The Adidas Free Hiker 2 Low Gets Reduced Weight & Breathability Upgrades For Warmer Days

These reasonably priced ($160) trail hiking shoes blend sustainability, comfort, and lightweight design for the modern adventurer.


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It’s time to talk about a shoe that’s been catching some trail dust lately, and losing rubber to the local streets I ramble – the Adidas Free Hiker 2 Low. Adidas just released this newcomer to their Free Hiker family, and it’s tailored for those of us who like to hike the trails, and city streets but could really do without the extra weight or bulk on our feet that more traditional ‘mid’ or ‘high’ boots tend to offer.

The Free Hiker 2 Low isn’t just another pair of hiking shoes; it’s Adidas’ first leap into the ‘Low’ series, there’s already a Low GORE-TEX version but that’s a very different hiking shoe, and one better used in the shoulder months, or winter, where cold weather and rain threatens your hiking enjoyment.

In this Adidas Free Hiker 2 Low review, I’m going to share how it manages to blend minimalism, comfort and support.

Key statistics

  • Price: $160, available at, select Adidas and Adidas TERREX stores, and partner retailers worldwide.
  • Weight: 14.3oz (405g) (per shoe, for a size US(M)9)
  • Drop: 14mm (heel: 37 mm / forefoot: 23 mm)
  • Midsole Type: Full BOOST cushioning for energy-returning properties and superior durability. Surrounded by an EVA frame for added stability on rugged terrains.
  • Outsole: Continental™ Rubber for excellent grip across various conditions.
  • Materials: Made with a blend of recycled and renewable materials, featuring at least 20% total of these eco-friendly choices.

What makes the Free Hiker 2 Low stand out?

Let’s dive into what the Free Hiker 2 Low brings to the table, or rather, to the trail. With the original Free Hiker 2 Low GTX getting plenty of attention for its versatility, Adidas decided it was time to introduce a version that improves on breathability and lightness, making it a much better hiking shoe for those warmer days or dryer terrains where your feet need to breathe.

The shoe features an improved design that keeps it airy without sacrificing durability.

Adidas Free Hiker 2 Low review 6

The mesh upper allows for excellent airflow, paired with an EVA frame to keep things stable when the trail gets a bit cheeky underfoot.

Plus, the BOOST cushioning in the midsole is like a mini-trampoline for your feet, offering support and a bit of bounce back with every step.

See my photo below to see how cushioned it is under the heel.

And let’s not forget the Continental™ Rubber outsole because slipping is never part of the plan, even though just last night I slipped over on our wet driveway when taking out our trash cans – and I have some wonderful bruises and cuts to prove it lol.

ALAS I was not wearing these hiking shoes because I guarantee I would not have slipped had I been because they are insanely grippy which is what you would expect from a Continental grip – no one makes car tyres better right?

Stepping up to the plate when it comes to sustainability

In today’s world, it’s not just about the trail but also about the footprint we leave behind. It’s the same for trail runners, we really do care about the wild natural spaces we like to spend time in.

Adidas gets this, crafting the Free Hiker 2 Low with a mix of recycled and renewable materials. This move towards sustainability is a step in the right direction, making this shoe not just good for your feet but also kinder to our planet.

Comfort meets functionality

Whether it’s a short hike to your favorite overlook or a multi-day trek across varied terrains, the Free Hiker 2 Low can handle it all with ease.

Blending the nimbleness of a trail runner with the steadfastness of a hiking boot, it’s all about enjoying the journey without the drag (the bulk and weight of a traditional hiking shoe or boot).

The gusseted tongue and lace closure ensure a snug fit, adjusting perfectly to your foot, while the BOOST midsole makes each step feel nice and cushioned. I’m keeping these as my choice for warm weather hiking, and lifestyle wear!

Review summary

After wearing the Adidas Free Hiker 2 Low on both gentle paths and some local trails, this past week, I can honestly say it’s a solid choice for those looking to keep their hiking gear on point, and as lightweight as possible.

Its focus on breathability, lightness, and sustainability makes it a noteworthy addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s collection.

At $160, it’s also really well priced for a hiking shoe that can handle anything you throw at it (as long as its not water, in which case, go for the GORE-TEX option).

If you’re eyeing a new pair of shoes that promises to keep up with your thirst for adventure while ensuring your feet are well taken care of, the Adidas Free Hiker 2 Low might just be what your after, certainly if you like how they look, you have to give them a try.

Adidas Free Hiker 2 Low review gallery

As the founder of Trail & Kale, and seasoned marathoner & ultrarunner, Alastair loves bringing our readers independent running shoe reviews and gear insights to help you run your best. Learn more about Trail & Kale here.


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