Superfeet Insoles: Why You May Need A Pair, And How To Choose The Best Ones For You

How a pair of these shoe inserts can change the game by adding support, comfort and pain relief. Plus, our detailed guide on how to choose which style of insole is best for you.


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Have you ever considered replacing your shoes’ standard liners with orthotic-quality insoles?

Many people aren’t aware that simply by putting a good quality pair of insoles in your shoes you could completely change the game in terms of how you can help reduce the stress on your feet, alleviate foot pain, enhance the fit of your shoes and add comfort and support to not only help your feet and ankles get less fatigued, but the rest of your body, too.

In this post I explain everything you need to know about Superfeet insoles, one of the best-known brands of shoe insoles, including their bestselling insoles for foot pain and comfort, whether you’re a runner, hiker, skier or just looking for added everyday comfort in your shoes for standing or walking.

I’ve also included guidance on how to choose the right pair for you if you’re looking for added comfort, arch support, pain relief from issue such as Plantar Fasciitis, and even running performance gains – Superfeet has the right insole for you!

About Superfeet

Superfeet is an American company based in Washington State and has been innovating insoles for more than 40 years.

Superfeet’s insoles are designed for feet of all shapes and arch heights, and different styles are available for people with low, medium and high arches. 

The brand has also innovated its insoles to customize the fit and performance for different activities and sports. This includes specialized inserts for running shoes, hiking boots, ski, snowboard and ice hockey boots, to name a few.

In fact, I first came across Superfeet insoles many years ago when looking for additional support in my snowboard boots. After adding a pair of Superfeet to replace the boots’ thin foam liners, I could spend hours longer on the snow without aching feet!

Superfeet Green Insoles

What Do the Different Colors of Superfeet Mean?

Some of Superfeet’s most popular insoles are color-coded to make it easier for you to find the right fit, with the blue and green Superfeet being two of their most-loved bestsellers.

As of 2023 they have been renamed, though, so while the colors haven’t changed, these new names are used in this post!

Superfeet Green Insoles: All Purpose Support High Arch

Superfeet All Purpose Support High Arch (fka Superfeet Green), are one of Superfeet’s most popular, known for maximum support and they can also help with natural shock absorption.

Designed with a deep heel cup, these insoles offer firmness, long-lasting comfort, and work best in footwear where there is extra depth.

Many people find them to be very helpful in higher volume shoes, such as walking boots, where the insole not only provides that extra structure to the sole, but helps fill the boot and keep feet more stable and snugly fitted.

Superfeet Blue Insoles: All Purpose Support Medium Arch

Superfeet All Purpose Support Medium Arch insoles (fka Superfeet Blue) offer similar benefits to the Green Superfeet inserts, but are usually a better choice for people with lower-volume shoes who need a thinner insole.

They fit snugly into a wide range of shoes, from athletic footwear to casual shoes, offering medium arch support.

If you do a lot of walking, also consider whether you have the right shoes for the job in the first place. For advice on choosing from two of the best athletic shoe brands for walking, read our guides to the best On Cloud shoes for walking and the best HOKA shoes for walking.

21 RUN ADAPT MAX 4 Image provided by Superfeet Insoles
Superfeet insoles including the popular Run Cushion Low Arch (fka Adapt Run) insoles for running shoes. Image courtesy of Superfeet

Other bestselling styles of Superfeet

Superfeet has a variety of insoles on offer to cater to everyone’s needs. Here are some of their most popular bestselling insoles:

All Purpose High Impact Support (fka Superfeet Orange) are designed specifically for high-arch feet, and feature a high-density foam layer that provides structure and stability for additional cushion and shock absorption.

All Purpose Women’s High Impact Support (fka Superfeet Berry) offers similar benefits to Superfeet Orange but is tailored for women’s shoes and offers a snug fit with responsive, full-length foam and reinforced stabilizer cap for extra support. Women’s feet and shoes tend to be narrower, especially in the heel cup area, and the design of Superfeet Berry (the pink Superfeet shoe inserts) takes this into account.

For those preferring thinner insole options, All Purpose Support Low Arch (fka Superfeet Black) is the thinnest product, designed to offer flexible support in any shoe, so is a good choice for your everyday shoes, especially if there’s not much room in them for insoles that are made with thicker foam.

Superfeet running insoles Run Comfort Thin

The best Superfeet inserts for runners and other athletes

Superfeet also make a wide range of sport-specific insoles, including running shoe inserts.

Some of their bestsellers include the Run Cushion Low Arch (fka Adapt Run) and Run Support (fka Run Comfort) insoles, which are designed for running shoes and provide comfort and support with a more responsive footbed than the basic sockliner that comes standard in most running shoes.

You may have already been aware of these styles of insole if you’ve previously visited our buyer’s guide to the best insoles for running shoes.

Shop Superfeet running insoles:

If you’re relatively new to running or looking to expand your knowledge and enhance your run training, head over to our Running 101 page for a wealth of running-related advice and information.

The best Superfeet for Plantar Fasciitis pain relief

Plantar Fasciitis is often characterized by pain on the sole of your foot from activities such as long endurance sports, increasing your activity level or running mileage quickly, or spending long periods of time walking or on your feet in unsupportive shoes.

The good news is that Plantar Fasciitis foot pain can often be alleviated by the right pair of insoles – and in fact, by giving feet the stability and comfort they need, they may also help prevent it from happening in the first place.

Superfeet offers several styles of insoles that have a specifically contoured shape to stabilize your feet and help reduce some of the stress being placed on them, and a structured heel cup that positions the soft tissue under the heel bone to help reduce the effect of impact forces.

The styles to look for if this is an issue for you are Superfeet Casual Pain Relief and RUN Pain Relief insoles.

Once you’ve helped ease the pain with insoles, you probably want to get rid of Plantar Fasciitis for good, in which case I highly recommend following Alleviate Therapy’s PF treatment, which you can learn more about in our Alleviate Therapy review.

How to choose the right Superfeet insoles for you

With Superfeet’s wide range of shoe inserts to choose from, finding the right one might seem daunting.

To make the selection process simple, Superfeet’s website features an easy-to-use insole fit finder tool, which I highly recommend using rather than searching through all the different shapes and styles of insoles.

Whether you have a high arch or a low one, whether you’re looking for shock absorption or maximum support, the tool guides you to the perfect pair of insoles.

It also helps ensure that you get the right size, as well as the right insole width and, importantly, foam thickness so the insoles will fit inside your shoes.

Kunbi Hikes Superfeet Insoles Image provided by Superfeet
A pair of more supportive insoles can help make your hiking boots that much more comfortable and supportive. Image courtesy of Superfeet

Where to buy Superfeet insoles

You can find the most popular styles of insoles in many great online and physical sports, outdoor and running stores, which can be a good way to try Superfeet out before you buy.

However, for the complete range of insoles to choose from, as well as the fit finder tool mentioned above to help find the right style and size for you, it can be best to order insoles directly from Superfeet’s website.

If you buy your insoles direct from Superfeet, it’s good to know that in case they don’t work for you, you can return them with your receipt within 60 days for a credit or refund.

If you want a more custom fit, you should know about Superfeet’s ME3D personalized insoles

As well as a wide range of off-the-shelf shoe insoles, Superfeet also offers personalized insoles, custom-made in the USA (using 3D printing) to match your foot size and arch shape – this is called the ME3D range.

They offer a unique blend of pain relief and support to reduce stress on your feet, with a perfect fit based on biometric mapping, which is hard to match with other insoles.

A pair of ME3D insoles will cost in the region of $150, which is more than the off-the-shelf insoles but significantly less than custom orthotics you may order through a podiatrist.

To get some custom insoles created for you, check Superfeet’s website to locate a retailer near you that can measure your feet, analyze your gait and place an order with Superfeet for the insoles to be made.

The ME3D insoles are made by Superfeet here in the USA, then shipped directly to you.

Superfeet insoles review - How to choose Superfeet running shoe insoles

Other FAQ about Superfeet insoles

How long do Superfeet insoles last?

According to the company, Superfeet insoles can last up to 500 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first – although in reality you simply replace the insoles when the material, fabric, or foam wears out. 

Do you put Superfeet on top of your shoe liner?

Superfeet insoles are meant to replace the existing liner of your shoes. You simply remove the existing insole and replace it with your Superfeet insole.

Do Superfeet insoles mold to your feet?

You don’t necessarily need a break in period for these footbeds to be comfortable.

However, over time the materials mold to the shape of your foot, providing more tailored support and comfort than you may get immediately when worn out of the box.

How do you clean Superfeet insoles?

Cleaning your Superfeet insoles is easy. Handwash them with mild soap and lukewarm water, using an old toothbrush if necessary, and then let them air dry.

Are you supposed to trim Superfeet insoles to size?

Full-length Superfeet insoles are designed to be trimmed for the perfect fit in your shoes.

Trimming them to size is easy to do and normally best done by comparing the insole with the foam sockliner that came with your shoes, and trimming your Superfeet down to size using a sharp pair of scissors.

There’s a trimming guide provided by Superfeet on the box of each pair of insoles, as well as their website.

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