Best Down Booties and Slippers for Camping, Backpacking & Van Life

Men's and women's insulated booties to keep feet warm on your adventures (and at home, too)

Why stick with regular slippers when you can have insulated down booties that can also keep your feet warm on your adventures? Whether you’re looking for insulated slippers to keep your feet warm while camping, after skiing, hiking or simply want comfortable house shoes to wear at home in winter, then a good quality pair of puffy warm down booties (or synthetic-fill alternatives) are going to be your new best friends.

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This list contains the best down booties for camping, backpacking, van life and around the home on colder days – or if you’re someone who tends to get cold feet very easily, then for wearing at home pretty much every day of the year! As someone who has Raynaud’s disease, I virtually live in warm insulated booties and socks as they help keep my feet (and the rest of my body) warm, which reduces instances of numb, cold toes.

Some of these slippers are more like insulated down socks (that are great for wearing inside sleeping bags and tents), and others have more durable rubber soles with traction, meaning you have more grip on hard indoor flooring, and you can also wear them for short periods if you need to step outside your tent / van (or house).

1. The North Face – Thermoball Traction Booties

The North Face Thermoball Traction Booties Best Down Booties for Camping
  • Price: $65
  • Weight: 8.5oz
  • Sizes: Regular shoes sizes
  • Material: Synthetic, including 100% recycled ripstop upper, 40% recycled rubber sole
  • Best for: All-round warm feet when camping and at home

The North Face’ booties are warm and water-resistant, with durable high-traction soles. These camping slippers are ideal for putting on after a long day’s skiing or hiking to provide warm winter comfort to your feet, especially if you need that level of versatility and traction for walking in and around camp or your home/hut/lodge. We love these as warm winter slippers around the house, too.

We appreciate the extensive use of recycled materials plus, the insoles can be removed and washed, when needed, which helps prolong their life. for $65, these are a great price, too.

2. Feathered Friends Down Booties

Feathered Friends Down Booties Best Down Booties for Camping
  • Price: $119
  • Weight: 9.3oz (medium)
  • Sizes: XS to XXL
  • Material: Ethically-sourced 800+ fill power goose down, Pertex shell
  • Best for: Winter mountain sports adventures like ski touring and backpacking

These Feathered Friends down booties look like snow boots, but are actually insulated socks designed for wearing at camp and for sleeping in, with the durability to be worn if you need to step outside of your tent or van.

These hut booties feature a weather-resistant shell fabric with waterproof soles (which can be removed when you step inside), removable foam insoles and drawcords at the ankle and cuff to keep them secure on your feet.

3. Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel

OR Tundra Aerogel Booties Best Down Booties for Camping
  • Price: $90
  • Weight: 9oz
  • Sizes: XS to L
  • Material: Synthetic (85% recycled materials)
  • Best for: Added footbed comfort offered by the insulated gel footbed

With the Tundra Aerogel booties, Outdoor Research have designed comfortable, lightweight, booties for camping and adventures, that feature a high ankle, breathable outer shell and anti-slip soles.

The ‘gel’ part of the ‘Aerogel’ is designed to provide optimized insulation from the ground, and the puffy synthetic insulation which sits around the rest of the boot provides warmth to the rest of your feet and ankles.

4. Sierra Designs Down Booties

Sierra Designs Down Booties Best Down Booties for Camping
  • Price: $89
  • Weight: 9.5oz
  • Sizes: S / M / L
  • Materials: 800-fill down with 100% recycled synthetic shell
  • Best for: Year-round camping and vanlife

For some traditional insulated camping booties that you can wear at camp or around the home, these Sierra Designs down bootie slippers are a classic. They feature a non-slip silicone sole and a cinch cord to help them stay put once you have them on.

Sierra Designs also offers similar slip-on house shoes called the ‘Down Moc’ if you’re looking for something a bit smaller to stash in your backpack on trips – being down, both the booties and the moccasin-style slippers compress down small for stowing in your pack.

5. Enlightened Equipment Torrid Booties

Enlightened Equipment Down Booties Socks Best Down Booties for Camping
  • Price: $60
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Sizes: XS to XXL
  • Materials: Synthetic fill (Climashield Apex)
  • Best for: Sleeping in when camping on cold nights

These ultralight insulated camp booties from Enlightened Equipment are handmade in the USA, and can also be made completely custom to change the fill, size, and color to meet your needs (you can choose your exact spec when you order online via their website).

It’s worth noting that these lightweight booties are more like puffy insulated socks than booties so not designed for walking around outside and don’t offer the support and traction like some of the other options on this list, so they’re best for wearing in your tent and sleeping bag on cold nights.

6. REI Camp Dreamer Slip-Ons

REI Co Op Camp Dreamer Slip Ons Best Down Booties for Camping
  • Price: $60
  • Weight: n/a
  • Sizes: All
  • Materials: Synthetic (including recycled fill, upper and sole materials)
  • Best for: Wearing as slip-on insulated slippers when camping and at home

If you like the idea of some warm puffy slippers to wear at camp and home, but would prefer not to wear full-on booties or socks, then these slip-ons (slides) from REI are a great choice. These are ideal if you find yourself wanting warm slip-ons that you can wear around the home and can keep on to step outside to the mailbox / take the dog out / throw out trash without having to switch your slippers for a pair of outdoor shoes.

If you wear them camping, then they make a great companion for spending time outside around the campfire as well as wearing in your tent or camper van.

Insulated camp booties buyer’s guide

What makes camp booties a good idea?

Camp booties and their relatives the slip-on down camping slippers are soft shell, lightweight slippers you can wear to keep your feet (and therefore the rest of your body) warm while you spend time at camp, whether that’s in a campervan, tent or hut. You can also keep them on in your sleeping bag if you need that extra warmth on your feet in addition to (or instead of) wearing socks to keep them warm overnight.

In our opinion, when it comes to snow camping or wearing in a chalet after skiing, these warm booties are a must-have!

Another thing that makes down booties great for activities such as backpacking is that they can be compressed to pack down small in your backpack, and are lightweight so don’t add too much to your carried load.

Bootie slippers for wearing as house shoes

Another thing we love about all of these camp booties is that you can wear them at home as well – you don’t need to wait until your next adventure. Wearing house shoes or slippers can not only help keep your feet warm on cold floors in winter (or even year-round), but if you have. a pair with a durable/waterproof sole, like some of the slipper options on this list, then you can keep them on for going to the mailbox, etc, without ruining them.

Another great reason to wear these slippers around the house, especially if you choose a pair with a firmer sole that offers some support and traction, is that wearing supportive house shoes can help with foot pain (such as plantar fasciitis) or back pain that you may experience from standing for longer periods on cold, hard flooring such as tile and hardwood.

How to clean down booties

Whether your booties have a down or synthetic fill, generally cleaning them is going to be the same process – but check the label and guidance for your specific brand and style of bootie if you’re not sure.

Generally, the guidance will be to wash with a small amount of mild detergent on a cool/warm setting, and tumble dry on a low heat with some tennis balls or dryer balls, which can help break up any clumping of the down/synthetic filling, to help it dry, as it’s important to make sure the booties are fully dry throughout.

Choosing synthetic or down booties for camping

Similar to other warmth-focused outdoor adventure gear such as sleeping bags, camp quilts, and puffy insulated jackets, the fill of bootie slippers designed for wearing when camping is generally either down-fill, or synthetic fill.

Generally, good quality down booties made with ethically sourced down will be more expensive, coming in at above $100 in price, but the advantage of this type of fill is that it will compress down smaller (great for taking backpacking and ski-touring), but less efficient at keeping your feet warm if they get wet. On the other hand, synthetic-fill booties are more likely to be made from recycled materials, are usually vegan with no animal products used, and are generally significantly less expensive than down options, at around the $60 price point.

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