The Best Sleep Products To Help You Sleep Better

Tried-and-tested products to help you improve your sleep quality and wake up feeling rested and restored.


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Good quality sleep is especially beneficial when it comes to feeling fresh and rested in the morning.

Plus, if you’re an active person or endurance athlete like the team here at Trail & Kale, then you’ll already know the important role sleep plays in helping your muscles recover quicker from exercise and endurance workouts.

In fact, getting enough good quality sleep and rest between your workouts (as well as following an effective training plan) is essential to staying healthy, meeting your fitness goals while ensuring you don’t go down the path of overtraining – that is, you do too much exercise without balancing it out with enough recovery time, including sleep and rest.

All that said, getting into a good quality sleep routine is sometimes easier said than done.

This is especially true if you need a little extra help winding down at the end of the day, have historically had difficulty sleeping, falling asleep and staying asleep.

These products may also be invaluable if you are currently going through a period in your life where sleep is eluding you due to experiencing issues such as anxiety or simply being pregnant (which can really affect some women’s ability to get a good night’s rest!).

How we selected the best sleep products that can help you sleep better

In this post I’m sharing our tried and tested list of the best sleep products to help you fall asleep faster and overall sleep better through the night – without the need for over-the-counter sleep aids, melatonin supplements or other remedies which can leave you feeling groggy in the morning.

Yes, that’s right, we’ve actually tested and reviewed many of these products too, here on Trail & Kale.

Some (or maybe all of these) sleep tech, gadgets and innovations (as well as simply good quality products designed to make getting a good night’s rest more achievable) may be useful for you if you have trouble falling asleep and making the most of the opportunity to get a good night’s rest.

Think of them as little ‘sleep hacks’, if you will.

Many of these sleep gadgets and useful products can also help improve the likelihood of you staying asleep so you get better sleep through the night.

Gravity Weighted Blanket Original Best Sleep Products

1. Gravity original weighted blanket [$250]

It’s difficult to describe the feeling of lying under a weighted blanket until you can try it for yourself.

An appropriate quality (and weight) weighted blanket works by simulating the feeling of being hugged, releasing relaxation-inducing hormones serotonin and melatonin for a better, deeper sleep.

Gravity blankets are often imitated but these are the only weighted blankets scientifically proven to improve sleep quality by an independent study of 1,000 nights of sleep (SleepScore).

It’s fair to say my life (or at least my sleep quality) was greatly enhanced the day I first used my Gravity blanket – I slept better than I had in weeks, after many weeks of having trouble sleeping, tossing and turning and waking up in the middle of the night, unable to fall asleep again.

To learn more about my experience with it, read my in-depth Gravity Blanket review.

It’s totally worth giving one a try – there’s a 30 day return policy if you try one and decide it’s not for you.

Sensate Review vibration stress relief by Trail and Kale 16

2. Sensate meditation device [$299]

Another sleep product you need to know about is the Sensate. Sensate isn’t actually marketed specifically as a sleep aid, but as a meditation device.

Yes, it’s a gadget – but a non-intrusive one that is simple to use, and totally worth it in terms of how quickly you feel the benefits.

It’s super simple to use for between 10 and 30 minutes before you go to bed (or at other times during the day), and is targeted at people looking to lower their stress and even anxiety levels through (basically) a combination of sound and vibrations.

Learn more about the science behind Sensate in my Sensate review.

If this concept of wearable meditation tech interests you, it’s also worth considering the Apollo Neuro, which you can wear on your wrist or ankle and works in a similar way to Sensate. To learn more about it, read my Apollo Neuro review.

Gravity Infrared Heat Pad Best Sleep Products to help you sleep better

3. MiHigh heated foot / muscle pad [$149]

If you’re one of those people (like me) who tends to get cold feet, then that could be an easily solvable reason why you’re experiencing sleep issues – especially when initially trying to fall asleep.

Cold feet = no sleep. For me, at least.

When even wearing socks doesn’t work and you don’t want to make a hot water bottle before bed, consider getting one of these infrared heated pads you can put in the end of the bed. Yep, dreamy!

Plus, it’s also great for soothing aches such as low back pain or aiding in post-workout muscle recovery.

4. A new mattress

Ok so getting a new mattress is not an everyday spend, but if you’re going to be lying (and not moving often) on a mattress for hours at a time, then it follows that it should be comfortable, yet supportive, for your body and sleep style (whether you prefer to lie on your side, back, or front).

If you add up how many of your day’s 24 hours, you will spend in bed, then it’s around one-third of your time, every day!

So it pays to invest in one that’s comfortable and will encourage you to fall asleep quickly, as well as wake up feeling fresh and rested, rather than achy and still tired.

Rather than buying the first new memory foam mattress you see online, do some research and consider brands that offer a few months’ free trial in case you don’t enjoy your selection.

Sleep Number Pillows

5. A Sleep Number pillow to meet your sleep style and preferences [$49+]

Don’t forget to also get the right pillow for your preferences (whether that would be a down, down-alternative, memory foam or hybrid foam pillow) and sleep style (your pillow needs will vary depending on whether you’re a side, front or back sleeper).

I recently discovered a fantastic pillow from the range at Sleep Number that I wish I’d found years ago!

They have a load of different shaped, filled and adjustable thickness pillows to choose from so you can tailor your selection right down to your personalized needs and preferences.

Also consider using pillows as bolsters if you’re a side sleeper, it can really help with sleep-inducing relaxation.

This is also true if you’re pregnant and are trying to sleep on your side more – which is something many doctors recommend, and can be particularly difficult to stick to if (like me) you tend to roll onto your back at some point in the night.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

6. ThisWorks Deep Sleep aromatherapy lavender sleep spray [$26]

A simple spray that you spray on your pillow or bedlinen can help encourage a better night’s sleep.

This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is all-natural and designed to help restore normal rest patterns – great after periods of travel where jet lag is causing sleep to elude you!

It’s made using lavender, vetivert and chamomile essential oils which are widely known and used to help encourage a better quality of sleep and fewer restless nights. 

Hatch Restore Sound Machine Healthy Sleep Habits for Athletes

7. Hatch Restore 2 natural light alarm clock [$129]

Sometimes getting a good night’s sleep starts with how you woke up earlier that day.

A natural light alarm clock with a light like the Hatch Restore 2, is designed to emulate natural daylight – particularly useful in the darker months or if you have to walk up before sunrise.

It also has a nightlight function and plays a range of soothing sounds.

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

8. Weighted sleep mask [$40]

While a basic sleep mask can help with blocking out bright light, a weighted sleep mask can help take the relaxation a step further to help you relax before bed.

While a few brands make weighted sleep masks, I’m a fan of Gravity’s weighted sleep mask for its plush padding and fabric, which help with overall comfort levels – important if you’re trying to improve sleep and comfort levels!

It’s great when worn at the same time as doing a meditation session with the Sensate, so if you’re considering trying a Sensate pebble definitely also consider a comforting weighted sleep mask to use with it!

Brooklinen Sheet Set Products to Help You Sleep Better

9. Brooklinen breathable sheet set [$145] and comforter [from $259]

Bedsheets and covers that are comfortable and breathable are going to be much more enjoyable to sleep in than cheaper sheets that are not as soft, thick, or helpful when it comes to temperature and sweat regulation – especially in summer when the nights may be warmer. 

There’s a whole lot of choice when it comes to good quality bedsheet sets – look out for brands such as Brooklinen, that offer luxe high thread count sheet sets that are comfortable and luxurious to sleep in.

Dreamegg White Noise Machine Best sleep products

10. Dreamegg white noise machine [$45]

If you need to block out noises (either in your house or outside that you can’t control) and don’t want to wear earplugs, consider a white noise machine, such as this inexpensive Dreamegg option on Amazon which we used to crate train our dog Kepler (and it’s also great for soothing babies!).

It’s also worth noting the Hatch Restore 2 natural daylight alarm clock is also an alarm clock offering a wide range of different calming sounds, a white noise function and a night light option.

Garmin Forerunner 965

11. Sleep tracker app or Sports smartwatch tracker such as the Garmin Forerunner 965 [$599+]

Let’s get one thing straight – the objective here is to help create an environment that encourages a restful night of sleep, and that means minimizing the amount of ‘tech’ gadgets and distractions in your bedroom before and during the night.

That being said, you may find it helpful to use a sleep tracker app on your phone, or use a smartwatch with a sleep tracker to monitor your sleeping patterns.

While I’ve used a number of sleep tracker apps, the sleep tracking on the higher-end Garmin sportswatches such as the Garmin Forerunner 965 is hard to beat and provides simple and clear insights that are integrated into the Garmin Connect app on your phone for you to analyze the next day and track trends over time.

In summary – products to help you fall asleep and stay asleep at bedtime

I hope you found these product suggestions helpful for you to choose from and try out to see if they can help you get better sleep overnight.

While I’m not a sleep expert, I know from first hand experience that insomnia and nightly disrupted sleep patterns is no joke, and can really impact on other aspects of your life, so I hope some of these solutions will get you to a place where you sleep restfully throughout the night!

One of Trail & Kale's co-founders, a mom, and guardian of our resident trail dog, Kepler, Helen can be found trail running with Kepler and enjoying road runs with her mini in a jogging stroller, all while testing out the latest running gear for our readers.


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