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Transgrancanaria is a race that has been held on the island of Gran Canaria since October 2003. In this awesome trail running race, participants must cross the island on foot passing through several aid stations where they can replenish their water and food supplies, also giving the organisation a chance to monitor the competitors’ progress.

The Transgrancanaria is the pioneer of this kind of event in the Canary Islands. Arista, the organizer of the race, have placed Transgrancanaria as one of the main highlights on the national, European and now, the World stage.

The Transgrancanaria will be held in the last week of February and has six different races, making it available to everyone:


Expect to see more than 1400 athletes, walkers, joggers and nature lovers from more than 20 countries that have decided to take the challenge of crossing the island on foot in less than 30 hours. On this route, participants can find rain, sun, mud, dust … but above all they will enjoy direct contact with nature, something we at Trail & Kale love about trail running.

The Transgrancanaria not intended only to test the elite, but is an event for everyone, which is why you have 29 hours to complete it. The first competitors will finish in daylight and the last will finish in darkness, however, all will pass through the aid stations ensuring the competitors’ safety and comfort.

When does it take place?

  • February – please check the race website for this year’s exact dates.

Where does the race start?

  • Las Palmas for the Transgrancanaria HG. All races will end at Maspalomas, in the south of the island.

Transgrancanaria HG 128km Race Profile

The mother of all races, every proper runner desires to overcome this engaging physical test. The race is aimed for ultra endurance race top runners, and nature and adventure lovers.

Take your time to delight yourself in the most remarkable landscapes in Gran Canaria as you challenge the course on foot in less than 30 hours. You won’t be alone, of course. Spectators and other runners will support you from start to finish, as they all acknowledge and respect the strong will to overcome one’s limits that is necessary to tackle this challenge.

TGC 1024x265

  • Distance = 128 km
  • Elevation Gain = 7500m
  • Cutoff time  =  30Hrs (plus other time-out checkpoints)

Transgrancanaria Advanced 65km Race Profile

A course designed only for the brave. To complete this type of Transgrancanaria need to be physically fit and experienced mountain racing over long distances. If you have successfully participated in the Transgrancanaria Marathon in the past, this may be for you the next year. The route crosses some of the most outstanding natural scenery of Gran Canaria and it begins at 09:00 in the morning. Several aid stations will welcome the runners, who will enjoy the encouragement of the thousands of people along the course that will come to marvel at your bravery.

advanced 1024x290

  • Distance = 65 km
  • Elevation Gain = 3200m
  • Cutoff time  =

Transgrancanaria Marathon 42km Race Profile

At a distance of 42 km with 1.200 meters of positive elevation this is the perfect race if you enjoying physically demanding hiking or if you are a keen runner.

This race is 42 kilometres and descends most of the way providing a competitive race. Running this race will allow you to check your own physical abilities, and help you to decide whether you are capable of making the jump to the next level in mountain running.

The route will allow you to enjoy a spectacular part of the island along narrow footpaths adorned with the greenery typical of a Canarian Winter.

perfil mararton 1024x235

  • Distance = 42 km
  • Elevation Gain = 1200m
  • Cutoff time  =

Transgrancanaria Starter 30km Race Profile

At a distance of 31km. and with 750 positive elevation meters competitors will follow a route within a 10 hour time limit. This course is intended for those who enjoy mountain hiking and want to take their first steps in the sport of mountain running. The physical demands puts each participant and the challenge is nearby, is only 30 kilometers.

This race has three feed-station where competitors can take on more water before continuing to the finish. This distance mixes runners and hikers of all ages, that wish to participate in the Transgrancanaria to learn more about everything the media reports about this race.

Perfil 30km 1024x239

  • Distance = 30 km
  • Elevation Gain = 688m
  • Cutoff time  =

Transgrancanaria Promo/ Youth & Family 17km Race Profile

This is a non-competitive race designed with a goal: everyone can accomplish the dream of reaching the finish line of Transgrancanaria. A 17 km course with a very mild gradient which joins Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas in the newest track of Transgrancanaria.

Youth, an opportunity for the youngest. For this race, young people between 15 and 20 years will be able to participate.

This distance is also the one which will have the most emotional part of the race: the kids will arrive at the finish line with their parents with the Family Trans is a unique opportunity for parents to enjoy with their children in the mountain. An adult can participate with one or more children. The route of this race will be 17 kilometers, the same distance that the Promo race.

Prices vary depending on the age of participants. The race entry is free for children from 0 to 7 years, for children from 8 to 12 years will have 50% discount, and from 13 to 18 years the cost will be the same as the adult. All participants of the Trans Family can access the race’s full services. The only requirement is that all members of the Family Trans must always run together.

Y P FT 2K191 1024x241

  • Distance = 17 km
  • Elevation Gain = 300m
  • Cutoff time  =

Event Media

Transgrancanaria Reviews

Compulsory Gear for Transgrancanaria HG

Please visit the race organizer’s website to double check you have all items on their list of mandatory gear.

  • ID, passport or driving license (with photo)
  • Plastic cup
  • Emergency blanket (minimum 100 cm x 200 cm).
  • Headlamp, flashlight or front light (spare batteries required).
  • Red rear light (runners shall wear it on their rear side and keep it on throughout the race).
  • Mobile phone with enough credit and properly charged battery.
  • 1.5 l water bottle.
  • Plenty of food to eat throughout the race.
  • Race number, worn in the front so that it is easily visible.
  • Breathable waterproof jacket.
  • Technical Cap, bandana, etc.
  • Cash (euros)

Race website


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