Reencle VS Lomi – The Battle Of The Two Most Popular At-Home Composters

A quick side by side comparison of specifications, ease of use, practicalities, and ultimately which one is best suited to your needs.


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In this Reencle VS Lomi comparison post, I’m going to explain the key differences between the two most popular at-home indoor composters: the Reencle composter and Lomi composter, both of which I have tested extensively and reviewed in-depth.

I’m going to share each composter’s capabilities, from their processing methods to practical aspects like capacity, noise levels, and ease of maintenance as per my findings during my extensive testing and reviews.

Whether you’re part of a larger household or a smaller one, seeking quiet operation or ease of use, this comparison will guide you in choosing the right composter for your needs and by the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of which composter will be the best fit for your sustainable lifestyle.

A Reencle VS Lomi comparison chart

This chart offers a quick comparison of both composters, highlighting their differences in process, capacity, maintenance, output, noise, practicality, and cost:

Reencle ComposterLomi Composter
ProcessUses microorganisms for continuous breakdown of wasteUses heat and abrasion, with modes for different wastes
CapacityLarger capacity, suitable for bigger households3L, ideal for smaller waste quantities
MaintenancePeriodic replenishment of microorganismsEasy cleaning, dishwasher-safe parts
OutputCompost produced over timeCompost produced in hours
NoiseRelatively quiet operationCan be noisy, especially in longer modes
PracticalityGood for continuous use, less frequent emptyingSuitable for smaller households, frequent use
Cost$499 at$499 at plus the additional cost of Lomi Pods if you choose to use them.

Based on the information from your reviews, the comparison and recommendation between Reencle and Lomi composters can be further expanded as follows:

For those who have a larger household, the Reencle Composter is for you

The Reencle composter, with its continuous composting capability and larger capacity, is more suited for households with more significant waste.

Reencle review the indoor electric composter for web 1

Its ability to handle a larger volume of food waste continuously makes it a practical choice for bigger families or those producing more waste regularly.

For smaller households, and more immediate results, you’ll most likely prefer the Lomi Composter

The Lomi composter is ideal for smaller households or those seeking quicker composting results.

Lomi Composter Review by Trail and Kale for web 19

Its smaller capacity and rapid compost production, which occurs within hours, cater well to those with limited space or lesser waste production who desire immediate compost. Its small size means you can have it on your countertop which is pretty cool.

Noise sensitivity is real, and there’s a clear winner here too

The Reencle composter’s quieter operation is a significant advantage for those sensitive to noise or in living situations where noise levels are a concern.

Comparing the two when it comes to ease of use

The design of the Lomi prioritizes user-friendliness and simple maintenance, including dishwasher-safe components. This makes it a compelling option for those who prioritize convenience and ease of use in their composting process.

Ultimately, the decision between the two composters depends on individual household needs, including size, waste production rate, and lifestyle preferences like noise sensitivity and ease of use.

Both composters offer sustainable solutions to food waste, each with unique strengths suited to different user requirements.

➡ For more detailed insights, you can refer to my full reviews of both composters here:

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