Teva Slippers Review: The ReEmber Moc Slip-Ons

Why these men's and women's slip-on quilted Teva slippers are so popular for camping and wearing in and around the house.

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This Teva slippers review focuses on their popular men’s and women’s quilted camping slippers, the ReEmber Moc Slip-Ons.


These insulated Teva slippers are particularly appealing for camping trips as they have a level of insulation as well as some robust tread on the soles.

The ReEmber slip-ons are available in men’s and women’s sizes and a wide range of colors, including the very attractive light blue version shown in the photos throughout this review. They also offer similar fleece editions and a kid’s version.

Teva slippers review – table of contents

Teva ReEmber Slippers – Key Features

These camping slippers are available in men’s and women’s sizes and a wide range of colors, including the very attractive light blue version shown in the photos throughout this review.

They also offer similar fleece editions and a kid’s version.

TEVA Slippers Review Trail and Kale web wm 6
Blue Teva insulated slippers

The key features of these slippers are:

  • the option to fold down (collapse) the heel for wearing them as slip-ons
  • quilted down insulation in the upper
  • a good amount of tread for wearing outside and at campsites as well as indoors and in your tent or campervan
  • water-repellent finish

A large part of the appeal of these slippers is that they’re insulated and have tread on the soles, which means you can wear them to step outside for short periods.

This is ideal for camping, or simply going out to check the mail when you wear them around the house.

TEVA Slippers Review Trail and Kale web wm 12
The Teva camping slippers have a good amount of tread for grip indoors and stepping outdoors

In my experience, wearing cushioned footwear in and around the house helps your feet and ankles recover after long runs, hikes, or generally being on your feet all day for work.

This is especially so if you’re going to be sitting for long periods (where they’re immobile and more likely to get cold or stiff), or standing on hard surfaces.

While they’re quilted on top and do provide plenty of insulation underfoot, these mocs are not super-warm winter slippers, they’re more suited to milder weather.

Womens quilted Teva slippers Trail and Kale web wm 19
The quilted upper detail on the Teva ReEmber mocs

For really cold weather when the temperatures are near or below freezing, I opt for warmer footwear such as down booties or my heated Volt Lava booties, which are a dream if you suffer from very cold feet!

When researching these Teva slip-on mocs, I also learned that some people do buy them to wear as regular shoes.

That’s not really what they’re designed for, as they don’t have the foot and heel support of a regular shoe, but given that they have a good amount of tread you could wear them to travel further than your home or campsite if you wanted to.

This could include scenarios such as a quick outing to pick up or drop off a family member, heading to the local store, or spending time in your backyard.

TEVA Slippers Review Trail and Kale web wm 20
Teva indoor / outdoor slippers | T&K Teva slippers review

If you’re wondering about the name, the ReEmber slip-ons are a remake of the original Teva Ember quilted slippers.

The main difference between these and the original Ember slippers is that the ReEmber are made using a significant amount of recycled materials, including 100% recycled ripstop uppers (the quilted part), ribbed-knit collar, and microfiber lining – this makes us very happy.

The collapsible heels, midsoles, and outsoles are also made of 50% recycled materials.

Teva ReEmber slippers sizing and fit

These camping slippers are available in full sizes, not half sizes. As I am regularly a size 7.5, I had to choose between the size 7 and 8.

I sized up, and am pleased that I did. The slippers don’t feel too big for my feet, even without socks.

They have stretched a little since I started wearing them, but in a good, ‘broken-in’ way, which has actually made them more comfortable than when they were new.

TEVA Slippers Review Trail and Kale web wm 18
These Teva mocs are available in men’s, women’s and kids sizes and colors

Additionally, the part where the fabric knitted section across the top of your foot joins the inner material of the slipper is relatively tight and may have been uncomfortable or rubbed if I had gone for the smaller size.

If you have tall feet (as opposed to shallow feet), or (like me) the top of your foot is particularly bony, then you may prefer a larger size.

As it is, it does a good job of holding the slippers on my feet all day, I’m never struggling to keep them on.

How comfortable are Teva Slippers

One of the main reasons I like to wear shoes around the house is for the support it provides my feet and ankles when standing or walking on hard surfaces.

I find that wearing these helps me recover from sports injuries and niggles such as stiff ankles, plantar fasciitis and other aches and pains.

This is partly because of the insulation that the slippers provide from cold, hard surfaces, as well as the support that the chunky midsole provides.

Using the collapsible heel

Although these slip-ons can be worn with the collapsible heel folded up, it’s actually something I rarely do.

TEVA Slippers Review Trail and Kale web wm 25

It’s just so easy to slip them on without even reaching down to get the heel up, and as I’m just wearing them in and around my house and camper van, I have no need to put the heel up!

You may think it looks uncomfortable to walk around in shoes with the heel collapsed, but as Teva designed these slippers to be able to do that, the fabric is soft and thin, so it’s not uncomfortable underfoot when it’s folded down.

I don’t even notice it’s there.

When up, you hardly notice the heel. The inside, like the footbed, is made of a soft, brushed material that’s comfortable against your heels, with or without socks.

Insulated camping slippers Teva review Trail and Kale web wm 21
Teva slip-ons with the heel collapsed down

Teva Moc color options

It’s great that Teva offers their slip-ons in so many different colors (in men’s and women’s sizes).

I was drawn to the blue option, shown in the photos throughout this review, however the yellow is a really great color, as are some of the more understated / subtle and darker choices.

They also sometimes produce limited edition color options, such as a recent multi-colored Cotopaxi collaboration.

Cost and where to buy

At $75, these house shoes / camping slippers are not the cheapest, but they’re built to last, look great and are super comfortable for wearing all day.

It’s also great to know that they’ve been made with such a large proportion of recycled materials.

REI stocks the ReEmber Mocs in a wide choice of men’s and women’s colors and sizes – the button below will take you to the current availability as well as details of any current discounts or deals they may have running:

These Teva slippers are also available at the stores below:

Helen is one of Trail & Kale's co-founders. An experienced trail runner and world traveler, Helen also enjoys a variety of outdoor pursuits including hiking, camping and mountain biking.


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