10 Useful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Active Moms [2021]

With Mother’s Day approaching fast there’s not much time left to come up with a thoughtful gift that your adventurous and active mom will truly appreciate. It’s ok though because we’ve got you covered with these 10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for adventurous / active moms that have been chosen specifically to encourage a fun and active lifestyle and are very different from the typical mother’s day gifts you’ll see advertised.

If your mom enjoys staying active and has an adventurous spirit, then you really can’t go wrong with any of these Mother’s Day gift ideas for active moms. Oh, and we actively use all the items on this list ourselves so if you have ANY questions about them, please drop them in the comments below and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get straight to the gift ideas for active moms!

10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts For Active Moms

1. A Yoga Mat from Lululemon

Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat is ready for all good practice vibes. At 5mm thick, it is extra cushy which helps to relieve some pressure on hips and knees when doing mat-based yoga, stretching and core workouts. Yoga compliments trail running so well because it keeps your joints and muscles flexible, this is necessary when you’re running over terrain that requires you to pick your legs up high and place them down on uneven surfaces.

Yoga is also the perfect way to reach a state of mindfulness and a means to reconnect the synergy of body and mind. Even if your mom’s not into yoga, a yoga mat is great for flexibility exercises and stretching, before or after workouts or simply because it’s good to work on your flexibility each morning and have a cushioned, non-slip mat to do it on.

10 Useful Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Active Moms [2021] 1 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure

If you think your mom is going to enjoy something from the Lululemon store, they have also put together their own Mother’s Day gift list this year, featuring lots of active lifestyle and yoga gift ideas – another great, and less expensive choice, for example, is this minimal running belt. Oh and when your active mom is looking for some Yoga routine inspiration, get her to watch our 10 Easy Yoga Stretches demonstration video which will guide her through a fulfilling workout.

2. A Leatherman Multi-Tool

Leatherman Signal Multi Tool - Mother's Day Gift Ideas
The Signal is available in 7 colors.

The Leatherman Signal is a super durable multi-tool, made in the USA, that will last for decades, which probably makes it one of the few gifts you can only give mom once – although with that said, I have one in the van, one with my hiking gear and I could definitely make a home for a Leatherman in the house to grab when I need to make a quick fix!

The bright colors of this Leatherman multi-tool will surely be enough to brighten up any adventure. The Signal packs 19 useful tools into a compact, 4.5-inch size, which weighs only 7.5 oz.

A Leatherman multi-tool is perfect if your mom’s adventurous or good at making changes to gear and clothing on-the-fly. If your mom enjoys hiking, backpacking, or camping trips, then the Leatherman is a must-have tool for her backpack. It is pretty much by definition the most useful Mother’s Day gift you can buy.

3. An REI Gift Card (A Handy Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift)

REI gift card - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

An REI Gift Card is a great Mother’s Day Gift because you won’t have to guess what the outdoorsiest of moms would like to receive the most. You can either order a Gift Card to be delivered as a physical card, which takes up to 7 days to arrive, OR you can choose to send a digital E-Gift Card, which can be sent directly to your mom within hours. You can also choose how much to load the card up with, the minimum is $10. This is a good gift for a mom who likes adventuring and being active outdoors but is difficult to buy for, as she can find herself something useful and tell you all about it 🙂

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Send an REI Gift Card and let your mom purchase that thing she’s secretly been pining after.

While surprise gifts can be wonderful to receive, if you buy a gift from REI and it turns out to not be quite what the recipient had in mind, encourage them to say so, and switch it out for an alternative, as REI has an excellent returns policy.

4. True Wireless Earbud Headphones

KLH Fusion True Wireless Headphones review trail and kale web wm 2

If your mom likes to listen to music while running, hiking, or working out, or even chat on the phone using headphones, these KLH Fusion true wireless earbuds are some of the best out there when it comes to headphones for active people (and hence why they won a 2021 Editor’s Choice award from us in our best headphones for running round-up) and definitely make an appreciated and very useful Mother’s Day gift for active moms.

Some of the features we love about the KLH Fusion earbuds include that they have environmental noise-canceling technology, AAC/aptX High-Definition Sound, Bone Voiceprint which is smart enough to only recognizes the wearer’s voice, IPX5 Water-Resistant Rating, and 28 hours of playtime from one case charge (enough for many ultramarathons).

Pair it with the Mighty Vibe Music Player

If your mom doesn’t have the means to play music directly from her GPS Running Watch, or she doesn’t like taking her phone with her on her runs then the Mighty Vibe music player is a very small and lightweight way to take music from Spotify or Amazon Music with her as she runs or works out.

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5. An Awesome Trail & Kale Trucker Hat

Trail & Kale Trucker Cap - Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Our Classic Trucker (Black)

Well, we would say that, but it’s true, a small but very useful Mother’s day gift for active moms is a trucker hat. Truckers are great for keeping rain, sun, and sweat out of your eyes and face while on the trails, plus they also look really cool… and you want your mom to look cool, right?!

Our Classic Trucker is available in 4 color combinations but if you’re after a more stealthy look, then check out our Stealth Edition Trucker.

We also designed our subtle, yet distinctive “Stealth Edition” Trucker hat for those who like to fly more under the radar. You can buy it in any color, as long as it’s black (and very stealthy). It features the Trail & Kale Mountain logo embroidered in a grey/silver color on the front and is the most inexpensive Mother’s Day gift idea on this year’s list.

All Trail & Kale merchandise ships worldwide!

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If you think mom may prefer a more technical hat for running or hikes, see our technical running cap gear guide for some inspiration.

6. Books Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

Best Womens Adventure Books Trail and Kale

If your mom loves to read AND she loves adventure, running or reading inspiring biographical novels, then why not choose a couple of books from our list of Best Women’s Adventure Books. You can’t really go wrong with books and they make inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts! We’ve been compiling this list based on books we have read and also books that our trusted community of adventure lovers rate very highly.

These female adventurers write about their experiences in a way that will inspire her to explore more and become a stronger adventurer because of it.

Give the gift of a free Audible trial!

If you or your mom have never tried Audible or haven’t got into audiobooks before, I highly recommend signing her up for a free trial (you can use your card details and can cancel any time, so you can give the free trial plus any number of months thereafter) if you think she’ll be too busy being active and adventurous to sit down and read an old-fashioned paper book! The biggest advantages of using Audible to listen to books, rather than reading them, are that:

  • You get a FREE book when you sign up for a free trial of Audible. After 30 days of your free trial, you get 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals each month for $14.95/mo.
  • Listening to someone narrate the book can be more impactful and memorable
  • You can listen to audiobooks while doing other things
  • You can consume information faster. If you like to consume information quickly, you can actually playback the audiobooks faster than just 1x speed.
  • Audible is always with you… If you have your phone with you, you have your audiobooks with you.

7. A Sweet Pair of Randolph Sunglasses

Randolph fusion handcrafted sunglasses - mother's day gift ideas

Randolph Engineering has been a supplier of Aviator sunglasses to the U.S. Military for the past 42 years, and for good reason, their sunglasses (hand-made in over 200 individual steps) are high-quality, comfortable, and durable, and as a result, very reliable in the field.

RELATED REVIEW: Randolph Fusion Sunglasses review

Randolph’s Fusion Sunglasses Collection is a style-driven spin on popular Randolph Aviator and Aviator-inspired frame styles, for active lifestyle wear. We’ve been wearing two models of sunglasses that were recently been added to the Fusion Collection, the Elinor and the Archer. The differentiator for the Fusion Sunglasses Collection is that the frames include premium lightweight inlays made from ‘Mazzucchelli Acetate’, adding a stylish twist and a lighter overall weight making them great sunglasses for activities such as hiking.

8. A Self Cleaning LARQ Water Bottle – as seen on Shark Tank

LARQ Bottle comparison trail and kale

The LARQ Bottle is not just another reusable water bottle, it’s the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle. It’ll purify your water and neutralize that bottle stink that we all hate! The UV-C technology built into the lid, eradicates up to 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses in Adventure Mode, meaning you can sterilize water found in streams while out hiking for example.

The main differentiators between the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle and other insulated bottles are:

  • The LARQ Bottle can clean itself with UV-C technology, while other insulated bottles can be tricky to completely clean and eradicate that stinky bottle smell that comes over time.
  • The LARQ bottle will actually purify water, standard insulated bottles can’t do this.

With all that said, this is a pretty innovative product and makes a super useful mother’s day gift idea!

You may have seen the LARQ bottle on Shark Tank recently, too – but we’ve been using LARQ bottles for several years and you can learn more about them from our review of the original LARQ Bottle PureVis and the LARQ Bottle Movement.

9. A New Running (or Hiking) Hydration Vest

REI Swiftland Hydro review t- rail and kale

Most trail runners nowadays will own at least one running hydration pack (also known as a hydration vest, race vest, or running vest), as they are the best, and most efficient way to carry essentials including water, energy food, spare clothing (including your running hat while not being worn), mobile phone, keys… the list goes on and is only limited to your creativity :). Hydration packs are equally useful for hiking too, especially for those who like to travel light on the trails.

REI Swiftland Hydro review - trail and kale

The alternative to running with a hydration vest is bleak, and that involves stuffing your pockets full of necessities that will bounce up and down during your long run, turning what should be a fun experience into a punishing one.

The 5L Swiftland Hydro running hydration pack from REI is very comfortable and secure while running due to its women’s specific fit and many sizing options. There’s plenty of storage for long trail runs, multiple points of adjustability (chest, sides, and shoulders). You also get a 1.5L no-slosh water bladder included in the price. It’s perfect for trail runs, short hikes and even dog walks where your mom needs to carry a load of stuff and water but a backpack seems a bit excessive!

10. A Back Roller Wheel from Chirp

Chirp Wheel Gifts Mothers Day Gifts for Adventurous Moms

Show me someone who doesn’t secretly love getting a good back stretch and massage, especially if there are a few of those satisfying ‘clicks’ that go with it when tension is released. The Chirp Wheel is an innovative, yet super simple back roller wheel designed to do just that – which is probably why it also featured on Shark Tank in 2020.

This back roller wheel is infinitely better than using a foam roller to attempt something similar (read why in our full Chirp Wheel review), and it really does work wonders for relieving back pain and tension, and that’s exactly why we use it every evening after a long day. Whether after a long day at work, standing, sitting, driving or doing something more fun and adventurous like hiking with a heavy pack on your back, it’s immensely satisfying to have a more relaxed, less tense back after a couple of minutes of using it. Plus, you get to use it, too, every time you’re round her house!

I hope you enjoyed these unique and useful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for active adventurous moms! If you have any questions about the gifts listed on this gift guide, please ask them in the comments below. We have used all these items ourselves, and love talking about them!


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