LARQ Bottle Filtered Review: A Water Filter With Benefits

The filter bottle that creates safe drinking water while improving its taste, with the ability to also purify water using LARQ's PureVis cap.

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It’s been a while since my last LARQ bottle review, and a lot has happened with LARQ since then, including its impressive growth as a business and a series of new product launches; the LARQ Bottle Filtered being one of them. When LARQ released the world’s first self cleaning water bottle that purifies your water and neutralizes that bottle stink that is hated across the world, I knew they were onto something big.


The LARQ Bottle is still without question my favorite water bottle for everyday use but I soon realized that it wasn’t the best backpacking water filter/purifier on the market for those who wanted to go drink fresh water from even the most questionable of water sources while out hiking or backpacking.

“Why?” I hear you ask, well because it lacked the ability to filter your water from silt and dirt, as well as purify the water from contaminants.

With the release of the LARQ Bottle Filtered, this is no longer the case, and LARQ has developed quite the elegant solution for filtering AND purifying your water while backpacking, or hiking in the backcountry.

This LARQ Bottle Filtered review will explain more about the tech used and also how well it performs in the day-to-day, and out in the wilderness.

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LARQ Bottle Review – Table of Contents

LARQ Bottle Filtered review Trail and Kale

The main differentiators between this LARQ Filter bottle and the LARQ PureVis self cleaning water bottles are:

  • The LARQ Water Bottle Filtered uses a Nano Zero filter technology with two layers – activated carbon and Nano Zero technology. The activated carbon traps contaminants like chlorine and VOCs, while Nano Zero grabs onto heavy metals resulting in pure, great-tasting water. This means it can also filter out bits of sediment if you were to collect water from a river, for example
  • LARQ PureVis bottles can clean themselves using UV-C technology. This eradicates that stinky bottle smell that comes over time. The UV-C technology in PureVis bottles purifies water – water purification removes or kills protozoa, bacteria and viruses. UV-C purification technology is a measure you should consider taking to ensure your water is clean and drinkable when traveling in countries that are known to have bad quality water.
  • Both bottles are insulated, so your water stays cold (or warm) for much longer than a standard bottle.

To learn more about the different types of water filter and purifier systems, have a read of our Best Backpacking Water Filters & Purifiers buyer’s guide next

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Trail and Kale web wm 10
LARQ Bottle next to a filter cartridge

How Does the LARQ Bottle Filtered Work?

The ‘LARQ Bottle Filtered‘ uses a Nano Zero filter technology with two effective filter layers:

  1. Activated Carbon – This layer is commonly seen in water filters because not only does it trap contaminants like chlorine and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) but it also helps the water taste better.
  2. Nano Zero technology – This layer grabs onto heavy metals which helps improve the taste of the water, and its purity. In my experience of using this water filter bottle for a few weeks now, the water certainly tastes better than a standard at home water filter pitcher.

LARQ also sells a PureVis Water Pitcher which uses this same filter technology as well as their PureVis UV-C water purifying tech to give you the ultimate clean filtered and purified water at home, in a stylish package.

The LARQ Filter bottle is very easy to use, all you have to do is unscrew the lid which has the filter attached to it, fill the bottle up to about 80% capacity, screw the lid back on.

To drink from the bottle simply push down on the λ symbol on the cap, and the nozzle will flip up – make sure the nozzle is on the top of the cap (demonstrated below), as to ensure the water doesn’t leak through the small air hole on the cap.

This tiny hole exists so that the water can flow freely through the nozzle without an airtight vacuum stopping it.

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Trail and Kale web wm 5
LARQ Bottle Filtered drinking nozzle

You may intuitively want to drink from the bottle with the nozzle at the bottom, like I did the first time I used it but don’t, as unfiltered water can make it out of that vent hole. See video below on how to flip the nozzle, and the correct orientation I’m talking about.

5 Things To Know About The LARQ Water Bottle

1. How long do the filters last, and where can you get new ones?

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Trail and Kale web wm 14
Replaceable filter cartridge

The filters used on these bottles can filter up to 40 gallons (151 liters) of water. This equates to roughly 2 months of use when used regularly – this is the equivalent to using around 300 single-use plastic bottles.

Filters can be ordered via the LARQ website which offers automatic delivery so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to order a new filter.

2. Does LARQ’s filter process improve the taste of your water?

Yes, this filter really does make water taste better, whether it’s from the tap in your house, or a questionable water source in the backcountry.

3. You can interchange the cap for LARQ’s PureVis cap.

LARQ PureVis cap
LARQ PureVis cap (sold separately)

But what does it all mean Basil? Well, picture this scenario – you’re out hiking and the only water source you can find is a lake, or river which doesn’t look particularly clean or clear.

Not a problem because you can collect the water in the LARQ bottle, use the PureVis cap (sold separately or with a LARQ PureVis UV-C Bottle) to purify the water, and then swap the PureVis lid for the filter cap in order to filter out any bits of dirt or sediment, and improve the taste of your water at the same time.

This cap interchangeability makes LARQ bottles the perfect solution for creating filtered and purified water while traveling, or adventuring in the backcountry.

4. What material is the bottle made from?

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Trail and Kale web wm 11
Stainless steel bottle and rim

The LARQ water bottle is made from BPA-free polished stainless steel which helps the bottle stay clean. The ‘LARQ Bottle Filtered’ also keeps cold drinks, cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks, hot for 12 hours, due to its dual-walled insulated construction.

I wouldn’t recommend using this bottle for anything other than water, as you’ll compromise the filter cartridge.

5. You may want the LARQ Travel Sleeve to carry and protect your bottle

LARQ Bottle review self cleaning water bottle adventure lifestyle Trail and Kale wm 9
LARQ Travel Sleeve with a 17oz LARQ bottle

The LARQ Travel sleeve is made from neoprene with a luxe vegan leather strap. It has been very useful on a number of occasions.

For example, when I’m holding too many things at once, I can just grab a strap or even hook it to my bag. The top strap can also be detached if you’d prefer to just have the sleeve and the smaller hand-strap.

It’s worth noting that the LARQ Bottle filtered does come supplied with a silicone-coated detachable carabiner for attaching the bottle to your bag – this is perfect for hiking or backpacking, but for everyday use at home or work, I find the travel sleeve better and more enjoyable to use (and look at for that matter).

It protects the bottle from scratches (because the bottle can scratch if you don’t treat it well) when you’re traveling and means you won’t feel quite so protective over the relatively expensive LARQ bottle.

I picked up a couple of scratches on my bottle before I decided to put the sleeve on it permanently.

It also makes placing the bottle on hard surfaces much quieter, something Helen appreciates in the middle of the night when I go for a swig of water and put the bottle back on my bedside table.

The sleeve accessory is every bit as high-quality as the LARQ bottle itself, as you can see in the photos above.

LARQ Filter Bottle sizes and color options

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Trail and Kale web wm 16
LARQ Bottle Filtered Review | 17oz bottle pictured

The ‘LARQ Bottle Filtered‘ comes in two different size options, the 17oz LARQ Bottle (which is the one I’m using for this review), or the 25oz LARQ Bottle.

Both sizes are built to a high-quality standard and I suppose which one you choose will depend on how much water you intend to carry around with you, and what you’re willing to pay for the bottle.

The bottle pictured in this LARQ Filter Bottle Review is the 17oz one and although it’s a really convenient size to carry with me, however, I do sometimes feel like I’d benefit from having more stored filtered water so that I don’t have to fill it up quite as often – I drink a lot of water.

Bear in mind that the 25oz bottle of course will weigh more when filled to the top, which makes it a bit bulkier when hiking or traveling. There are pros and cons to both water bottle sizes.

At the time of writing this review, the LARQ Filter Bottle is available in 2 colors, Obsidian Black and Granite White when you order directly from the LARQ online store – Check them out HERE!

Did You See LARQ on Shark Tank?

It was one of those crazy episodes, where LARQ Co-Founder Justin Wang showed up on Shark Tank asking for $500,000 for a 1% stake in his LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle company, and although the Sharks all laughed when they first heard his offer, they were soon on board once he demonstrated what his UV water bottle is capable of.

He ended up scoring a cool $1M deal from the Sharks, resulting in a $50M valuation of the company.

Technical specifications of both LARQ Bottle sizes

17oz LARQ Bottle25oz LARQ Bottle
Water Volume14.5oz22.5oz
TechnologyNano Zero FilterNano Zero Filter
Weight15.5 oz / 440g19.4 oz / 550g
Filter lifeAround 2 monthsAround 2 months
BuildDouble wallDouble wall

What’s In the box

  1. The LARQ Bottle
  2. Filter Cap
  3. 1x Filter
  4. Carabiner
  5. Quick start guide

Cost and Where To Buy The LARQ Water Bottle?

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Trail and Kale web wm 17
LARQ Filter Bottle

The LARQ Filter Bottle is available for pre-order at for $33 and up depending on the pre-order package you go for. This low pricing is a pre-order special offer and ends on the last day of November.

There’s really not much difference in price between the two bottle sizes but you’ll get nearly 50% more water storage in the 25oz LARQ Bottle – so when people ask me which one I prefer, or which LARQ Bottle to buy, I tend to tell them that the 25oz LARQ bottle is better value for money.

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Video

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Summary

LARQ Bottle Filtered Review Trail and Kale web wm 1

When it comes to water filtration, and the quality of water that you’re left with, the ‘LARQ Bottle Filtered’ does everything it claims to do, in an attractive package.

The bottle’s build quality is exceptional and personally, I think it has been designed beautifully.

This water filter bottle is certainly for those who want something a little different from all the other insulated water bottles on the market, it also offers peace of mind when drinking from water sources that can’t be trusted.

Yes, it’s more expensive than standard water bottles, but those bottles don’t offer the convenience and benefit of being able to fill up from almost anywhere with the guarantee that your water will be drinkable and taste good.

When you pair this filter bottle with the LARQ PureVis Cap, you really do have the ultimate portable water purification and filtration system out there.

LARQ Bottle Filtered review Trail and Kale
LARQ Bottle Filtered Review
Design & Function
Value for money
LARQ has done a great job with designing this beautiful water filter bottle
2 colors available as of writing this review.
2 sizes available - I recommend the larger one.
Comes with a nice silicone covered carabiner.
Filters can be ordered every two months on a discounted subscription basis. This takes the worry about whether or not your current filter still works to its full potential.
An environmentally friendly way to drink great tasting water that doesn't use plastic bottles.
The filter does take up some volume in the bottle, so it would be nice to have a water 'fill-line' as to stop water sloshing over when you screw the cap back on.
water can leak out of the air vent if you drink with the nozzle at the wrong orientation - see video above to ensure you're using the bottle correctly.
Overall Score

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