Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Review – Elinor & Archer Frame Styles

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Randolph’s Fusion Sunglasses Collection is a style-driven spin on popular Randolph Aviator and Aviator-inspired frame styles, for lifestyle wear. We’ve been wearing two models of sunglasses that have recently been added to the Fusion Collection for the winter season, the Elinor and the Archer.

The differentiator for these models in the Fusion Aviator Sunglasses Collection is that the Elinor and Archer frames include premium lightweight inlays made from ‘Mazzucchelli Acetate’, adding a stylish twist and a lighter overall weight to the sunglasses. Read on for more about the collection and our review of the Fusion Collection’s Elinor and Archer sunglasses.

Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Review Elinor frames in 22k Rose Gold

What is ‘Mazzucchelli Acetate?’

…you may well ask (well, at least I did). Well, in-line with our preference for plant-based materials and food, Mazzucchelli Acetate is a lightweight compound made from plant-based natural materials and organic colorings, and can be made in different colors, the most popular being what I would call tortoiseshell (which is featured around the edge of the Archer Fusion sunglasses). Randolph sources this acetate for their sunglasses from the family-owned Italian manufacturer.

I LOVE this feature as the use of this material looks very European (think Italian classic styling) but the sunglasses are still American in style, as they come in Randolph’s Aviator and Aviator-inspired frame designs.

Other Key Features of Randolph’s Elinor and Archer Fusion Sunglasses

The Elinor and Archer sunglasses in the Fusion Collection are available with brown / tan colored lenses, which are specifically designed to reduce glare and block blue light, so they’re ideal for Fall through Spring when there are likely to be more cloudy days, where these lenses can help improve contrast, especially against green and blue backgrounds. The lenses, as with other Randolph sunglasses, are also scratch resistant for long lasting clarity and durability, but are especially lightweight due to the use of acetate, which is slimmer and lighter than Randolph’s other Fusion sunglasses in the collection.

As with all other Randolph lenses and discussed in Alastair’s review of Randolph’s Aviator Sunglasses, the Fusion sunglasses in the Elinor and Archer styles have 100% UVA and UVB protection and an anti-reflective backside coating which will stop those annoying reflections of your face in the back of the lens. They are not, however, polarized lenses.

All Randolph Sunglasses also come with a lifetime guarantee on the soldered joints, meaning they stand behind their manufacturing quality and promise to repair or replace any broken solder joint for the lifetime of the frame. All frames are made over six weeks, mostly by hand, and are built to the same standard as the frames Randolph supply to the US military, so they are designed to be durable – although for very active / dirty trail adventures I’d probably take some different sunglasses to avoid damaging these.

Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Review – Elinor and Archer Frame and Lens Styles

Randolph Elinor Fusion Sunglasses front view
Randolph Fusion Elinor Sunglasses in 22k Rose Gold frames.
Randolph Archer Fusion Sunglasses front view
Randolph Fusion Archer Sunglasses in Dark Ruthenium frames.

We love that these recent additions to the Fusion Collection: the Elinor (women’s style) and Archer, offer something different to the classic Aviator shape – although you can get Fusion sunglasses in the Aviator style, too, with different lenses. The lens and frame combinations we are wearing are summarized in the reviews below:

Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Review – Elinor (Helen)

Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Elinor with Rose Gold frames
  • 57mm soft square-shaped frame in 22k Rose Gold
  • Lens: Skyforce Air Cape Sand with Matte Brown Horn Inlay

The lenses available in the Elinor 22k Rose Gold frames are a tan brown gradient, darker at the top and gradually lighter towards the bottom of the lens. Darker lenses are available in the Elinor style by selecting the ‘Dark Ruthenium’ frames, which are the same frame and lens styles as used in the Fusion Archer sunglasses described below.

Randolph Elinor Fusion Sunglasses side view

I love the shape of these sunglasses – similar to a ‘Jackie O’ shape, with soft edges and a single bridge, and appreciate that they feature a wider frame and pretty large lenses, they do make me feel special when I wear them, and dress up any outfit (which knowing me, will be a casual one to start with!). I’m also a big fan of Rose Gold, which is the material used for the frame and clearly visible around the edge of the lenses as well as the arms of the sunglasses, although if you’re looking for a style that is a little more subtle, then the Dark Ruthenium frame may be a good option to also consider.

Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Elinor Frames

Due to the shape of the Elinor Fusion being a classic and not overly wide/angular, it is designed to fit all face shapes – hopefully the pictures in this post give you a good idea of how the sunglasses fit and look.

See the Fusion Collection at Randolphusa.com

Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Review – Archer (Alastair)

Randolph Fusion Archer Sunglasses
Randolph Fusion Archer Sunglasses
  • Frame: 59mm classic rectangular-shaped frame in Dark Ruthenium
  • Lens: Skyforce Air Cape Sand with Matte Dark Havana Inlay
Randolph Archer Fusion Sunglasses Review 1

The Mazzucchelli acetate inlay really stands out around the edges of these sunglasses, which differentiates them from other versions of the Archer model. I think of the Archer Fusion sunglasses as having a kind of ‘Italian Aviator’ style – a softer aviator with the designer acetate inlay adding a subtle tortoiseshell around the edge of the lenses.

While Randolph suggests the Archer Fusion is a great fit for a wider face, I think they still look great on me (it’s Alastair writing now!), and I don’t have a wide face or a particularly large head 🙂


Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Review – In Summary

Randolph Fusion Sunglasses Review Elinor Archer trail and kale web featured 2
Randolph Fusion Collection Sunglasses
Design & Function
Unique designs and range of frame + lens options
High quality and US-made
Innovative plant-based lightweight acetate lenses
An investment piece due to the price tag
Overall Score

I love how unique Randolph’s Elinor and Archer Fusion sunglasses are, and how wearing them makes you feel. Like a good hair cut or well-fitting pair of leggings/jeans, there’s something about wearing a comfortable pair of premium sunglasses that makes you feel good – that they’re going to last, look good, and most importantly, do a good job of protecting your eyes regardless of what activities you may be doing while wearing them. In fact, I could also say the same for the other Randolph sunglasses we’ve worn (see my review of the Randolph Concordes).

Randolph Fusion Archer Sunglasses from a distance

I also appreciate how, as a couple, we can both have a pair of similar-standard and design sunglasses, but not wear the same style. That sounds ‘twee’ but you know what I mean – if there is someone in my life I spend a LOT of time with, I find we do start to like the same things and end up wearing similar clothing/accessories, if we’re not deliberate about avoiding matching!

One final feature which is a really nice touch (available on all Randolph Sunglasses, not just the Elinor and Archer / Fusion Collection) is the custom engraving option! If you’re giving these premium sunglasses as a gift, it’s a thoughtful touch. The engraving is done on the inside of the frame arm and can fit up to 15 characters.

See the Fusion Collection at Randolphusa.com

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