RUX 70L Review: A Rugged Gear Storage Solution… But Is It Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

It's as if a gear duffel bag and a utility storage bin got together and created an adventure-ready baby. Here's what else you need to know about the RUX.


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The RUX gear hauling storage system is an innovative product that is essentially a hybrid of a hard-sided tote and a rugged duffel. “Part bag, part box”.

It boasts the structure and extra features of a rugged hard storage bin or tote, with the flexibility and other qualities of a high-end waterproof duffel. It packs like a box for ease of access, and carries and packs down like a bag.

On first learning about RUX, I was immediately salivating at the well-organized adventure gear on RUX’s website. Could my gear really look like that, too?

You should know up front that at nearly $300 for a RUX 70 liter, this is a costly gear hauling solution to consider. Hey, that’s probably why you landed on this review, to help decide whether it’s worth it.

At Trail & Kale we love premium outdoors-ready gear, if it delights us with enjoyable features, functionality, durability and other qualities that help justify the initial outlay and enhance our experiences.

RUX 70L Review 16

So, with that in mind, in this RUX 70L review, I cover the key features of their 70l gear hauler (plus the 25l bag and 3l pocket that make up the ‘Essentials Set’ system), its pros and cons, activities it is best suited to, alternatives, and whether in my opinion, it’s worth the money and a recommended buy.

About the RUX brand

RUX was founded in 2019 in BC, Canada, with the aim to ‘liberate you and your gear for a wildly dynamic life well-lived’. Any company that has this in their mission statement has my attention!

The company’s core product is the RUX 70L (short for 70 liter, which is the capacity).

In addition to the RUX 70L, you can buy a variety of totes and side pockets that are modular in that you can attach them to various parts of the inside and outside of the RUX 70L, which I’ll expand on as we get into this review.

They also sell spare parts so you can add on or replace parts to maximize the longevity of their products (they’re designed to last a lifetime this way), plus other accessories to help with lashing down and storing your system in your garage, closet, RV, camper, or other vehicle.

RUX 70L stores so much gear
Plenty of room in here for even more gear!

The RUX System at a glance

  • Price: RUX 70L is currently $298 at
  • Options available: a waterproof bag, tote, pocket, tie-down straps and clips for slatwall storage.
  • Colors available: black, blue, tan, green and orange.
  • Key Features include: Part bag, part box, Waterproof and rugged, Flexible storage for all your gear and adventures, Versatile use applications, Modular accessory options, Lifetime warranty and spare parts.
  • When would you use it: You can use it for pretty much any application you can think of. Popular uses include camping, fishing, surfing, diving, trunk organization, garage gear storage, vanlife and travel, RV gear… you name it!
  • Closest competitors: The product is designed as a differentiated alternative to large plastic gear totes and bins, backpacks and duffel bags, taking features from all of the above to offer an alternative product.

Things I love about the RUX Storage System

RUX is one of those products that will be hugely appealing to you (as it was to me) if you’re someone who likes to stay organized at home and while camping, road tripping, adventuring… and don’t object to spending money on a premium system that’s enjoyable to use.

I’d go as far as to say I get a LOT of enjoyment out of organizing my stuff, but that only works if you have appropriate and accessible storage for it.

Boxes are great for that, but duffels aren’t. So that brings me to:

The shape of the RUX 70L

RUX 70L Review 13

The RUX 70L, the heart of the brand’s storage system, is shaped like a box, so it’s easy to organize and the sides stay straight.

They don’t collapse in, like a duffel, unless you remove the corner stays to store it empty.

The shape also makes it easy to carry – easier than a bulky duffel especially when filled with hard, angular items, and easier than a box as it’s not as heavy and solid, and it comes with small side grab-handles and two longer straps for strapping and carrying it as you wish.

The ability to keep your stuff organized once packed

Because it packs like a box, rather than a bag, you can take the lid fully (or partially) off to get to what’s inside, and the rest of the contents don’t move around as much as they would in a duffel or backpack.

You can improve on your organization and segregate your items (for example between clean and dirty, wet and dry) by using the smaller add-on bags.

The options for this include a roll-top waterproof drybag, a 25L tote and a 3L pocket (you can view them all on this page of RUX’s website).

The RUX has rails on the inside AND outside, that you can use to attach the bags and other accessories to. So you can attach a pocket on the outside, a tote on the inside (as pictured in this review), and use another outer rail to lash or otherwise attach your RUX box to a wall, slatwall or vehicle.

Multiple options for attaching and storing your RUX

These RUX clips are what makes the modularity work so well 24

This brings me on to one of the coolest features, that the number of ways to transport and store this product is really only limited by your imagination, including:

  • Strap or clip it on to your vehicle or wall
  • Stack it with other gear (within reason – it’s not designed to hold LOADS of weight on top of it)
  • Install a slatwall in your garage or shed and hang RUX on the slatwall with the optional hook accessories.

Yep, it’s the stuff your garage design dreams are made of.

RUX are also popular with campers, RV owners and campervan aficionados.

It’s easy to see why. With modular, versatile storage options to clip them on to rails along the side of your van, truck or RV, you can really go to town on dialing in your gear organization system with this brand.

RUX’s rugged design and waterproofing features

RUX 70L bottom is ridged and had good grip for transporting

The shell is made from 840D nylon with a TPU coating.

In plain English, that means it’s made out of a very tough, rip-resistant material that has a waterproof coating. This thing is rugged and designed to be capable of going anywhere, regardless of the conditions.

The lid is waterproof coated, folds 3 ways (either side, or in total), and clips and bungees on to the body. You can also then strap it down to secure it further.

The compression straps can also be used to compress the RUX 70L if you want to take the structural corner stays out, and store it – although you may find you never bother doing this as it takes a few minutes to pack it away.

The RUX app

If you’re really into your organization, have multiple RUX and like to track your stuff really well, you can also download RUX’s app.

The app allows you to make a list of what is in each unit. If you’re going on an expedition with several, and need to stay completely on top of what goes where, this could be a great asset for you.

RUX are designed to last a lifetime

RUX products come with a lifetime warranty because they’re designed to last, whatever you use them for. Plus, all the components come apart and can be purchased separately.

So, if any part does break, it can be replaced relatively inexpensively. You don’t need to go out and buy a whole new RUX.

Things I feel could be improved with the RUX System

This is one of those products that is very hard to fault. That being said, here are a few areas I feel could be improved upon.

Installing the corner-stays

I’m normally one to read instructions. And there are some instructions that come with the RUX that explain how to install the four steel corner-stays that are necessary to give the RUX 70L its structure when you unpack it.

Even so, it took longer than expected to put together. I got there eventually. It turns out you can bend the stays back against their curve, which doesn’t seem like you should be able to do, but it’s necessary to tuck the top half into the corner pocket and it will spring back when you let go.

The window size (and location) on the RUX 70L

RUX 70L Review 15

The window in the side of the RUX is a thoughtful design, it’s very useful to be able to see inside and determine easily whether it’s the one that has your camping, mountain biking or emergency survival gear stashed in it.

This window could be bigger – that would help see inside more extensively.

Or perhaps another window on one of the long sides is what is needed. That way, when it’s mounted sideways on a vehicle or garage slatwall, for example, then you can see what’s inside without peering around to look in the window on the side.

It’s expensive

As I mentioned at the start of this RUX review, the price itself isn’t necessary a dealbreaker when you consider the features, design and care that have gone into creating the RUX product range.

But, it will price out some people who simply don’t want to spend so much on storing and transporting gear. And, when you factor in the additional bags and accessories, plus tax if you’re somewhere that adds sales tax, then this is a lot of money.

If money is an issue but you’re keen on the RUX system, I’d suggest getting one, using (and enjoying) it for packing and taking on adventures, given most of the functions are most beneficial while you’re actively transporting and using it (and its contents).

That way you can probably get away with just owning one or two. That’s how we’ve been using this RUX.

For your long term storage at home and in your garage, stick to the large plastic tote boxes that cost under $20 each but are a pain to lug around. You can dive into them to pick out gear to pack in your RUX for trips.

Is RUX worth the money?

RUX 70L Review 2

If you’re the kind of person who’d rather reuse and reappropriate other gear, totes, systems or even make your own storage solutions for the creative enjoyment or to save cash… then no, RUX is not for you.

However, if you’re the kind of person who LOVES purposely-designed gear solutions, and takes great enjoyment out of organizing and carefully transporting your beloved (and also probably, pricey) adventure gear… then you may just find yourself getting addicted to RUX.

I say addicted because if you buy one, you certainly won’t be disappointed and may just find yourself buying several, plus a selection of accessories.

This is one excellent product for the right person who appreciates and gets use and enjoyment out of its design and functionality, which is why RUX has earned a coveted Trail & Kale Editor’s Choice award 🙂

Where to buy

Shop the RUX 70L plus the full range of accessories on RUX’s website where the RRP is $298. Select RUX products are also available at and other merchants:

Review Summary


RUX 70L Review Gallery – The RUX system in all it’s glory

As the founder of Trail & Kale, and seasoned marathoner & ultrarunner, Alastair loves bringing our readers independent running shoe reviews and gear insights to help you run your best. Learn more about Trail & Kale here.


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