Volt Heat Review: Heated Slipper Boots You’ll Want To Wear All Winter

If you always have cold feet or need help keeping them warm in winter, these could be for you!


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In this Volt Heat review, I explain the key features of Volt’s bestselling men’s and women’s heated winter boots, and why they could be a game changer for you too.

This review also includes the boots’ key features, my thoughts on who they’re great for, battery life, charging, and tips on finding the right size for you.

About Volt Heated Clothing

Volt Resistance is the company behind Volt heated clothing and the Lava heated slippers covered in this review.

The company specializes in heated clothing including gloves, jackets, vests, boots and slippers, as well as heated seat cushions.

All these products are designed to help you get more comfortable in cold weather, whether that is simply a pair of heated slippers to wear at home (like the Lava Heated Boots featured in this review), or heated gloves, vests or other apparel to wear while working or playing outdoors in winter.

Visit Volt’s website to see the full range of their heated apparel, footwear and accessories.

Volt Heat review by Trail and Kale 20
Wearing my Volt Lava heated boots on one of our regular dog walks with Kepler.

When to wear these heated boots – who are they for?

Before I get into the key features of the Volt Lava heated boots, let’s go over who they’re designed for.

These boots are a versatile option for anyone who wants warmer feet in winter – or at any time of year. Some people (myself included), have cold feet year-round, and these could also be helpful if you have a condition such as Raynaud’s and get painful cold toes or feet frequently.

They’re particularly designed to be worn indoors and for short excursions such as going to the mailbox, short walks or a trip to the store.

Volt Heat review by Trail and Kale 12
Side view, including the compact battery pouch on the ankle

Many people describe these Volt booties as slippers. That being said, they have a firm outsole that makes them suitable for wearing outside and walking around in. I definitely consider them to be more boots than slippers!

It’s worth noting that if you’re after softer heated slippers then Volt offers a couple of other styles that you can check out on their website, voltheat.com.

Volt Lava Heated Boots – Key Features

The Volt Lava Heated Boots are a hybrid between heated slippers and heated boots for winter.

They’re available in men’s and women’s sizes and are currently sold in black. To put them on, they slip on and are done up using a short zipper on the inside.

The key feature of these heated boots is that the soles under your feet heat up to one of three different heat levels depending on which you select.

Volt Heat review by Trail and Kale 14
A battery you attach to each ankle controls the boots’ heating.

The boots heat up using a slim 8v rechargeable battery that sits in a small side pocket of each boot, on the ankle.

You control the on/off and cycle through the heat settings by simply pressing the button on the tongue of each boot.

To turn them on or off, press and hold the button.

Once the boots are on, choose between high (red light), medium (blue light) or low (green light) heat levels for the soles of your feet.

Volt Heat review by Trail and Kale 13


These heated boots are made with a ripstop nylon upper that has DWR coating which makes them water-resistant.

The lining has a faux fur cuff which is soft on your ankles.

The sole is made from rubber and provides a good amount of grip outside or on hard wood and tiled surfaces indoors.

The sole, is, however, less suitable for walking outside on soft ground such as mud. Because the tread is indented, rather than lugs (that are better for grip), the sole will pick up mud which will compromise the grip in those underfoot conditions.

Volt Heat review by Trail and Kale 22
Heated insoles

Inside the boots there’s an EVA foam insole that has the heating wire running through it, which is what makes the booties warm up when you turn them on.

The Lava boots look like regular ankle-height winter booties. Even the button on the front looks just like a regular shoe logo from a distance when it’s off.

When it’s on, it will either be glowing green, blue or red depending on what heat level you have the boots set to.

All in all, the design and appearance of these booties is of a quality pair of winter boots, and the only way you can really tell they’re not regular boots is the small battery pack pocket on each ankle.

Battery life

The life of the included rechargeable batteries between charges varies depending on your usage and at what heat level you choose.

The stated battery life ranges from 7+ hours for the high setting, to 14+ hours for the low setting.

If you feel you need even more battery life than this between charges, then you can also buy a separate pack of spare batteries, that you can switch out and use in the boots while the other batteries are charging.

Volt Heat review by Trail and Kale 16
Soft faux fur lining


As mentioned above, the Volt Heated Lava Boots are available in men’s and women’s sizes. The size range is wide, from a women’s size 5 to a men’s size 13.

It’s worth noting they are only available in whole sizes. However, as someone who normally wears a half-size (women’s 7.5), I am happy with the fit of my chosen booties.

I sized up to a women’s size 8 and they still offer a snug, comfortable fit when I’m wearing mid-weight Merino winter socks.

I usually wear Merino wool socks in cold weather as this material is effective in helping to keep my feet warm. The socks pictured are from Stance.

If I had sized down they probably would have been too small.

It’s worth noting that the fit around the ankles is particularly snug.

I have slim ankles and can do them up no problem, however if you have larger ankles you’ll probably want to size up again, or consider one of Volt’s other heated slipper styles that offer a looser fit (assuming you want them mostly for wearing indoors).

Volt Heat review by Trail and Kale 2
‘Walking’ Kepler in the park.

My experience wearing Volt Heated Lava Boots

I generally wear my Volt heated boots when I’m busy and moving around the house in cold weather when the floors can be cold, as well as for running errands, walking our dog, and shopping trips in cold weather.

They feel more like outdoor shoes than indoor slippers because of the durability of the materials used to make the upper (ripstop, water-resistant nylon) and outsole (firm rubber), and the snug, ankle-high fit.

That said, I would not wear them for extended amounts of walking or hiking because the boots don’t have the same level of contours and support that you’d find in a pair of hiking boots, and due to the limited grip on the soles.

They would be great to wear for work outdoors or in somewhere inside that gets cold, or other activities where you’re somewhere cold (either standing or sitting), such as watching a kid’s soccer or baseball game in cold weather.

If watching sports or sitting outside for long periods of time is a reason you’d want to buy yourself some heated boots, then I also recommend you check out these heated camp chairs from Gobi Heat – they’re definitely a way to level up your spectator game (and be the envy of everyone around you!).

It’s worth noting that when I’m wearing thinner socks I can feel the heating cables in the insole when I first slip the boots on. That said, I don’t find this to be uncomfortable, especially after half an hour or so when I forget all about them. With the midweight socks I normally wear, I can’t feel the cable.

Volt Heat review by Trail and Kale 18

The Volt boots really make a lot of difference to how your feet (and therefore you) feel when spending hours standing or sitting in the cold – and that’s coming from someone who seems to ALWAYS have cold feet, especially in winter.

These are a great pair of heated boots (or slippers!) for wearing in winter or any time you have cold feet, especially if you find it really hard to get your feet warm and comfortable, whether you’re spending time indoors or outside.

Cost and where to buy

The Volt heated boots cost $199.95, including batteries, charger, and the ability to control the heat settings using a phone app (although this is optional and you can just use the buttons on the front to control them!).

The heated boots and Volt’s other heated footwear and apparel are available to buy direct on the company’s website:

Volt Heat Review Summary


Volt Heated Boots Gallery

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