Kurgo Review: The K9 Core Sweater For Dogs

This cosy dog sweater is designed to help keep your dog's core warm when out and about in colder weather


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The K9 Core Sweater from Kurgo is considered to be one of the best dog sweaters for active dogs to wear for colder walks and playtime outdoors during winter, and is featured highly on our dog sweaters and jackets buyer’s guide.

This Kurgo review covers the key features of the K9 Core Sweater, how to choose the right size, how to put it on your dog, how to pair it with a dog jacket for extra warmth (and style!), how much it costs, and where to buy.

In this review, I’ve also included an image gallery showing me wearing the sweater, the key details, and how it looks when paired with Kurgo’s Loft Jacket.

Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale

Key features of the K9 Core dog sweater

The K9 Core Sweater is a knitted, fleece-lined sweater for your dog to wear in winter, either on its own, or layered with a dog jacket (such as the popular Kurgo dog jacket, the ‘Loft Jacket’) over the top.

Dog sweatshirts are great for your dog to wear in for cold morning walks, or just generally when it’s cold outside in the winter months. Sometimes I wear mine at home if my parents don’t putting the heating up just how I like it.

The first thing you notice about this Kurgo dog sweater is how soft and lightweight it is, meaning that when your dog isn’t wearing it, it packs down small for travel or storing.

Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale
This is one of my favorite pet sweaters ever! It was affordable for my human parents and fits me perfectly.

The sweater features two zippers, one at the neck, and one between the shoulders.

The zipper at the neck of the sweater can make it easier to get on or off over your dog’s head, but also looks cool unzipped when worn, as modeled by me in the photos.

The second zipper on the back is designed so that if you want to wear a back clip harness underneath your sweater, then your human can pass the leash through the zipper opening.

Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale
Look at me, jumping around in my Kurgo fleece sweater – yeah I’m fancy like that.

The sweater goes on over your head, and secures around your belly with a hook-and-loop closure. This contributes to it being very lightweight, and also easy to adjust so you get it snug enough around your middle.

Unlike average dog sweaters, this sweater’s fabric is made from a tight-woven knit, making it less prone to catch on vegetation while playing outdoors, which is useful if you’re a cheeky trail dog like me.

It’s super soft, meaning I could wear it all day and be comfortable (and warm) the whole time.

It also features an ‘athletic cut’, which essentially means it’s been designed for active dogs to wear and still be able to move around freely.

Another nice feature of this sweater is the reflective detail around the back of the neck. This helps you be seen if you’re wearing the sweater in dark or low-light conditions.

Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale
Neat piping detail around the shoulders and reflective detail on the back of the neck
Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale
Me wearing my dog jacket and fleece sweater combination during a run with my dad

The K9 Core Sweater is available in several great colors, including the heathered grey I am wearing in the photos.

I also have the blue version pictured here (with the matching blue Loft Jacket), which is nice and bright! Other colors include vibrant red, orange, purple and green.

To wash this dog sweater, your humans will be pleased to know that it can either be hand-washed or washed on a gentle cycle in the machine.

Mine put it in a mesh laundry bag (used for delicates) so that it doesn’t get caught on other items while in the machine, which is possible because of the hook-and-loop features. Then just hang it out to dry!

Choosing the right size sweater for your dog

Kurgo offers this dog sweater in sizes from extra-small through to extra large, so there is a size to fit pretty much every size dog!

There are three measurements to take to work out which size will fit your dog the best.

The most important is the length of your back, which my parents measure from the base of my neck, to the base of my tail.

Other measurements to take are your neck and chest circumference. The product page on Kurgo’s website shows the sizes and what range back, neck, and chest size ranges are suitable for each size sweater.

It’s important to consider that while the sweater fit is adjustable around your belly, the neck hole is not adjustable, so make sure you choose a size that will fit your neck and allow your parents to put it on over your head.

These measurements are also the same ones used to help choose the right size Kurgo dog coats and jackets for your dog, including Kurgo’s dog cooling vest, which is great to help keep you cool on hot summer days (read more in my review of the Kurgo cooling vest).

Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale
The Kurgo dog sweater looks great from the side too.

For reference, in the photos in this review, I’m wearing the Medium size K9 Core Sweater. As a Border Collie, I have a relatively long back, so this sweater reaches to just before my hips.

If you have a shorter back you may therefore get more back coverage down to the base of your tail.

Also, I have a rather slender neck. This means that the vest sits further back on my shoulders than it would do on a dog with a larger neck.

While I would prefer to have an adjustable neck on this sweater, that would mean it looks shorter on me overall.

How to put the sweater on your dog

Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale
This is the best dog sweater I own – it’s lick-worthy, and I ‘lick’ it a lot. Get it?

First, undo the hook-and-loop closures. Then it’s a case of putting your head through the neck hole, so your parents can position it over your body and secure the sweater around your belly using the hook-and-loop closures.

Don’t forget that the front zip can be opened if you need more space to get your head through the neck hole.

If you aren’t a fan of putting your head through holes and need some encouragement, here are a couple of tips to try.

Firstly, my parents like to gather the bottom of the sweater in one hand (that’s the part with the ‘hook’ section that goes between your front legs).

This means it’s not flapping around when they’re moving the sweater to put it over my head, which can be less distracting for me.

Secondly, they often offer a yummy treat through the hole, so I have to put my head in to be rewarded with the food. By the time I’ve done that, the jacket is on!

Pairing with the Loft Dog Jacket for layering

Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale

One of the great things about this dog sweater is how well it pairs with Kurgo’s dog jackets, and in particular, the Kurgo Loft Jacket, which is a quilted insulating layer that helps add extra warmth and some rain protection for those cold and wet winter outings.

The Loft Jacket is also featured on our dog jackets buyer’s guide.

Like the sweater, these dog jackets are available in a range of nice colors, made even greater by the fact that each Loft Jacket is reversible so you get two colors in one.

The color I’m wearing in the photos is called Ink Blue / Seaglass, paired with the Heathered Grey K9 Core Sweater, and I also have the jacket in Blue / Orange (which pairs with my blue sweater).

Cost and where to buy

At $32.99, this Kurgo dog sweater represents great value for money and has to be one of the best dog sweaters out there.

It’s available with the greatest choice of sizes and colors directly from Kurgo on their website.

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Last Amazon price update was: June 18, 2024 12:00 am

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