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Brooks Running Tights Review: The ‘Go-To Tight’

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Brooks Running Tights

Since reconnecting with running after a summer pretty much ‘off’ running [read this post on regaining my running mojo], I’ve developed a renewed appreciation of road running. After buying myself some new road running shoes (my first pair of Brooks), I was excited to try out some of Brooks’ running apparel, too.


Inov-8 On Running Brooks Testing

I was immediately drawn to their ‘Go-To Tight’. These are ‘Cobalt’ blue full-length running leggings – so vibrant! They are brighter in reality than they appear on Brook’s website – as far as I’m concerned, the brighter the better. If you don’t want bright, they are also available in black.

Inov-8 On Running Brooks Testing

Brooks Go-To Tight – likes:

  • Lightweight, thin, not too hot (perfect for spring and autumn when there’s no biting wind) and therefore also quick-drying
  • Flattering, slim fit, with a mid-rise waist, so I didn’t get the muffin-top look I sometimes end up with when wearing lower-waisted tights. They are easily tightened to fit my waist with the internal drawstring.  I wear a Small (US 4-6). This sizing is consistent with Salomon and Lululemon running apparel I wear on a regular basis.
  • Lack of transparency – I was concerned they may be a bit see-through, as they are thin, but no such issue
  • Pockets – despite being designed to be a slim fit with minimal pockets, the rear pocket is big enough to carry my or office security pass, a credit card and iPhone

Inov-8 On Running Brooks TestingBrooks Go-To Tights – drawbacks:

  • No pocket zips – I wedge my pass, card and phone in there, but would be a bit concerned a smaller item (ie a key) may fall out. If I go on a longer run I wear my race vest so it’s not too big of a concern, however worth noting
  • With thin fabric comes hole risk – I haven’t made any holes, but did pull some of the stitching out when pulling them up from the top, the first time I put them on – gah! Take the wetsuit/tights approach, get the bottom half fitted in the right place, don’t just yank from the top and hope they’ll withstand the force, as they probably won’t and aren’t designed to.

I wore these recently for a local trail race (a half marathon). It was easy to find my race photos afterwards. Although, I think the vibrant colour made me a target for other runners to overtake – ‘must pass that girl with the bright blue leggings!’ – a guy pretty much said as much, after we finished, haha.

Brooks Running Tight Review

Despite these drawbacks, I wouldn’t change a thing. The Brooks Go-to Tights are exactly what I need for my autumn and spring running (and possibly, California winter running) and are already getting a lot of use as I build up my training.

Inov-8 On Running Brooks Testing

BrooksThe Brooks Running Brand

Experts at balancing art, science and runner insight.

Backed by in-depth biomechanical research, the products Brooks make for you feature innovations that are always advancing the fit, feel, ride, style and performance of your running gear.

Visit Brooksrunning.com

If you fancy learning more about their products, be sure to browse their online store.

If you have any questions about the shoes or anything relating to them then please leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible. Happy Trails!!


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