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Fastest Known Time: Jeanelle Hazlett Trail Running on Mount Brunswick

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In August 2019, 12 days after her Squamish 50 Miles win (for her first 50-mile race!), Salomon Vancouver athlete Jeanelle Hazlett decided to try and establish a new fastest known time (FKT) on the Mount Brunswick Trail. From the parking lot to the true summit and back.


This video shows what it takes to establish a fastest know time, and not only beat the previous record, but completely own it. Raising the bar and hopefully inspiring other trail runners to get out there and push their limits, and eventually beat Jeanelle’s record. This is a film by Brice Ferre.

So, sit back and enjoy 11 minutes of Jeanelle Hazlett’s inspiring running story that will surely motivate you to want to do a local FKT of your own.


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