Kurgo Jacket Review: The Loft Puffy Insulated Dog Coat

This insulated dog jacket is designed for dogs of all sizes to help keep them warm on winter adventures


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This Kurgo jacket review focuses on the popular Loft Jacket, which is designed to be a versatile all-around everyday insulated dog coat that your dog can wear for a wide range of weather conditions and situations, and for long periods of time.

The Kurgo Loft jacket made our list of the best dog jackets on our dog jacket’s buyer’s guide on account of its range of features, performance and value for money.

In this review I go into more depth on the coat’s key features, including how it looks and performs, sizing and fit, how to put it on, the pros and cons, as well as the cost and where to buy.

Kurgo Jacket Review: The Loft Jacket

Key features of the Loft Jacket

The Loft Jacket is made with a two-color, ripstop nylon fabric, and features a synthetic fill for insulation.

It looks like the dog version of a synthetic puffy jacket or vest that you may choose to wear as an insulating layer on colder days.

This Kurgo jacket is designed to provide your dog with some insulation and rain protection, so that it can be worn on wet and cold days and stop you getting quite as wet or cold as you would if you went outside naked.

I often wear my loft jacket for hikes and trail runs, but also my parents put it on me for walks closer to home, when it’s particularly cold and / or windy outside.

Kurgo Loft Dog Jacket Review Trail and Kale web wm 6

While this Kurgo loft jacket is not a waterproof dog coat, it does offer some protection from light rain and other precipitation.

If you are looking for a fully waterproof dog coat, there are a load of other options out there (head to our dog jackets buyer’s guide for our top picks).

Being made from ripstop material, the jacket offers some resistance to catching on trail obstacles.

However, if you regularly run through undergrowth and really sharp vegetation like brambles, for example, then you may want to consider wearing a more rugged dog coat instead (or over the top) of this jacket.

Many of the waterproof dog jackets on our buyer’s guide would do a great job of this and help keep your Loft Jacket intact.

You can wear this jacket over a back clip harness, as it has a zipper between the shoulders which can be opened to attach a leash to your harness.

Kurgo Jacket Review Loft Dog Jacket Review Trail and Kale
Ink Blue / Seagrass Loft Jacket

All of Kurgo’s Loft Jackets are double-sided (reversible), so you can wear them inside out if you want to switch up your look. See image below to see the difference in colors on each side of this particular jacket.

Kurgo Jacket Review velcro adjustment reversible design Trail and Kale web wm 1

In the photos in this review, I’m wearing either my Blue/Orange jacket, or my Ink Blue/Seagrass jacket, which is more of a dark green-blue and light green combination.

The zip between your shoulders is the same color as the secondary (‘inside’) ripstop color, so for example in the photo above, I have a light green (‘Seagrass’ color) zipper, and in the photo below, I have an orange zipper.

Kurgo Loft Jacket Kepler in the park Trail and Kale web wm 8

The Loft Jacket goes on over your head, and doesn’t need you to pass your paws through any openings.

The velcro hook-and-loop attachment around the belly comes completely undone so your parents just have to put the jacket on over your head and then pass the belly section between your front legs before doing up the hook-and-loop closure.

Kurgo Jacket Review Loft Dog Jacket Review Trail and Kale
I like to match my Dad’s outfit at every available opportunity

This Kurgo dog jacket can either be hand-washed, or washed on a gentle cycle in the machine. Both of my Loft Jackets get washed frequently, as I tend to get the velcro section around my belly quite dirty when it’s wet out there.

Kurgo Jacket Review velcro adjustment reversible design Trail and Kale web wm 4

The hook-and-loop closure makes this Kurgo jacket also easy to adjust to provide a snug fit around your middle.

To keep it clean in between washes it helps to handwash this area if it gets full of dirt or hair, and if the hooks get full of hair or fluff (meaning it isn’t as effective) then you can comb that out with a fine-toothed comb, that you probably already have for grooming (either dogs or people).

It’s best to put it in a mesh laundry bag (used for delicates) so that it doesn’t get caught on other items while in the machine, which is possible because of the hook-and-loop features. Then just hang it out to dry!

Looking for some dog gift inspiration, or perhaps a gift you can give a dog mom or dog dad? Read best gifts for adventurous pets (and their owners), next!

Choosing the right size jacket for your dog

Kurgo offers this dog jacket in sizes from extra-small through to extra large, so there is a size to fit pretty much every size dog! There are three measurements to take to work out which size will fit your dog the best.

The most important is the length of your back, which my parents measure from the base of my neck, to the base of my tail.

Other measurements to take are your neck and chest circumference.

The product page on Kurgo’s website shows the sizes and what range back, neck and chest size ranges are suitable for each size sweater.

It’s important to consider that while the sweater fit is adjustable around your belly, the neck hole is not adjustable, so make sure you choose a size that will fit your neck and allow your parents to put it on over your head.

These measurements are also the same ones used to help choose the right size Kurgo dog coats and jackets for your dog, including Kurgo’s dog cooling vest, which is great to help keep you cool on hot summer days (read more in my review of the Kurgo cooling vest).

Kurgo Loft Jacket Kepler in the park Trail and Kale web wm 3
Testing the Loft Jacket’s ‘athletic fit’ by jumping through a tree. Yeah, I take my job seriously 🙂

As you can see in the photos, the ‘athletic fit’ gives plenty of room for all your legs to have complete freedom of movement, so the jacket can be worn doing energetic activities, such as my two favorites, trail running and chasing after frisbees.

Pairing with the K9 Core Sweater for layering

Kurgo Review - Kurgo K9 Dog Sweater - Trail and Kale

One of the really great things about this insulated dog jacket is that it isn’t really thick – because you don’t want to wear layers that keep you too warm for the weather conditions (that could put you at risk of over-heating, even in winter!).

So, while this jacket provides you with a nice insulated wind-proof layer, when the temperature drops and you need even more warmth, you can wear the Loft jacket layered up with other dog apparel.

For example, in some of the photos in this dog jacket review, I’m wearing Kurgo’s K9 Core Sweater, which I have also previously reviewed.

Follow us on Instagram to see more pictures of me wearing this Kurgo jacket and other cool dog gear on my adventures.

Because both the sweater and jacket are available in a lot of different color options, you can get creative when it comes to pairing your sweater and jacket layering outfits for winter.

I’m particularly loving the heathered grey sweater with the Ink Blue / Seagrass jacket shown in the pictures above.

Cost and where to buy

The Loft Jacket represents great value for money, at an RRP of $39.99, and you can purchase it directly from Kurgo or Amazon.com.

amazon.com Amazon.com $35.95
2 new from $35.95
See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: April 18, 2024 6:30 pm

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