Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Review

Why this hands-free bag is so popular, its key features, color options, and all the different ways you can wear one.


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If the mention of a bum bag or fanny pack elicits visions of 1980s and 90’s fashion trends, never fear.

The popular lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is quite possibly the bag that’s reinvented the traditional fanny pack into a chic, super versatile bag for men and women to carry and have easy access to everyday small essentials.

This review of the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag explains the key features of this bag, why it’s so popular, how the bag can be worn (including as a crossbody bag or waist-worn fanny pack), situations where it’s at its most useful, plus details of the size and color options.

Why the Everywhere Belt Bag is such a popular small bag

The number one reason why this lululemon belt bag has been so hugely popular is that it’s an attractive way to carry small essentials with hands free wear.

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It’s specifically not a handbag, nor is it your typical shoulder strap bag, and it doesn’t look out of place whether you’re at the gym, commuting, enjoying a lazy Sunday coffee shop outing, or even heading out to a club or restaurant, so it’s appealing to a wide range of people.

This belt bag has also been really popular (so much so that it’s not unusual for new colors to sell out very quickly) because of the organization options it packs into its small one liter volume.

With secure zippered and inner mesh pockets to help with organizing your smaller items on the go, it’s easy to see why this is such a popular bag with both men and women, and that’s before I mention the price.

So for the price – this is another reason this small bag is so popular. Retailing at $38, this is a pretty compelling price point, especially when being sold by a premium brand such as Lululemon and when it’s made using recycled materials.

The price and the fact it comes in one size (so you don’t have to guess on sizing) is also a reason why the Everywhere Belt Bag makes such a great gift.

Key features

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Water and abrasion-resistant material


These bags are made using water-repellent fabric, with the body and liner constructed from 100% recycled polyester nylon.


The belt bag has one main compartment that closes with a zipper and is large enough to fit several small everyday essentials, including a compact sized wallet, your smartphone, keys and other items you need to access quickly, such as lip balm, hand sanitizer or headphones such as Airpods.

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The Everywhere Belt Bag is a great size for small essentials including your phone, cards and house key.

Within the main pocket there are three mesh compartments to separate other items.

I like to use one to stash receipts, but don’t necessarily feel the mesh compartments add all that much unless my bag is really full of lots of small items because it’s easy to see what’s in the bag anyway.

There’s another zipper on the back that encloses a smaller pocket which is great for items you want to keep extra secure, or more private (such as everything from cash to feminine hygiene items) – see the image gallery at the end of this review for more photos showing this.

If you’re traveling, you may want to use this pocket for keeping foreign currency or your passport, for example.

Sizes and fit

The bag’s dimensions are 7.5″ x 2″ x 5″, and you can see how that looks in the photos throughout this review.

As mentioned above, it has a surprisingly large capacity of one liter (1l).

The waist strap length is adjustable up to 41.7″ long. For smaller waists, you can tuck the excess strap out of the way with its elasticated loops.

Color options

Like other lululemon apparel, including their popular running leggings and men’s and women’s running shorts, the Everywhere Bag is available in an often-changing range of color options.

These options include the ever-popular black, grey, white and pink, as well as other patterns, colorways and limited editions. Check out the product page on lululemon’s website for the current color availability.

Ways to wear the lululemon everywhere belt bag

The bag is versatile to wear.

It can be worn around the waist, as a shoulder bag, or as a crossbody bag that you sling over your head and one arm.

My preferred way to wear the bag is around the waist, especially when I’m traveling and am also wearing a backpack, for example. It’s also great if you ride a bicycle and don’t want a shoulder bag sliding around your body and hanging when you reach for the handlebars.

The wide strap means you can comfortably wear the bag on your waist all day, without it digging in like smaller strapped ‘fanny packs’ can.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Review for web 18

If I’m in a crowded place such as a market, concert or festival, I may switch it to wear the bag across my body where it’s closer to my chest and the contents are more secure.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Review for web 14
As a sling bag is a good option for crowded spaces. Wearing it over the other shoulder means the pinch clip will be on your chest

Wearing the bag as a sling across my body with the strap over my left shoulder (rather than right, pictured) also means the quick-release pinch clip (which is over-built and hard to miss) can be up front on my chest and harder to reach for the sneaky hands of pick-pockets you may find in crowded venues and tourist spots, especially in the larger European cities, for example.

Where to buy

The lululemon everywhere belt bag is available directly from lululemon.

Visit lululemon’s website to check availability and current color options including limited editions, or check out what’s available at your local lululemon store.

Review Summary


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  1. I love my 1 liter EBB, but the 2 liter version is the best. The size alone just works better for me while still looking nice.


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