all round shoe that’s great for dog walking on tarmac or trails (it’s how I use them).


  7. Hi, Alastair…

    I am preparing to do the Camino de Santiago (the Camino Frances route) which is a little over 800 km… Will probably take me 37-40 days of walking 20-27 km every day except on the 3-4 rest days I am planning…

    The terrain will be mixed… Portions will take you on up and down semi-steep trails in the Pyrenees mountains , other portions will be along long flat dirt/stone roads, and there will be some paved surfaces also…

    Trail running shoes are suggested over “hiking boots”… I currently have some ON running shoes, mostly for walks (back injury
    limits my running/jogging these days, so I walk a lot), and I love them… So I would love to use some ON’s on this trip…

    But – my biggest concern/question is: do you feel the Cloudultra 2 is durable enough to handle 500 miles of mixed terrain. Or is there another trail running shoe I might want to consider?




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