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Janji Men’s Running Apparel Review

About Janji

Janji is a relatively new Boston-based brand specialising in stylish men’s and women’s running apparel. I was so happy to finally get hold of some Janji men’s running apparel to test and review!

It’s always exciting hearing about new running brands, and we love that Janji donates a portion of their sale proceeds towards funding clean water projects in countries around the World.

Janji men’s running apparel (and women’s for that matter) looks super cool and it’s this style that brings a breath a of fresh air from the mainstream brands that at times can feel like they have lost their identity amongst an ever growing stock list. I love that Janji has a relatively quick stock turnover of designs. Once their current stock is sold, you can expect to see new designs and a fresh look. This system that Janji has employed so well, provides it’s customers with a feeling of individuality and the sense that they are wearing a “limited edition” outfit. Who doesn’t like to feel special, right!?

janji men's running 3-min

First Impressions Of Janji Men’s Running Gear

I have been running in the ‘Strata Tech Tee in Mwala Blue‘, and the ‘Uganda 5″ Middle Short in Yangua Green. My first impressions of the apparel were how good the fabrics felt. You can tell the materials and stitching are of a high quality and that the garments are going to last you a long time, run after run, wash after wash!

Fit & design

janji men's running 2-min

Janji Strata Tech Tee

Janji men's Running strata tech tee
Strata Tech Tee in Mwala Blue – $54

The fit of the Strata Tech Tee may come out a touch larger than the size you are used to, giving a ‘loose’ fit. I tend to wear more ‘fitted’ running gear but actually having some ‘flow’ in the material is helping to keep me cooler than usual. Perfect for summer running!

The Strata Tech Tee is made from a knit fabric which contains micro-perforated stripes, which feels breathable and is very soft to the touch. I’m not entirely sure what ‘micro-perforated’ means but I can tell you that the garment stays smelling fresh after many a sweaty run.

There’s also a little reflective Janji logo on the back for when the nights start drawing in 🙂

janji men's running 11-minJanji Uganda 5″ Middle Shorts

I LOVE these shorts and I feel like Janji have got ‘nearly’ everything spot on in their design. Firstly, in my humble opinion, I think these shorts look great. I really like the detailing and asymmetric design with the colourful stripe down one side. The muted teal and bright orange colours play well together as they should, they are practically complimentary colors. I’d go as far as saying these shorts look Funky!

janji men's running 9-min
Nice length in the shorts

I’m a fan of shorts that aren’t too long, maybe it’s my UK/European heritage but I find shorter shorts much more stylish than the ‘basket-ball type’ that really do belong in the 90’s. A 5 inch seem looks great, nice job Janji for offering such options.

#ShortShorts 🙂

Janji men's Running Uganda 5inch Middle Short
Uganda 5″ Middle Short in Yangua Green – $58

These shorts don’t have a drawstring on the front, I like this as it means less fabric and you won’t get that funny ‘pooking’ from beneath your tee. It makes for a stylish look that leaves you feeling smart. There’s also an inner pant section to hold the crown jewels in place while running.

Now to address the “‘nearly’ everything spot” comment that I made earlier. The phone pocket in the back will fit most phones and probably even the bigger sized ones.

My problem is that I have an iPhone 6s (which is quite small) and when I run with it I’m going to be putting it in this pocket that also caters for a larger phone. Having that extra space in the pocket allows the phone to bounce up and down when running. I am now used to it but this is something I would like to see addressed in the next designs of these shorts.

Helen had similar findings while running in her Janji shorts too: Janji Womens Running Apparel Review

janji men's running 6-min
Just look at that model-like sweat patch on the tech tee! haha #shortShorts
Uganda 5inch Middle Short
Janji Men's Running Apparel
Design & Function
Quality fabric
Lightweight & Breathable
Comfortable fit
Good shorts length
Stylish design
Shorts pocket is a bit big if you have a small phone
Tee could bit a touch tighter in the fit although I enjoyed the loose fit for its cooling benefits
Overall Score

Where to buy

Janji changes their styles and colours pretty frequently so if you’re after a particular style it’s best to snap it up while it is available in your size.

Due to the frequent turnover of designs and stock, we advise getting Janji Running clothing straight from the source, the runjanji online store.

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