Racers Loop Heel Lock Lacing Demonstration

The Racers Loop Heel Lock lacing method is how to stop your heel slipping out of your running shoes.


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Whether you’re dealing with laces that are too long or seeking more support during your runs, mastering the Racer’s Loop heel lock lacing technique can enhance your running experience and stop your heel slipping out of your running shoes.

So, if you are struggling with your running shoes slipping off your heel, I’m here to help! In this quick and easy video tutorial, I demonstrate the Racer’s Loop heel lock method – it helps all runners looking for added stability and support.

This lacing technique not only secures your heel, preventing it from slipping, but also provides a tidy solution for long laces.

In this video demonstration

  • The benefits of using Racer’s Loop for heel lock lacing.
  • Step-by-step instructions to switch to a Racer’s Loop setup.
  • How this method can improve stability and prevent heel slippage.

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