Hydro Flask 32 oz Bottle Review

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The Hydro Flask Escape Collection has now sold out but this review also applies to the Hydro Flask 32 oz wide mouth bottle!


The Hydro Flask Escape Collection is a limited edition range of 32 oz flasks that feature unique colorways and artwork. The idea behind these cool designs is to allow you to choose where you want to rejuvenate. The choices are, the ‘Desert‘, ‘Coast‘ or ‘Mountains‘. Because we already spend so much time in the mountains, we decided to choose the coast design… ?

Here are the 3 designs side by side:

Hydro Flask Escape Collection Colorways

The flasks will keep your hot drinks, hot or cold drinks, cold for at least a day. Hydro Flask state that cold drinks will stay cold for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12 hours. That’s more than enough for most people who are on day-adventures. Having used flasks for some time now, I’d recommend you wash them out every day anyway, to keep them free from bacteria.

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Stand Out Features


Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 12 oz Review Trail Kale wm 16

32 oz (or roughly 1 liter) is larger than most insulated flasks that you may see people walking around with, which tend to be around 21-24 oz (0.6-0.7L). This has some advantages throughout the day as you won’t need to refill it as often. I also keep mine next to my bed at night as I have two cheeky cats who will start drinking my water if I use a glass, which doesn’t have a lid. So this flask has solved that very niche problem for me.

I have also noticed that having a larger volume of water seems to keep my drink colder for longer than smaller insulated bottles. There’s probably some science behind that!?

Wide Mouth

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 12 oz Review Trail Kale wm 18

Drinking from the 32 oz bottle with a wide mouth feels easier than what you would normally have on a smaller bottle, it almost feels like drinking out of a mug, I like it. Cleaning out the flask is easier too, with a wide mouth as you can just about get a sponge in there without the need for getting a proper bottle brush. Although I would say for $13, a bottle brush will make your life easier!

Rubber Boot

The Hydro Flask Escape bottle comes with a removable silicone Flex Boot for added protection and traction on slippery surfaces. It also makes placing the bottle on surfaces much quieter which is just nicer.

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Lid Handle

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 12 oz Review Trail Kale wm 17

This is so ‘handy’ because the bottle is quite wide to grab onto if you have other things in your hands. You can also use the handle to attach it to your rucksack if you don’t have a bottle pocket available or one that’s large enough.


Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 12 oz Review Trail Kale wm 19

The Hydro Flask Escape bottle has a double walled vacuum construction made with high-grade stainless steel which will ensure a pure taste to your drinks with no metal flavor transference. Stainless steel is strong too so the bottle is very durable. Because the construction is a double walled vacuum the bottle will keep your hot drinks, hot and also your cold drinks, cold for much longer. The lid is rubber sealed which improves the insulation and prevents any leakage.

“I have also noticed that having a larger volume of water seems to keep my drink colder for longer than smaller insulated bottles.”

Hydro Flask Coffee Mug 12 oz Review Trail Kale wm 15

Other Mentions

High-Quality & Lifetime Warranty

If you buy from the Hydro Flask store you will get a lifetime warranty which is a testament to how durable this bottle is!

Some Measurements

32 oz
Volume946 mL
Mouth Diameter2.28″
Weight15.5 oz
hydro flask escape 32 oz limited edition review
Hydro Flask Escape 32 oz Bottle
Design & Function
Very well Insulated
Non-slip & protective silicon boot on the base
Love the Limited Edition 'Ink-Style' Designs
Large size means fewer refilling
Wide Mouth makes it easy to clean
Very useful carry handle
Because of its size, it can get heavy when full of liquid
Overall Score

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If you’re after a new insulating and durable adventure bottle that will last you most of the day without the need for a refill, then the Hydro Flask Escape 32 oz bottle is a great choice. It is certainly bigger than most insulated bottles that you tend to see but the extra size has the added benefit of fewer refills.

Your water will stay cold for 24hrs and hot drinks for 12hrs and the limited edition designs really stand out.

The Hydro Flask Escape Limited Edition bottle is available for $44.95 from hydroflask.com and puts it in the price range that’s just about perfect for gifting to family and friends.

Visit hydroflask.com

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10% off HYDRO FLASK orders of $50+! Use offer code TRAILKALE18 at checkout.

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