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If you’re anything like me, then you don’t need excuses to skip a run when the weather is bad. One such excuse is that it is pouring down with rain (or threatening to), and you don’t have a truly waterproof lightweight jacket that will keep you dry when out in the elements. Hopefully this  On Weather Jacket Women’s Review answers all your questions before ultimately buying this jacket but if there’s anything else you would like to know, please leave me a comment down below.

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Features of the Women’s On Weather JacketOn Weather Jacket Womens review Trail Kale sml wm 5Waterproof Running Jacket

Many women’s running jackets that appear to be waterproof (due to ambiguous marketing, tsk) may actually only be water-resistant. This means they can resist water to some degree but eventually, it will soak through. The jacket is coated with a durable water repellent which should keep you dry, even in stormy conditions.

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On Weather Jacket Womens review Trail Kale sml wm 2

The jacket’s zips are water resistant so you can take your phone with you in the rain, in the chest pocket. Having said that, I would still recommend a waterproof case for taking your phone out running in the wet. One that we have been using is the Lifeproof FRE, which I reviewed recently.

On Weather Jacket Womens review Trail Kale sml wm 12


A nice feature is that the jacket has slits in the front and back of the jacket with the top portion of material overlapping the bottom on the outside. This allows air to flow through the jacket, stopping you from over-heating.

On Weather Jacket Womens review Trail Kale sml wm 10

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Lightweight & Packable

The women’s On Weather Jacket weighs hardly anything and packs down small. This is great for stuffing in a pack or race vest when not in use, meaning you can have it with you just in case, without being overly burdened with extra weight. Due to the material used, the jacket can look crumpled after being stowed, but the creases tend to drop out fairly quickly – it doesn’t particularly bother me but worth noting.

On Weather Jacket Womens review Trail Kale sml 3


As with other On Running clothes, the womens Weather Jacket is a slim, flattering fit. Because it is fairly fitted, it’s important to order the right size so it’s comfortable. The sizing is consistent with other running brands I wear, such as Salomon and Brooks Running– a small fits me on the top (US size 4-6, UK size 8-10).

Adjustable Hood

On Weather Jacket Womens review Trail Kale sml wm 9

Not all jacket hoods are created equally… The Weather Jacket’s hood is very well-designed to stay on your head! An adjustable toggle at the back tightens the fit, a built-in semi-rigid visor shields your face from the elements, and the shape of the hood fits my head. To make it even better for women with longer hair, it would be nice to have a little pony-tail hole at the back. Maybe something for the next edition! I currently have short hair so not a problem for me 🙂


Similar to the hood, the arms have ‘cuffs’ on the end, that cover the back of your hand. I get very cold hands (even when it’s not that cold), so I appreciate this feature that keeps my hands free but covers the backs of them to shield them from wind and rain.

On Weather Jacket Womens review Trail Kale sml wm 11


On Weather Jacket Women’s Review Summary

on weather jacket womens
$239.99 at on.com

I would reach for this jacket during a deluge on my local trails, and I’d also pack it for a mountain marathon. I love the design features, fit and lightweight packability.

You can buy the On Weather Jacket for $239.99 – while it may not be the cheapest running jacket on the market, I think you’ll agree it’s probably the most stylish and it definitely has all the key features you need to protect yourself from all weather conditions while out running. It should last a lifetime, so on a price-per-wear basis perhaps it’s not too bad 🙂

One of Trail & Kale's co-founders, a mom, and guardian of our resident trail dog, Kepler, Helen can be found trail running with Kepler and enjoying road runs with her mini in a jogging stroller, all while testing out the latest running gear for our readers.



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