Chaco Ramble Puff Review: Versatile Insulated Booties For Comfort On The Trails And At Home

This Chaco Ramble Puff review shares my favorite features of these versatile, water-resistant and insulated shoes for indoor & outdoor adventures.


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Finding the perfect pair of shoes for outdoor adventures can be a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack because there are so many use cases, and so many specialized shoes to choose from.

Every now and then, however, a versatile shoe comes along that can be used in a variety of situations, and Chaco’s Ramble Puff shoes fall into that category.

In this Chaco Ramble Puff review, I’ll share what makes the Chaco Ramble Puff stand out, discussing their key features, how they stack up against the competition, and ultimately, if they’re worth investing your hard-earned money in.

Mixed-use products don’t always perform to the best of their potential for the very fact that they try to do too much, and offer broad appeal to too many people but the Ramble Puff does a good job for those looking for one insulated shoe for chilling (or keeping warm ;)) at home, and also one that can be used for everyday lifestyle use.

I’ve been exploring the great outdoors, while testing new gear for many years now, and along the way, I’ve reviewed a myriad of outdoor gear, always on the hunt for products that stand out in terms of performance, comfort, and durability and I’m pleased to say that the Chaco Ramble Puff is one of those products.

Chaco Ramble Puff Review 1

These shoes, at first glance, look like they’ve been built for comfort, and while they certainly don’t disappoint there, they are also so much more than just a comfortable shoe.

With a design reminiscent of your favorite cozy hoodie, and features geared toward outdoor and indoor use, the Ramble Puff shoes promise the best of both worlds – the comfort of indoor shoes and the ruggedness of outdoor ones.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a versatile pair of shoes that will keep your feet cozy while you go about your adventures, you’re in the right place. Read on as I share my experience and thoughts on these unique shoes.

About the Chaco brand

The story of Chaco began back in 1989 when a Colorado rafting guide had a vision, which was to create high-quality footwear designed specifically for outdoor adventures, equally at home in the water and on land.

He sought to design shoes that could adapt to just about any environment, much like the gecko, which he adopted as the symbol for his brand.

That rafting guide named his brainchild “Chaco,” and since then, the brand has become a household name in the outdoor footwear industry.

Chaco’s primary focus has always been on creating durable and comfortable footwear that supports the adventurous spirit, with their products being designed to weather the elements and provide high performance regardless of the conditions.

My experiences with the Chaco Ramble Puff shoes so far certainly feels like they embody Chaco’s mission statement.

Chaco Ramble Puff sizing and fit

Chaco Ramble Puff Review 13
Chaco Ramble Puff Review | Trail and Kale

Getting the size right is crucial for any shoe purchase and in my experience, the Ramble Puff fits true to size and are very comfortable right out of the box.

Chaco does however recommend sizing up a half size, but in my experience, my regular size fitted perfectly.

7 features that I really like, and why

Now, let’s talk about some of the things I like about these shoes:

1. The Ramble Puff shoes are very versatile

A hallmark of a great shoe, is often its versatility, and with the Chaco Ramble Puff has many use cases.

They don’t restrict you to a specific environment or climate, and they can be worn comfortably indoors or outdoors, which is a testament to their adaptability.

In the outdoors, the Ramble Puff shoes are built to endure; whether you’re on a chilly morning hike or a winter camping trip, the insulated upper keeps your feet snug and warm, protecting you from the cold.

Chaco Ramble Puff Review 9

Then there’s the 3mm lugs on the outsole that provide a great amount of traction for everyday wear, holding up well on various light terrains.

When worn indoors, they’re equally comfortable and perform just as well. They’re great for those chilly mornings when you just want to relax around the house because they’re as comfy as your favorite pair of slippers.

2. Adjusting their fit is very easy and a refreshing new way to do so

One of the things I appreciate most about the Chaco Ramble Puff shoes is their simplicity and convenience, especially when it comes to adjusting the fit.

There’s no fumbling with laces or complex systems; instead, there’s a single cinch strap that can be pulled to adjust the fit of the shoe (as seen in my photos below).

This means you can achieve the perfect fit with minimal effort, a real plus when you’re eager to head out on an adventure.

The simplicity of this design could be overlooked by some, but as someone who’s spent countless hours testing various kinds of footwear, I can say it’s a feature that sets the Ramble Puff shoes apart.

3. They are stylish

Then, there’s the matter of style which of course is a very subjective thing to talk about.

As much as we prioritize functionality and comfort, let’s be honest, we also want our gear to look good – I know I do! And I really think the Ramble Puff scores high on style points – they’re pretty unique but it works.

Chaco Ramble Puff Review 4

The classic look of these shoes, combined with their quilted design, certainly attracts attention. They have a vintage appeal but with a modern twist, thanks to the rip-stop nylon material and synthetic overlays.

The overall design is clean and uncluttered, with the webbing and that ladder lock buckle mentioned earlier adding a nice touch.

Plus, the Chaco Ramble Puff shoes are available in a variety of colors, meaning you can choose a pair that best suits your style.

4. They are very lightweight

The lightweight design of these shoes deserves a mention too; weighing in at only 7.4oz for a size US(M)9 (my pair), these shoes are perfect for those who don’t want bulky shoes while lounging around.

These shoes are super easy to slip on too, thanks to the easy-to-loosen strap/buckle system and the finger pull at the rear.

Chaco Ramble Puff Review 10

The soft fleece material inner lining (pictured above) also adds to the overall comfort, and ease of putting them on, creating an experience that’s akin to slipping your feet into a pair of cozy slippers.

To sum it up, these shoes, with their combination of comfort, style, adjustability, and versatility, are a joy to wear.

5. Durable design with water-resistant rip-stop upper

Chaco Ramble Puff Review 11

The water-resistant rip-stop nylon upper is built to endure, offering resistance against the elements while maintaining its quality.

The synthetic overlays also add to the durability of the Ramble Puff, reinforcing high-stress areas that are prone to wear and tear.

This shows that Chaco has considered all aspects of the shoe’s design and ensures that they can stand up to the rigors of outdoor use, and not just be used as indoor slippers.

6. Comfortable footbed

Chaco Ramble Puff Review 2

As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve tried numerous shoes that prioritize style or durability but compromise on comfort. However, the Ramble Puff shoes stand out with their podiatrist-approved LUVSEAT™ footbed that provides some arch support and promotes healthy alignment.

This aspect of design is so important because when your feet are comfortable, you can go that extra mile or stay on your feet for longer without discomfort.

7. Vegan-friendly construction

Lastly, the Ramble Puff has a vegan-friendly construction, driven by ethical and environmental considerations.

Chaco has made a conscious decision to meet this demand, and as someone who values sustainable and conscious consumer choices, I really appreciate this effort on their part.

Things that could be improved:

No shoe is perfect, and the Ramble Puff is no exception. Here are a few areas that could be improved upon:

There’s not a huge amount of support

While the Ramble Puff shoes are comfortable (thanks to that fleece lining and molded footbed), cozy, and has a grippy outsole, they don’t offer a huge amount of ankle support. So if you were to take them on a hike, I’d recommend sticking to light trails.

Are they worth your hard-earned money?

The Ramble Puff shoes are more than just a pair of comfy insulated booties; they are versatile shoe that can be worn in a variety of different environments; this makes them a solid investment for only $85.

Whether you’re navigating a light trail in drizzle, or just chilling at home, these shoes have got your back.

The water-resistant upper ensures you won’t have to worry about wet conditions, and the cushioned footbed offers premium comfort for all-day wear. Plus, the lightweight design means you won’t feel weighed down on your adventures.

How do they compare to other similar insulated slip on shoes right now?

The Chaco Ramble Puff shoes stand out for their adaptability, as they are versatile enough to be worn indoors and outdoors, and they pack a lot of functionality into a lightweight, comfortable package.

While there are many insulated shoes on the market right now, few can match the Ramble Puff’s mix of durability, comfort, and style.

Some potential alternatives might include options from brands like Merrell or Keen, but I think the closest insulated slip on shoes to these right now would be the Danner Jag Loft shoes.

There are other great insulated booties available right now so be sure to read our Best Down Booties Buyer’s Guide next to see our top picks.

Chaco Ramble Puff review summary (rating with pros and cons)


More Chaco Ramble Puff photos

As the founder of Trail & Kale, and seasoned marathoner & ultrarunner, Alastair loves bringing our readers independent running shoe reviews and gear insights to help you run your best. Learn more about Trail & Kale here.


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